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Alt Names: alt デンドロバテス
Author: Ishiwata Youji
Artist: Yamane Akihiro
Genres: Action ActionDrama DramaSeinen SeinenTragedy Tragedy
Type: Manga (Japanese)
Status: Complete
Description: Sengawa's day job is as an accountant working for the police. But at night... he transforms into a ruthless assassin bringing death to anyone who deserves it. Meet and hire the man with 1000 guns.
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The following content is intended for mature audiences and may contain sexual themes, gore, violence and/or strong language. Discretion is advised.

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I love it so much.

still a very nice re-read this manga. Delicous.

damn fine comic right here. bit of a limp ending but its a great read till then.

i just started reading looks pretty good

heck we didnt even know why MC want to kill Laico.

MC wants to kill Laico because

Good manga but alot(or more like all) of undevelope character Like Miura,the journalist, the blind singer, Laico and a few bad guy there are just there and we know nothing about them and they practically serve no points in plot development because their action has no consequence its like they are there just because they are there. heck we didnt even know why MC want to kill Laico.


and yet i can help but feel this is really racist by portraying almost all villain as immigrant and implying most of them come to japan to commit crime. and lol at the attempt of the mangaka to deny this at the last chapter

That was amazing from start to finish!


Best part? The author knew when to end it. And a great ending it was. Thank you.

Batman, is that secretly you?

I'm glad I finally got the time to finish reading this. Thank you to EGS for scanlating this awesome manga.

As much as I like to see stories go on, I know that the author knows the story better than anyone. 


Good read.

Many people don't like to see such a great story come to a close, but I think this is for the best. The author is the story teller and all story tellers need to know when to end their story before it becomes out of control. I think this is a good place to end. Closure and a somewhat moral choice to chew on for many of the readers, including myself.


Excellent job translating, Easy Going Scans. Look forward for more from the author.


Not really and yet at the same time it totally is.



I long for a bigger battle.

Ah the end of a good story. It ended on a fantastic note. I'd rather have the manga end like this then have them drag it on. They tidied up the story and gave it a clean cut ending. Vengeance is his and well also salvation in a sense.

At least I can take comfort that he and the girl got together in the end.


simple, but satisfying

reminds me a bit of equilibrium movie

At least I can take comfort that he and the girl got together in the end.

Avenger of the Night: Craneman!

I love the last assassination.


"We have a bullet-proof car."


"But is it crane-proof?"

Duly noted, If I ever need to protect my self from assassination, I will get a bullet-proof and crane-proof car.

We never want the good ones to end, but if they drag out do we still love them?


Loved all the deep thinking and bible references, very ethereal.

Ahhw, Was that it? Well that was a nice end to a good manga. Ty all parties involved 

Loved it  Thank you EGS!

That was nice.


Thanks to all involved parties :)

man a great ending to a great manga. many will wish it had gon on longer but we all want the good ones to last untill they've been milked to death then we claim they suck and should have ended 100's of chapters ago.

Man, when he's at the crane, he looks like a superhero! I want a sequel! The bad-ass meter didn't overload!!!

Too bad!, Another good manga that finish! I like the end but can be better!


PD.- The MC's beautiful mate :), I assume he was who visit her at hospital.

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