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Subire capitulos de TLR-D en color al español. Soy una persona, por lo cual sera lento.Actualment...


https://reddit.com/r/manga An ad-hoc group formed to translate Drifting Net Café, by any means possible.NOTE: We will be mov... 0


https://www.xdeyuix.tumblr.com Check these sites on the 18th January 2018 for the next chapter:https://www.reddit.com/r/GochiUsa...



http://em-pirate.blogspot.com/ One-man project. Sometimes I translate for FKMTkrazy. 0


http://dailydallying.com Mostly does Japanese web novels, decided to have a go at a Korean webtoon. 1 day

Dangai Team

http://www.dangaiteam.fora.pl/ Polska grupa skanlacyjna 0

Dino Scan

https://www.facebook.com/dinoscans/ Grupo dedicado a la traducción de mangas al español con la mejor calidad posible.https://www.face... 0

Discord Scanlations

https://discordapp.com/invite/fAwufyM A group that scanlates mostly Manhua, find all the servers for our series on our Discord server. :) None

DeathNote Italia Team

http://deathnoteitaliateam.forumcommunity.net Scan di DeathNoteItalia Team 0

Dream Victims

http://grupadreamvictims.blogspot.com 0


http://dracaena.webd.pl Polish group. Probably will only post our english releases here.
Also known as: Synthetic Ecstasy
Only members can upload PLEASE



Diabetes Scans


Dysania Scanlations

https://discord.gg/c3j5hnD Can't get up... 0

Debris Team

http://debristeam.forumcommunity.net 0


still ded yes

Dokusen Scans

https://dokusenscans.tumblr.com/ ... 0

Dystopia Scans

https://dystopiascans.wordpress.com/ Traducción de manga al español. Poca actividad por el momento. 0

Deeps of Aniverse

https://vk.com/doa_team Group of russian traslators. 0

DONTEN Project

http://dontenproject.tumblr.com 曇天Project is a group founded to continue translations of Donten ni Warau Gaiden and Rengoku ni Wa...

Dumpster Fire Scans

This is a group that does things. 0

Demone Celeste Team

http://demoneceleste.altervista.org/ The group translates in Italian shōjo manga unpublished. Il gruppo traduce in italiano manga shōj... 24 hours

Doki Fansubs

http://doki.co/tag/manga/ 2 hours

Dragon's Heavens Project

https://pastebin.com/edHC57PM Group dedicated to scanlate the manga Dragon's Heavens 0

Darii Translations

https://dariitranslationsfandom.wordpress.com/ Currently there's only me, Yasumi Todaka translating.Anyone who would like to proofread pleas... 0

Death Toll Scanlations

http://deathtollscans.net/ We're recruiting! We mainly scanlate survival manga. Though we have also mixed in some my...

The DANMEI Project

https://thedanmeiproject.wordpress.com We are a Chinese BL manhua translation group who exclusively translate projects that have been gr... only staff can upload


http://deltam.pe.hu/ 1


https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100008288312678 -Digitally Coloured Scans-

I upload mostly coloured English things...

Digicom Express

Bridging the gap between comic artists and fans/readers. 0



The D/a/nchiguys



Two bros doing scanlations. 0

Dandellion Eternal No Fansub

https://www.facebook.com/DandellionEternal/ Dedicado a la traducción de mangas/manhwas al español. Buscando miembros activos No robar ediciones hechas por nosotros


Freelance professional translations 0




http://despair-paradise.com/ 0

Dear L


Denki Monogatari

Polska martwa grupa 0


http://dessertscans.com A plethora of scan group admins aiming to release high quality manga. 0

Daifuku Scantrad

https://daifukuscantrad.wixsite.com/daifukuscantrad The Daifuku team is a French team of scanlation. We want to do a lot of styles of projects, so ou... 0


Translator of Hitorijime My Hero chapter 5.5 onwards 0



Dark Stixx Scan

https://www.facebook.com/darkstixx/ Somos un scan dedicado a traducir manhwas, mangas. 0


http://decadencescans.com We are a new manga scan group that is dedicated to working on mature (smut) shoujo manga.We are r...


http://dragon-subs.de German Anime/Manga Scanlation Group. 0

Deity Scans

A group dedicated to translating Amahara stuff. 0

Dark Forest Scans

https://darkforestscans.tumblr.com/ A group formed in 2015 that mostly focuses on little-known manga. 0

Deadly Scanlations


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