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Odd Squad Scanlations

Name: Odd Squad Scanlations
Website: http://www.oddsquad.org/
Description: We are not opposed to anyone uploading our releases, except if
- They belong to projects that has been licensed in English.
- They are reserved solely for the Overlay Method.
(Please check the project page of Webtoons. We will mark specific chapters available for distribution with a "For Distribution" / "Traditional Version")
Delay: No licensed, case by case for webtoons (see desc.)

Comics by Group

1/2 Prince 1/2 Prince
Yu Wo/Choi Hong Chong
Cheese in the Trap Cheese in the Trap
Legend of the Sun Knight Legend of the Sun Knight
Yu Wo/Os Rabbit Cat
Magic Insulator Magic Insulator
Yang Chen Da/Yang Chen Da
Melody Drifting in the Rain Melody Drifting in the Rain
Cang Yue/Lu Jing
Tale of Nezha Tale of Nezha
Mao Mao Jia/Mao Mao Jia
Unique Legend Unique Legend
Hu Xuan/Hu Xuan


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