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The Company

Name: The Company
Website: http://thcmpny.com
Description: IRC: irc://irc.idlechat.net/thecompany
Delay: None

Comics by Group

Apple Collection Apple Collection
Banquet Box Banquet Box
Baptist Baptist
YOO Kyung Won/MOON Sung Ho
Checkmate (KIM SangYeop) Checkmate (KIM SangYeop)
KIM SangYeop/KIM SangYeop
Dr. Frost Dr. Frost
LEE Jong-bum/LEE Jong-bum
Fairy Heart Fairy Heart
Green Boy Green Boy
Jung Jae-han/Im Jin-gook
Knight Run Knight Run
Kim Sung-min/Kim Sung-min
Kubera Kubera
Maria Holic Maria Holic
ENDOU Minari/ENDOU Minari
Metronome Metronome
Lee Won-jin/Lee Won-jin
Myum-Myum Myum-Myum
Space China Dress Space China Dress
Choi Bong-su/Won Hyun-jae
Space China Dress - Webtoon Space China Dress - Webtoon
CHOI Bong-su/WON Hyun-jae
The Bullet Saint The Bullet Saint
YOO Kyung Won/MOO Seong-Ho
The Hwarang Next Door The Hwarang Next Door
Choi Nam-sae/Choi Nam-sae
Thesis Thesis
Kim Eun-hyo/Kim Yeong-ji
Toradora! Toradora!
Tower of God Tower of God
Treasure Hunter Treasure Hunter
Huh Gyun/Huh Gyun
Veritas [full color] Veritas [full color]
Yoon Joon-Sik/Kim Dong-Hoon
Zippy Ziggy Zippy Ziggy
KIM Eun-jung/HWANG Seung-man
Zusun Zusun


i love most of your projects. Thank you :)

Please pick up God is Love! Thanks!

You guys are Awesome :)

                                                ~Joker V. Phantom~

Please pickup Zippy Ziggy again. =(

I'm really grateful that you share so many great works with us non-japanese/korean readers. Thank you for all your effort. Keep up the good work!

You all are so great :D

Amazing work!!

Will the Baptist have more chapter? Its an amazing manhwa.

Appreciate all the work you do for these translations. Thank you.
i love it!.. ^^
Will we be getting more of Veritas color version? Someone please tell...
I love your translations! really, thanks for being awesome...
but can't you also translate the webtoon City of the Dead Sorcerer? the last translation has already been two months ago. but even if you don't, I still love you all

thanks for your hard work
thank you for all amazing mangas!
Thank you, for just being brilliant!!
Love how you guys Trolled us today xD
Thankyou for working hard. I am truly grateful
Thank you for your hard work! "kowtows fervently"
Every time I see a new release, I shiver at the sheer awesome. ;"]
thank you for everything !

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