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Baka Neko Scans

Name: Baka Neko Scans
Description: JP->EN, JP->RU translations

Wanna Engrish?
We do it!

Wanna awful typesetting?
We have it!

Want some memes?
Plz, go to Commies ;_;

ps: All our translations are released as copyleft.
You can edit them or re-use them as you want.
It would be nice if you mention us in credits but you are not obliged to.
Delay: 0

Comics by Group

Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko! Tomo-chan wa Onna no ko!


  I have never understood why people get so angry over the tiniest things. You translating this was a nice gesture. Your effort was not wasted. That other translater had stopped showing up here for a while. You filled in, and translated it. We have no right to tell you who actually has to pay for the raws, to not do it. I apologize for the rudeness of the other comment. Thank you it was appreciated.

Could you please not keep on releasing a manga somebody else is also already releasing at a better quality? It's kind of annoying.^^


I mean, I get that you're doing this for free, but there is such a thing as wasted effort. How about you scanlate something nobody is doing yet?



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