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/r/OregairuSNAFU Scans

https://www.reddit.com/user/dvdtely/ 0

El Onigiri Diabólico


O Nekomata

http://www.onekomata.tk "Conteúdo do Universo Alternativo..."
De Fãs para Fãs


http://owebtoon.net The french team for the scanlation of TAL, Under Prin, Ghost Bell - Shinryeong, The Devil King is... 0

O.G. Fansub - OtakuGamerZ

http://www.otakugamerz.com Grupo de Manga enfocado en Traducir proyectos a Español poco conocidos.--------------------------... 0


Inactive group

Oblivious Love



http://ob-session.blogspot.com/ Defunct group

Obsession Scans

http://obsessionscans.wordpress.com/ "Sorry guys, but the group is getting pretty inactive these days so I think we just might be...


http://chiisana-tori.livejournal.com/ Y.A.O.I. says it ;3


Is now Stand Alone Scanlation

Oceans Translation

https://oceanscans.wordpress.com/ The group consist just one member 0


http://ochibichan.net/ Disbanded Group. No Licenced


http://ochimusha.wordpress.com/ 0


http://odamarasengan.altervista.org Manga's Editor for Hobby 24 hours

Odd Squad Scanlations

http://www.oddsquad.org/ We are not opposed to anyone uploading our releases, except if- They belong to projects that has... No licensed, case by case for webtoons (see desc.)


http://odetosebastiana.tumblr.com/ 0

Odias Scans

https://odiasscans.wordpress.com 0

Of Mangas and...

http://ofmangasandscans.tumblr.com/ We are a small group dedicated to scanlating interesting dropped mangas, so far.Currently working...



OG-ZONE Digital Entertainment

http://www.og-zone.com OG-ZONE is a website offering independent video games, original video-manga/ comics live in strea...

OG-ZONE Digital France

http://www.og-zone.fr OG-ZONE France est un site proposant des jeux-vidéo indépendant, des mangas/ bandes-dessinée digi...

Ogre Killer Scans

A couple of guys dedicated to High Quality™ and Great Plot™. 0

Oh my romantic Kumiho

http://animemanga-heaven.forumcommunity.net/ Come reagireste se un giorno il vostro sogno di avere un'amore come quello di Twilight si avv... 0

Oh, Lonesome Me!

http://ohlonesomeme.wordpress.com/ Who knows?

Ohayo Desu Scanlations

https://www.facebook.com/Nighted2B/ Fresh Group out of nowhere. 0

Ohayo Scans



http://ohayosan.livejournal.com Inactive Group


http://ohkrystals.tumblr.com/scanlations i'm an individual scanlating some of the stuff that im interested in but has been dropped by...

Oishii-Manga Scanlations

Defunct Group

Ojou Gakuen Scans

http://ojougakuenscans.tumblr.com/ Tea Room of Ojous scanlating Ojous manga. None

OjouGakuen Scans

http://ojougakuenscans.tumblr.com/ 0

Oka☆Ken Scans

https://okaken-scans.tumblr.com/ Oka☆Ken Scans is a small team that brings you the English translation of Japanese Manga. Currentl... None




https://vk.com/club37686341 Переводим мангу с английского и японского языка. Особый упор на классику. 5 дней максимум

Okami Scans

http://okamiscans.com/ Solos unos vagos editando mangas xD Años luz.


http://okashi-project.blogspot.com/ A Polish one-man scanlation project, doing everything regardless the genre. NOT ACTIVE ANYMORE.

Okashii Obake Group

http://okashii-obake.ucoz.ru Pусскоязычное сканлейт сообщество, занимаемся переводом манги, манхвы и ранобе. 1 hour




http://mangahelpers.com/s/okonomiyaki Inactive



Old Scans

https://www.facebook.com/oldscans Grupo dedicado a la entrega de mangas en español 0

Old School Mangás

http://oldschoolmangas.blogspot.com.br/ Compartilhando de fã para fã. 0


defunct 0

Olympos Fansub

http://olympos.foroslatinos.net Este fansub no es el original solo lo hago para poder dar credito y subirlos 0


Omar's Fix Scanlation

http://ofsproject.wordpress.com/ Inactive

Omari's Sister

http://crimson-flower.blogspot.com/ No Re-hosting
Active Group
Changed name to Crimson Flower
Don't Upload

OmaWei Fansub

http://omawei-fansub.tumblr.com Fansub dedicado a traducir mangas de cualquier género.English: Spanish translation group dedicate...

Omegaverse Addicted Scans

https://omegaverseaddicted.tumblr.com/ 0

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