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What you love about Mel Kano

Mel Kano

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    Potato Spud

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Favorite thing for me is just how unique the characters they are. Poor Kakeru and all the situations he gets into are just pure awesomeness. Also think Haruka and him make such a cute couple :3



    Fingerling Potato

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I liked the first chapter, but the chapters afterwards?
Dont know why, but i like the other chapters less... lets see how the story develops

PS: Yo noobarta. We meet again^^



    Potato Sprout

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I like that it isn't one of those typical shoujo where they start dating and stay together even through the manipulative jealous wannabe girlfriend stage. This seems to be nicely absent of this and what more gives a funny and somewhat realistic view of the world of online relations.

Kakeru is generally a very nice guy even if he's something of a delinquent, this isn't anything new in terms of a shoujo but this is one of the few that actually shows that he is rather just having the masses say that he is and dress him accordingly. He is a really nice guy and sadly unable to say no or hurt anyone's feelings which puts him into a majority of the situations that he is in.

But I love it that they actually broke up and I mean really broke up and it didn't turn into a bunch of moping and crying then some shameful display to win back that person's affections. And I'm so thankful that it wasn't a break up over sex like so many of them tend to do. Their breakup actually allows for the two of them develop and mature more so that they can actually get to know one another better as their real life selves rather than their online personas and their ideals of them.

If they get back together in the end I'd be happy but even if they don't I still find this a rather solid and believable story in terms of love (not romance, romance is pure evil and a delusion).



    Fried Potato

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I love this manga, the characters are unique and I like the fact that he is really smart and a good writer but has such a different look and personality than you usually see for the typical smart person in a manga.




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Dilinquent couple.