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Secret Garden

Name: Secret Garden
Website: http://secretgarden-sc.livejournal.com
Description: I'm a big fan of doujinshi and in the past years I've accumulated a lot of them. Some of them are just too good to keep to myself so I've been doing scanlations of my favourites. Just to make this clear: I won't do any scanlations if you request them. If we share the same taste and you have books that I'm lacking, there's the possibility that I'd do them. But it's just that, a possibility. I'm doing this in my free time and because it's fun. I want it to stay that way.

A small warning before you start downloading: I'm not especially graphic savy. With some of those I tried to give my best, but some belong in the "quick & dirty" category. So don't expect too much.

With that said, enjoy them :)

ADD ON: Please note that some of this content is 18+ and therefore under friends lock. Please post in the appropriate thread when friending this journal and if you're above 18 I will friend you back, so you can see the adult content. If you are not a member of Live Journal try Aarinfantasy or just join. We don't bite over here :)

With that said, enjoy :)
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Comics by Group

Harry Potter - Tentaikyu-gi (Doujinshi) Harry Potter - Tentaikyu-gi (Doujinshi)
Master And Pupil Lover (Circle) & Honjou Shiwo/Master And Pupil Lover (Circle) & Honjou Shiwo


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