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  Name Link Description Group Delay

BAP Scans

http://bapscans.com/ Best Absolute Perfect!Comeback!Recruiting JTL, KTL, and Typesetter, mainly!E-mail: ba... ONLY STAFF CAN UPLOAD

Boku no Manga

http://bokunomanga.org A group of few working on Boku Girl. Help comes from /a/ from anons every now and then. For /a/,... 0

BlackBird no Fansub

http://blackbirdenespanol.blogspot.com Hola c: Somos un grupos de niñas, que estamos comenzado en esta área de los no fan sub. El gran p...

Biamam Scans

http://biamamscans.com We do random series. 0

Boon Scanlation

http://boonscanlations.blogspot.com/ Just Boon translating weird web manga with weird titles.

Better Than Nothing Scans

But just barely. 0

Baka Neko Scans

JP->EN, JP->RU translationsWanna Engrish?We do it!Wanna awful typesetting?We have it... 0

Btooom Scan

http://bmanga.site/ Dedicados a la entrega de mangas Survival, Acción y alguno que otros bizarros en español, por y p... 0

Bento Scans

http://bento-scans.mokkori.fr/ Willing to do most projects if we can gain raws and translations.Only members of staff should upl... Only members of staff

BlackLight Mangascans

http://blacklight.forumfree.it/ BlackLight Manga è un forum dedicato alla produzione di manga scan inediti in Italia.Il BlackLigh... 72 hours (Do not upload licensed: Trinity Seven, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Crimezone and Shinmai Maou no Testament)

Brynhildr Works

Scanlation en español exclusivo para el manga de Gokukoku no Brynhildr. 0

Bosque Blanco ~Fansub yuri~

http://www.bosqueblancofansub.blogspot.com.es/ Somos un pequeño fansub yuri en español :3 Traducimos obras como Asagao to kase-san, Citrus, Nota... 1 o 2 semanas mas o menos

Bardass Scanlations

http://natsume.backlogmisery.com/?page_id=4559 A one-man operation dedicated to spreading Ruin Explorers love. 0


http://www.bakashuu-translations.blogspot.com.tr/ 0

Bosen Scanlation

https://bosenscan.wordpress.com/ Motto:We translate only when we want, what we want~~~Downloads Link:https://bosenscan.wordpress.c... Like, i dunno, Like

Beam Scan

http://buttsbeam.tumblr.com/ ฅ(♡ơ ₃ơ)ฅ 0

Beast's Lair


Black Asylum

http://forums.blackbutler.net/ Formerly known as Bleach Asylum

Black Rock Scans


BlastComic Scans

https://blastcomicscans.wordpress.com/ Read our translated manga or request yours now! 0

Be With You Scans

http://www.bwys.org/ NO Licensed Series!!! NO Licensed Series!!!

BKT Cronoscan

http://narutoninja.forumfree.it Italian Scanlation Team

Blissful Sin

http://www.blissful-sin.com/ Policy: http://www.blissful-sin.com/faq.php Don't upload

Bakeneko Scanlations

http://bakeneko-scans.livejournal.com/ 24 hours

Blue Flor

http://rawdistro.net/ ENGLISH scanlation groupirc://irc.irchighway.net/irc-distroLooking for EDITORS, PROOFREADERS, QCE... Only Blue Flor admin may upload.

Baseball Manga

http://baseballmanga.wordpress.com/ Inactive Group

Black Karma Scans

Inspired by scums. 0

The Black Abyss

http://blackabyss-manga.webs.com/ Merged with Twisted Curiosity to form Fallen Syndicate.

Blue Moon Scans

Only can be uploaded by BMoon



Band of the Hawks

AKA Hawks, Band of the Hawk


http://www.bangaqua.com/ Policy to re-share our releases.Can I share BangAQUA releases? – Well I prefer you don’t and link... If possible a delay of 2 days


Dead group. Allowed rehosting of their releases after disbanding.


http://battlebrave.co.vu/ Well, just for fun~~ 0



Binbou Scanlation

http://binbouscan.blogspot.ca/ 0


http://bidhangingaddnine.wordpress.com/ Webtoons and junk.


http://binktopia.org/forums/ #[email protected]

Bamboo Feathers

http://bamboo-feathers.livejournal.com/ Bamboo Feathers is a small scanlation group made up mainly of old staff from Storm in Heaven. The... Allowed though Remove series as soon as it got licenced


http://bl-gyaru.com/ 0


http://b2e.wootevi.com/ Inactive Group

Bajo el Puente Scans

https://www.facebook.com/bepscans Inactive group as of April 27, 2014. Batoto Only.

Black Hand Scans

https://reddit.com/r/manga NOTE: We will be moving to Mangafox and Kissmanga after the closure of Batoto. 0

Black Wing

http://blackwingscans.blogspot.com/ #[email protected]
48 hours

Black Fox Scans

http://blackfoxscan.mzzhost.com/ a scanlation group dedicated to picking up manga that was dropped, for one reason or another. Tot... We always upload to our releases to our website first (whenever the release is finished) and then on Batoto.

Beautiful Soup

Defunct Group



Biblo Eros

http://liquideros.com/index.html Liquid Eros is the home website of Biblo Eros and Liquid Passion, two yaoi manga scanlation commu... 24 hours



Bluebird Scans

http://bluebirdscans.wordpress.com/ You can also visit our forums us @http://bluebird-scans.allgoo.net/We focus on shoujo/josei/shoun... Uploader: 「Ty ♥」

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