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  Name Link Description Group Delay

Biju-aru Scans

http://bijiaruscans.tumblr.com Biju-aru Scans 0

Bubble Tea Scans

https://bubbleteascans.wordpress.com/ Scanlation Group 0

Bunny Love, Incorporated

https://bunnyloveinc.blogspot.com/ Bunnies. Lots and lots of bunnies. Don't Upload

Bearries! Scans

https://bearriescansblog.wordpress.com Our name Bearries are a combination of bear and berries. We are group that is driven to satisfy a...

Blue Days Fansub

https://www.facebook.com/BlueDaysFansub/ 0

Bez kreativa / Без креатива

https://vk.com/creativeless Перевод манги и только. 0

Babo Kim Scans

http://kubera-tn.weebly.com/ ~Because we love the stories~ 0

Beika Street Irregulars

http://bsi-scans.tumblr.com Translator: Yunnie
Typesetter: [N]
Cleaner: Malygos
Redrawer: Wonderer


https://bunnyscans.wordpress.com/ 0


https://bungouscans.wordpress.com/ 0


https://www.facebook.com/DianaVazk3z/ seguid la pagina para mas contenido https://www.facebook.com/DianaVazk3z/ 24

Buka Manga

http://www.buka.cn/ Buka Manga, one of the biggest manga reader in China. We hope to share more Chinese Comics with you. 0


Better Than Nothing ☻افضل من لا شيءEnglish -> Arabic translation ♥Translating Detective Conan... 0

Black Neko Wizard

http://blacknekowizard.livejournal.com/ Neko Wizard working for Yaoi stories in Indonesia LanguageNeko Wizard menterjemahkan komik berali... 2 day

Blue Book Scans

https://www.reddit.com/r/BlueBookScans/ Editor: [Neuro]
Translator: Yunnie
Raw Provider: Modder4869


Inactive Polish Scanlation group. Created only assign GTO: Paradise Lost chapters made by them 0

Before the Girl Dispeared



https://blue-phoenix.fr Team de scantrad française. Nous publions Fuuka, Toaru Kagaku no Accelerator et Toaru Kagaku no R... 24 hours

Baby House

https://babyhousetranslations.blogspot.com/ THIS IS BABY HOUSE. 0

Bamboo sword scan

https://bambooswordscan.wordpress.com/ we're a new scanlation group and our first project is Asahinagu. We're going to do our be... 0

Barefoot Scans

Working on old mangas.. 0

~ Baka no Aki Sakura Fansub ~

https://www.facebook.com/basfansub/ Traduciamo manga, manhwa, webtoon inediti in Italia!Vuoi entrare a far parte del Team? Cerchi... 0

Blue Wind

http://bluewindscanlations.blogspot.com/ Translating Chinese manhua into English! 0

Bishoujo Çeviri

http://bishoujocevirigrubu.blogspot.com.tr/ Biz yeni oluşmuş bir çeviri grubuyuz bu yüzden manga eklemelerimiz yavaş olabilir. Bunun için kus... 0


https://boukendan.wordpress.com/english-projects/ 0

Brynhildr One Shot

this is going to be used just to finish the last 9 chapters of Gokukoku no Brynhildr (chp. 174~1... 0

Black Sakura

https://facebook.com/black.sakura.official An indie group/circle developing manga, games, novels, and various other forms of entertainment. 0

Bro Scans



http://buta-connection.net Site Consacré au Studio Ghibli. Il ont traduis les mangas de Hayo Miyazaki. 0

Bear Necessities Scans

Fear the kuma None

Bahasin Manga

http://bahasingintama.blogspot.com Divisi manga dari bahasingintama. Cuma coba-coba ngupload hasil terjemahan karya orang. 12 hours


https://www.facebook.com/Blazerscans/ 0

Baka Neko Scans

JP->EN, JP->RU translationsWanna Engrish?We do it!Wanna awful typesetting?We have it... 0


Scanning for the cost of a bagel 0

Balloon Scans


Blue Sky Scans

http://blueskyscans.wordpress.com Previously known as Moi-xRyu Scans; we are a group of people who works on BL/Yaoi manga scanlations. 0

Breaktime Scans

http://breaktimescan.blogspot.com.br/ Brazilian Scantrad 0




http://bodna.ga bangla scanlation


Just two fans having some fun~ 0

Blue Light Scans

https://www.mangaupdates.com/groups.html?id=7453 New group slowly moving forward~ Started in January 2016, open to suggestions of any manga of any... 0

Bosen Scanlation

https://bosenscan.wordpress.com/ Motto:We translate only when we want, what we want~~~Downloads Link:https://bosenscan.wordpress.c... Like, i dunno, Like


Merhabalar, tek kişilik bir ekibim

Adım Enes,

Görüşmek üzere..


http://bakaei-scans.tumblr.com Currently prioritizing Tenshi to Akuto!!

Is not recruiting.

Better late than never scans

Traducción atrasada pero que llega. 0


nothing special, just newbie. 0

Busou Tantei Scans

https://www.facebook.com/BusouTanteiScans/ Grupo hecho y trabajado por solo una persona (por el momento), cuyo proyecto principal es la trad... 0

Bukan Siapa Siapa Scan

Nobody 0

Battouga Translations

https://battougatl.wordpress.com/ We translate dog stuff. 0

Blimp scans

Dead group 0

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    Grupo de traducción al español inactivo
  • :/
    Just some people doing some manga translations!
  • Elsewhere Redistributors
    Official distributor of the fan comic Dragon Ball Z Elsewhere in English! (And by "offici...
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    The fusion of /a/ and /k/ boards, /ak/ is all about moe operators doing cute operations and infor...
  • Village Idiot
    We are an irc-based scanlation group.irc://irc.rizon.net/viscans
  • Easy Going Scans
    A group dedicated to awesome manga, manhua and manhwa, and always looking for dedicated staff :)
  • JoJo's Colored Adventure
    We are a group that works on typesetting JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in English. We also work on...
  • Japanzai
    Originated from Trollscans, a branch of XscansXNew temporary url https://japanzai.github.io/Defunct.
  • Twisted Hel Scans
    The quality scanlation group driven insane in Hel.
  • Tree (木) Scanlations
  • The Company
    IRC: irc://irc.idlechat.net/thecompany
  • 红莲汉化组
    Chinese scanlating groupEnglish meaning: Red Lotus
  • Heterophobia Fansub
    Yaoi, Yuri, Shounen Ai ve Shoujo Ai anime ve manga çeviri grubu.