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Project suggestions

projects pick up want translated translate translation

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All right, so at the moment, we are looking for a few projects to pick up. If there are any suggestions, we will consider picking them up.


Right now, we are considering picking up Masamune-kun no Revenge, but I do not know where to find raws of that series.


So, suggestions posted here will be considered as possible projects we will be picking up.




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Would like to suggest if you guys can pick up Grand Blue. It is a series written by the author of BakaTest, Kenji Inoue, and it is really fun comedy college life manga.


Chap.1 summary

The story is about a mc begins his college life by moving into the house of his uncle who runs a diving store. During the day he moved in, the moment he enters the house he immediately sees a large group of men having party getting drunk and stark naked. When he tries to escape he was caught by few of the men which were the senpais of diving club in his college. After this and that happens, he ends up agreed to join the diving club and mixed into the drinking party too. The next day he wakes up in outside his college naked with only his underwear left and he ended up attending the lessons just like that...


I have been reading this manga with chinese translations and I had good laughs every single chapter. Would like it if it is able to shared among english reading readers too. If you enjoyed D-Frag you will definitely like this