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http://bakemono.info/ Inactive Group

Bakeneko Scanlations

http://bakeneko-scans.livejournal.com/ 24 hours

Bakeneko's Lair

http://www.bakenekoslair.com/ Bakeneko’s Lair is a spin-off from Omari’s Sister. Here we will feature series and one-shots tha... Do NOT upload, host or redistribute their projects anywhere. You may link to their project page, though.

Bakkin Translations

https://bakkin.moe/ Bakkin Translations is a scanlation group centered around manga with Yuri undertones, such as Yur...


Dead group


http://www.balamiere.com/ 0

Balancing Poison Scan

http://poisonshuojo.blogspot.it/ Salve a tutti, questo è l'inizio di un blog di scans. Non saremo molto veloci , perché al mom... 1

Balikatan Group Scans

A group dedicated to releasing stuff no one has touched or abandoned for a long, long time. Looki... None. Don't upload to Mangafox or other similar sites. Batoto is okay.

Balloon Scans




BAM | Bleach Anime & Manga

http://bam.forumcommunity.net/ Team amatoriale pronto per portarvi capitoli su capitoli, cercando ovviamente di migliorare di vo... 0

Bamboo Feathers

http://bamboo-feathers.livejournal.com/ Bamboo Feathers is a small scanlation group made up mainly of old staff from Storm in Heaven. The... Allowed though Remove series as soon as it got licenced

Bamboo Garden


Bamboo sword scan

https://bambooswordscan.wordpress.com/ we're a new scanlation group and our first project is Asahinagu. We're going to do our be... 0


https://www.facebook.com/BananaEsquadron Somos un escuadrón traductor de Inglés a Español!

Staff will upload as soon as a new one is released / El personal del escuadrón subirá los capítulos cuando ya estén listos




http://www.mediafire.com/?2g99enfccc4r9 Inactive

Band of the Hawks

AKA Hawks, Band of the Hawk


http://www.bangaqua.com/ Policy to re-share our releases.Can I share BangAQUA releases? – Well I prefer you don’t and link... If possible a delay of 2 days

Banzai Manga


Banzai Manga


BAP Scans

http://bapscans.com/ Best Absolute Perfect!Comeback!Recruiting JTL, KTL, and Typesetter, mainly!E-mail: ba... ONLY STAFF CAN UPLOAD

BARAdise Scanlations



http://www.barcarolles.wordpress.com/ Policy: http://www.barcarolles.wordpress.com/questions/ Do NOT redistribute their scans/scanlations on any sites.

Bardass Scanlations

http://natsume.backlogmisery.com/?page_id=4559 A one-man operation dedicated to spreading Ruin Explorers love. 0


http://www.mcanime.net/foro/viewtopic.php?p=10239567#10239567 GRUPO ENCARGADO DE TRADUCIR JOJO BIZARRE ADVENTURE EN ESPAÑOL DE ESPAÑA 2

Barefoot Scans

Working on old mangas.. 0


Pedi permiso al traductor de la serie, gracias daniel 0

Barje y Drow

http://z8.invisionfree.com/barjeydrow/index.php? Grupo de traducción al español inactivo 0

Bartley Scanlations

http://bartleyscans.blogspot.com/ One person who felt like scanlating Cooking Papa. That's about it. 12 hours

Barukirii no Sekai

http://barukiriinosekai.gportal.hu/ A little Hungarian group translating a little bit of this and that. 0

Baryonic Blowout


Baseball Manga

http://baseballmanga.wordpress.com/ Inactive Group

Based Pedro Translations

Based fucking Pedro, man. 3 hours

Basement Dwellers

http://apervertedheaven.wordpress.com/ Just your average group of perverts.This is a new group created for H Doujinshi/Ecchi, and was cr... 24 hours Unless staff makes the upload.

Basement Scan

http://mangahelpers.com/s/basementscans Also known as Angry Candy

Inactive Group




http://bastardscan.forumcommunity.net/ BastardScanITA vi offre la possibilità di scoprire nuovi manga (soprattutto Ecchi, ma non solo qu...


http://battlebrave.co.vu/ Well, just for fun~~ 0

Battouga Translations

https://battougatl.wordpress.com/ We translate dog stuff. 0

Be With You Scans

http://www.bwys.org/ NO Licensed Series!!! NO Licensed Series!!!

Beam Scan

http://buttsbeam.tumblr.com/ ฅ(♡ơ ₃ơ)ฅ 0

Bear Necessities Scans

Fear the kuma None

Bear Scans


Bearries! Scans

https://bearriescansblog.wordpress.com Our name Bearries are a combination of bear and berries. We are group that is driven to satisfy a...

Beast's Lair


Beat Ya To It Scans

http://beatyatoitscans.x10.mx/ Hide your scans, hide your Translations, cause we picking up all the projects around here. 0

Beautiful Soup

Defunct Group

Random Groups of the Hour

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