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Manhwa about different dimension

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So I remember reading a comic [that was all in colour] about a guy who is a famous assassin. The first part of the comic starts with him in a bar, drinking. Then a girl tries to have a drink with him but he refuses and leaves the girl. So a bunch of ugly dudes end up hitting on the girl who wanted to have a drink with mr. famous assassin at the back alley of the bar when she was about to leave. Then Mr assassin comes back and helps said girl and kills the baddies with dual wield moon shaped swords that he held reverse grip style. So the girl fainted yet is safe BUT mr assasin suddenly gets transported to another timeline where he wakes up naked in a forrest. Eventually he ran into an army wearing brown cloth armor that was being annihilated by another army wearing silver armor. He finds a dead soldier by the bush and takes his brown armor. Now he gets mistaken as an enemy by the silver armor army but he manages to kill a significant number of silvers after acquiring 2 swords that he still held reverse grip style. The brown armor army members try to talk to him but he cannot understand anything they are saying. Eventuallt they all get chased and cornered into a dead end of a canyon where every brown armor wearing soldier dies except mr assasin as he managed to find a hidden cave just in time. There he meets a demonic spirit of some sort that gives him uhh powers. And he manages to kill enough silver armor soldiers that they all ran away.

Does anybody know the name of this comic? Its all in colour.




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Just a quick question, did it have a really bad machine translated text? Like it was hard to follow what the characters were talking about?

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