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Fuku Neko

Alt Names: alt 福猫alt Fortune Catalt FukuNeko
Author: MISA Tomoko
Artist: MISA Tomoko
Genres: Comedy ComedyEcchi EcchiRomance RomanceSeinen SeinenSupernatural Supernatural
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Ongoing
Description: It’s a story about a cram school student, who, while walking home one evening, stumbled upon a cat girl. After giving the cat girl his bentou she followed him home and told him that she will grant any wish he desires. In a fit of irritation he wished that he would have more time with his books to study. The very next day his wish came true, but not the way he expected. And thus the odd couple continued to live together, is the cat girl going to be the solution to the guy’s problem or is she just going to be one big annoying pet?
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...hey, where's the comedy, ecchi and romance?
@soranokira nah it's just a confused miko
miko was a little confusing...
I feel like this is a parody of the ecchi genre in general.
so whats going on now? that last chapter threw me off
Waited all this time for that... ; _ ;
became 1000th follower. lol
became 1000th follower. lol
YAY update! Thanks KidCongo!

But the person translating it is very busy :[


I completely agree actually. I only do it for the ears and the tail.
This doesn't even feel ecchi.

Art is good, I like it. For once, I feel that the breasts are large without being enormous. You know, like, "normal" large. I think this is somewhat rare in mangas. "Normality". Even "ordinary" characters often end up being not that ordinary.

Plot is... non-existent. Sure, we got a pitch. But after that, it's all episodic and slice of life. No real continuity.
Sure, we get to see Miya change a bit... I guess... but the effects aren't very obvious, at least not in one volume.
Mc is a bit strange... first he got that "normal ordinary guy" vibe, then gets perverted and stuff...

The rest is pretty standard I guess. I like the shrine deity and the bakeneko, they're elements I appreciate in mangos. But that's just personal.
hmm, I hope this manga translation will be finished ...
it's only 1 vol after all ...
thank you very much for the update
on page 8. was that pedo bear(upper right bubble)?
o shit I didnt know we have arrived in 2212 O_O

I feel lied to :(
tnx for the update
Sorry it took 200 years haha.
Very nice to see this one with an update!
Best example of borderline hentai would have to be Kiss x Sis. Omamori Himari and Kanokon are mainly just ecchi. Even more so if you compare them to what is possible.
Near as I can make out, it's about a hawt catgirl with pleasing breasts and skimpy clothes.
Was there supposed to be something else? Does there need to be?
Umm so what's the story about? -_-

Actually, those manga you mentioned do have some "moments" but they are standard for that kind of genre and nothing like what borderline-H is.

First update in several months though, and on a new "arc"... it can't be helped. The ones after this will get better.
New Chapter is kindaPosted Image Meh

but thanks for update
I always thought about you can't really classify manga by ecchi or non-ecchi, you just can say this excerpt or that chapter are spicy. If not, Sun-Ken Rock sould be classify as hentai as well.

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