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Primary: Sky Slate Blackcurrant Watermelon Strawberry Orange Banana Apple Emerald Chocolate Marble
Secondary: Sky Slate Blackcurrant Watermelon Strawberry Orange Banana Apple Emerald Chocolate Marble
Pattern: Blank Waves Squares Notes Sharp Wood Rockface Leather Honey Vertical Triangles

Self Published

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  Title Author Artist Type Status Mature


Ghored Ghored Other Complete


Rui Yuri Rui Yuri Other Ongoing Mature

5 Elementos

Jesulink Jesulink Other Ongoing


Anass El Filali Lachgar Yassine Other Ongoing

A Crimson Martyr

Tgomes Tgomes Other Ongoing

A Fucking Zombie Apocalipse

Kasholepsy Mcrugen Kasholepsy Mcrugen Other Ongoing Mature

A New World Awaits

Jose Nunez Jose Nunez Other Ongoing

A Tale shaped in Ice

Rommel R. Silva Rommel R. Silva Other Ongoing

Abnormal: The One Who Stands Against God

Ayrke De Aguiar Braga Gustavo Janebro Da Cunha & Marina Vinhas Other Ongoing Mature


Nick Reid Irene Mark Gilo Other Ongoing

Ai se eu pudesse voar

Ricardo Mango Ricardo Mango Other Ongoing

AI (Inha Estudios)

Inha Estudios Inha Estudios Other Ongoing


Arina Chan Arina Chan Other Ongoing


Hameed Catel Kirucomics Other Ongoing


A.i. A.i. Other Ongoing Mature

Android 12

Vivi Vivi Other Ongoing

AP. Death

Agael Agael Other Ongoing

Apple Black

Odunze Oguguo Odunze Oguguo Other Ongoing


Other Ongoing

Autumn's Sanctuary

Kuromi Moni Kuromi Moni Other Complete


Sheen T. Stars Sheen T. Stars Manga (Japanese) Ongoing

¿Por qué te fuiste?

Anrgs Anrgs Other Ongoing Mature

Battered Young Woman Doctor

Green Lizard & Buka Manga Green Lizard Manhua (Chinese) Ongoing

Beauty In The Male-only School

Manyu & Buka Manga Manyu & Buka Manga Manhua (Chinese) Ongoing


Shadow Draygon Shadow Draygon Other Ongoing


A.i. A.i. Other Ongoing

Blood Heaven

Momoko Ryka Momoko Ryka Other Ongoing Mature

Blood Rush

Eoin Magee Eoin Magee Other Complete

Blood Sky

Kotetsu Kaburagi Peter Axl Roses Other Ongoing Mature

Bloody Rose

Seldi Behari & Sedilian Begaj Seldi Behari Other Ongoing

Bomb A

Gnekomikero Gnekomikero Other Ongoing


Manga (Japanese) Ongoing

Bounty Hunterz

Aziz Can Binen Aziz Can Binen Other Ongoing

Box of Grahams

Graham Crackers Graham Crackers Other Ongoing

BRASS OPS: Project Reciperemus

Charles P. Saul G. Other Ongoing


Jeanne Balas & Emma Begin Jeanne Balas & Emma Begin Other Ongoing


Imoralj Imoralj Other Ongoing


Robson Grossmann Other Ongoing


Antonio Vazquez & Ana Nuñez Antonio Vazquez & Ana Nuñez Other Ongoing Mature


Ligia Zanella Ligia Zanella Other Ongoing

Call Of Duty Black ops Zombies

Dmarion Davidson Dmarion Davidson Other Ongoing Mature


Other Ongoing Mature


Mika Mika Other Ongoing

Cat and Fox

Teng Qi Teng Qi Manhua (Chinese) Ongoing

Chess Time

Eudetenis Eudetenis Other Ongoing

Chie-san no Bunko

Oyabun-San Oyabun-San Other Ongoing

Child's Play

Snir Snir Other Complete

Cold Confection

Grgc Collab Graham Crackers Other Complete

Como pirar legal na escola

Ricardo Mango Ricardo Mango Other Ongoing

Con meo vui tinh

Vu Mai Truc Nguyen Artbook Complete

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