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http://animefanespa.blogspot.com.es 0

/a/ Collective Scanlation

http://acollectivescanlation.blogspot.com.au/ Inactive group

/a/ Without Google Translate

Translating manga far and wide. Without google translate so there are less cringefest manga.Mang... 7 days to 14 days

/a/nimango scans

http://tsugumo.moe Just a very loose band of people who helps with translation works and want to see people happy.Al... 0


http://boards.4chan.org/a/ Not an actual group, just a name that scanlators from 4chan use. Releases may be erratic. 0

/a/StartMyI no Fansub

https://sminfdescargas.wordpress.com Fansub - Traductor de mangas Inglés-Español. Con contenido orientado a jóvenes adultos principalm... None

/ak/ scanlations

http://ak-scans.wikia.com The fusion of /a/ and /k/ boards, /ak/ is all about moe operators doing cute operations and infor... >implying


prueba lecotr 0

8ch/u/ Translations

http://8ch.net/u/index.html 8chan's yuri board official group for scanlations, translations, typesetting, cleaning manga... 1





A cherry blossom is falling

http://acherryblossomisfalling.blogspot.it/ "A cherry blossom is falling" is an Italian group of scanlator and it translate some mang...

A Drifter's Paradise

http://adriftersparadise.tumblr.com/ 0

A Duck’s Paradise

72 hours

A lonely bird

http://alonelybirduponawindow.blogspot.it/ 0

A Miserable Pile of Scanlations

http://amiserablepileofscans.tumblr.com/ Permission granted: http://amiserablepileofscans.tumblr.com/post/52401083007/hi-im-a-big-fan-of-g...

A Reyvateil's Melody

http://artonelico.isisview.org/ An Ar tonelico fan site. Not a scanlation group.

A Willful Muse

http://community.livejournal.com/awillfulmuse/ Climbing into Tiny Spaces.


A&K Team

http://ak-team.ek.la/ 0

A&M Heaven

http://animemanga-heaven.forumcommunity.net/ Siamo un gruppo scan che si occupa di manga e manhwa inediti in Italia. In forum potete trovare i...



A+ Çeviri

http://aaceviri.blogspot.com.tr/ A+ Manga Çeviri Grubu
Yorum yaparak


http://a-evolution.com/ Un fansub romanesc ce se ocupa atat de anime cat si de manga. Don't Upload


http://www.ipitydafoo.com/ Don't Upload, except joints.




http://manga.animworld.net/ AnimWorld Translation Team .

The Persian Manga Translation Team.

A3S Scans



https://www.facebook.com/a4vfansub/ 0


https://discord.gg/MtFq3BT There are 8 "A"s in our name, in case you have trouble counting them. 0



http://aas-fs.tk/manga A French team that isn't anything notable. Undetermined

Aase's World

http://aasesworld.wordpress.com One-man group that escalates whatever is interesting 0

Aase's World

https://aasesworld.wordpress.com/ One-man group that scanlates whatever is interesting. No


Don't Upload

abandoned kitten scans

https://abandonedkittenscans.wordpress.com/ abandoned kitten scans is recruiting for the following series:In Another World, I’m Called: the B... 48 hours

Abrazza un Creeper

https://www.youtube.com/user/abrazzauncreeper grupo que en realidad solo trabaja sternmerc y los lee el andres XD 0

Absolute Manga



https://www.facebook.com/ScarletAbyssSpirit 0


http://acacia15.co.cc/ Later became Tarot Cafe


Ace Alliance

Inactive Group 0

Ace of Diamond Brigade

Special brigade of fans intent on bringing Ace of Diamond up to speed! 0

Ace Translations

http://ace-translations.tk/ Traductores de mangas entre otros al español

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/acetranslations.tk/


http://acelemanga.tk/ Bazı popüler mangaların güncel sayıları için hızlı çeviri. Güncel sayıları bir an önce okumak ist... 0

ACF Team

Translation from English to Russian 0

Achi Manga!!

We are a group of Manga and other such things! Feel free to join! 0


Shoujo Manga Indonesian translator. 0



ACMI3 Translation Group!

http://bato.to/forums/user/264203-acmi3-translation-group/ 0


Random Groups of the Hour

  • Ouroboros Scans
    Somos un scan que quiere brindarle a los lectores de mangas la mejor calidad posible en nuestros...
  • White Cloud Pavilion
    White Cloud Pavilion is a small business group dedicated to converting Chinese Manhua's into...
  • Trouble Scans
    Somos um grupo brasileiro que foca em webcomics.We are a Brazilian group that focus on webcomics.
  • The Anon
  • Domo Scans
    DisbandMessage written on it's former site: "Domo Scans would like to thank everyone who...

Popular Groups

  • /ak/ scanlations
    The fusion of /a/ and /k/ boards, /ak/ is all about moe operators doing cute operations and infor...
  • Village Idiot
    We are an irc-based scanlation group.irc://irc.rizon.net/viscans
  • Easy Going Scans
    A group dedicated to awesome manga, manhua and manhwa, and always looking for dedicated staff :)
  • JoJo's Colored Adventure
    We are a group that works on typesetting JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in English. We also work on...
  • Japanzai
    Originated from Trollscans, a branch of XscansXNew temporary url https://japanzai.github.io/Defunct.
  • Twisted Hel Scans
    The quality scanlation group driven insane in Hel.
  • Tree (木) Scanlations
  • The Company
    IRC: irc://irc.idlechat.net/thecompany
  • 红莲汉化组
    Chinese scanlating groupEnglish meaning: Red Lotus
  • Heterophobia Fansub
    Yaoi, Yuri, Shounen Ai ve Shoujo Ai anime ve manga çeviri grubu.