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    Arizona (or somewhere in the forest riding a unicorn)
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    Yes, I am an adult woman who reads manga.
    And Yes - I read a Lot :) and this list would be longer if it included all the manhwa webtoons as well as manga.
    < My favorites are not in any particular order and I really have a LOT more "favorites" than this!

    167 cm tall -
    169 IQ
    blood type: O +
    long reddish blond hair / green eyes
    zodiac: virgo / sheep
    birthplace: NY
    lives: Arizona
    favorite things to draw: horses, portraits, unicorns, dragons
    favorite food: marzipan
    Jungian: INTJ
    About inzaratha
    I have been writing an epic fantasy novel, "The Stone + The Feather" for more years than I had hoped and as I'm am an artist now starting doing it as a graphic novel as well. I originally came up with it while riding my horse in the woods as a kid.

    My art site http://inzaratha.deviantart.com/gallery/

    I have some other ideas I would like to make into graphic novels so I am currently working on learning how to use computer graphic art programs. I get held back by computer memory and time as I work a lot of hours full time and read a lot too. I do my best thinking while doing something else at the same time, like coming up with story ideas while riding, or listening to music, or doing artwork while watching shows. I'm an introvert and a lot better at writing and being online than I am with actually talking to people...

    I am a big fan of Stargate SG 1 and Atlantis, and other sci-fi shows like Serenity/Firefly, Smallville, Supernatural, etc and love martial arts movies and medieval settings.

    Interests include reading manga, sci-fi and fantasy, martial arts, horses - equestrian, art, music, anime and movies

    or anything with good looking guys fighting. :)

    I have college BA's in both fine art and history. I especially like the Black Death and the Renaissance.

    I have trained horses professionally,worked in a museum, taught horse sculpture in a museum, owned an art gallery, worked in a library and in schools.
    For a career now, I work with troubled teens/ juvenile delinquents in a locked residential school-
    Think of it like Hogwarts meets reform school in the desert. with a tan

    I like to write, draw, read and explore places either mentally or psychically and spend a lot of time online cause I don't sleep and usually busy cause I have a brain that does not shut off. I also drink lots of coffee and tea.
    My favorite authors are Tolkien, Tad Williams, Mercedes Lackey, Terry Goodkind, Terry Prachett and Ayn Rand, Edgar Allen Poe, Ray Bradury, Robert Frost.
    Currently taking Korean karate - Kukyidou and Judo.
    In the future I would like to learn to read and or speak Japanese and Korean but I'm not much of a speaker, even in English I'm better at writing than talking. But I would like to know the language, even if I never actually speak to a human in it. My second language is French. I enjoyed learning obscure languages like elvish or runes too.

    I listen to a lot of music. Favs include Nightwish, Apocalyptica, HIM, Versailles, Linkin Park,Within Temptation, Amorphis, Bach, the Gazette - metal, classic and celtic and visual kei I like music that is actually good musically.
    My music radio http://www.last.fm/user/inzaratha

    I have a long term relationship with a musician.
    his band/ songs - Luminatus (symphonic metal if you like Evanescence or Nightwish check it out) http://www.reverbnation.com/luminatus4

    Webtoons - I like a bunch of ones not on MAL.

    [SPOILER] Non MAL Webtoons and Comics
    Currently Reading

    Model (miso)
    Colors of the Wind,
    Pine in the Flower Garden
    Be Heun
    Ultimate Legend Kang Hae Hyo
    By Chance We And
    Cherry Boy, That Girl
    Gaussian Blur
    Looking for a Father
    Ark of Abel
    Covertly Gloriously Uniquely
    Moonrise During the Day
    Gyon Woo and Jik Nyu
    Ya! Oee
    17 Years old, That Summer's Day Miracle
    The Castle in the Woods
    Glory Hill
    Heavenly Match
    I'm Not Spy
    Moon Ah
    One Winter
    Rainbow Rose
    Star's Last Wish
    The Three Times
    Twenty Something's Love Story
    Tale of Nezha
    Wake Up Deadman

    Brody Ghost (4 volumes so far)

    The Friendly Winter
    Superior Day
    The Last Question
    Paradise ( miso )
    BB Project ( western made manga)

    On Hold
    The Great Merchant Kim Manduk
    Cactus and Radio
    In Full Bloom
    Ms Angel

    Cafe Dreams
    Black Haze
    Cry Like Wolves
    Honeydew Syndrome
    Maid Maiden
    Please Mr Bear
    Sunset and Curry
    The Dragon Next Door
    The Gamer
    The Devil Who Can't Fly
    The Legend of the Lady Mirror
    The Vampire and the Bachelor Next Door
    Twelve Nights
    Tower of God
    Writer J
    Wolf's Castle


    I'm reading a Korean novel in translation called "The Legendary Moonlight Sculptor" More recently I've watched some dramas -before I mostly watched Lots of martial arts movies, my list includes 49 days, Boys Over Flowers, Secret Garden, City Hunter, My Girlfriend is a Gumiho, You're Beautiful, My Love From Another Star, The Heirs, Heartstrings, Rooftop Prince, Faith, Arang and the Magestrate, Flower Boy Next Door, Angel Eyes, Trot Lovers, Myung Wol the Spy, Coffee Prince, Postman to Heaven, Mary Stayed Out All Night etc.

    I actually started watching some anime and martial arts as a little kid cause my best friend was a half-Japanese boy with a talking pet crow, but he returned to Japan. (I know sounds like some weird manga but my life is weirder...) I got into it again later from fantasy / sci fi and then discovered 7 years ago or so I really enjoyed reading shoujo and a lot of others. It's the perfect blend of art and story and I'm addicted to manga. lol
    I have a lot of series that I love reading, and I enjoying discussing chapters with people as the people irl that I know don't read what I read, hence online.

    Yes I unabashedly do enjoy shoujo! Which is odd because I am not very feminine mentally. I like romances and fantasy, supernatural stories, mysteries, but I also like to read seinen, josei and some shounen, crime dramas etc. I prefer reading over watching, but when I watch anime my preferences are different from my reading ones, I prefer more action and supernatural or fantasy or mystery and slice of life to watch.

    Right now I am trying to complete more of the ones on my too huge list!
    for my geeky and other interests

    If you send me a friend request, please write or message me to say why.

    Great lines
    The assassin boss was wrongly accussed and given really bad cake!

    Rodents of unusal size? I don't believe they exist. The Princess Bride

    The stories we love best live in us forever.... J.K. Rowling

    I mostly read romances although I do read from all genres and types thus you will find everything from shoujos to seinens in my lists and everything from romance to fantasy to sci fi. But the vast majority are shoujo and josei romances. ~ Kat ~

    A few of my favorites not in any order - just a few -as I'm reading several hundred and have completed several hundred, I have no "top favorite" more like a top 50 than a top 10.
    http://myanimelist.net/profile/inzaratha for details of my huge reading lists

    ~Until Death Do Us Part~
    Dengeki Daisy
    Kokou no Hito
    The One
    Cat Street
    Skip Beat
    Akatsuki no Yona
    Hana Yori Dango
    Kokou Debut
    Kingyou Sou
    Sora Log
    Akagami no Shirayukihime
    Blood and Steel
    City of Darkness
    Addicted to Curry
    Switch Girl!
    Deka Wanko
    Vampire Knight
    Apothecarius Argentum
    Memories of Emanon
    Happy Mari
    Anata ni Hana o Sasagemashou
    Haru wo Daite Ita
    Six Half
    Love in the Mask
    Full House
    Youth Gone Wild
    W Juliet
    Hotaru no Hikari
    Yami no Aegis
    The Moment a Fox Becomes a Wolf
    Ouran High School Host Club
    Oresama Teacher
    Koi dana ai dano
    Kore wa Koi no Hanashi
    Yesterday wo Utta
    Lovely Complex
    Luck Stealer
    Reimei no Arcana
    Shinobi Life
    Tora to Ookami
    A Cruel God Reigns
    Death Note
    Beast master
    Billion Girl
    Hana Kimi
    Haruyuki Bus
    Vampire Juuji Ka
    Zettai Kareshi
    Fujioshi Kanojo
    From Far Away
    Nineteen Twenty One
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