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Group Delays

Group NameKnown Delay (Hours by default)
#SALMONSAM 24 hours
!!!"ARBOL DE SAKURA!!!!! 6
"Su" Fansub Cada 15 dias si es posible
-「Black-Butterfly」 No delay
-DeadlySmile- 1
-menos-FREE TIME Puedes compartir cuando, como y donde gustes, sólo no quites los créditos por favor. You can use our work to re-translated to any language just please keep our credits page and don't put your own watermark on our scans, also if you could drop us a comment at our facebook page telling us about your group, well, it would be nice *^*
-Nosebleed- None
... This was an actual group. Do not use as a placeholder for "No Group" when the group is unknown or has no name!
/a/ Without Google Translate 7 days to 14 days
/a/StartMyI no Fansub None
/ak/ scanlations >implying
1-o Localizations Don't Upload
13Th Hour Scanlations Only staff may upload.
2Bleach.cz Only staff can upload.
4-Koma Scans 3 days
4T group Don't Upload
8 C̲l̲o̲u̲d̲s̲ zero
8ch/u/ Translations 1
A Duck’s Paradise 72 hours
A-Evolution Don't Upload
A-Team Don't Upload, except joints.
AAS Undetermined
Aase's World No
Abadaba Don't Upload
abandoned kitten scans 48 hours
Acumen Black! Low
ADTeam Only staff may upload.
Aeida Scanlations Staff Only upload 24 hours
Aeon Comics 1 Aeon
Aerandria Scans 36 hours and no licensed
Agent Of Change Translations 2-5 days - We only upload grayscale images outside our group.
Agent46 Translations None for Batoto, others have to ask permission first.
Ahhhhhh潚's Swell Comics Random Times
AHR Scans Only staff may upload.
Ai no Haru Scanlations 24 hours
Aidoku France 48 hours.
Aika 48 hours
Aisu Fansub max 30
Aka Tenshi no Fansub Solo Aka Tenshi (lider del scan) puede subir cap tulos. O si quieres subirlos tú, mándanos un mensaje por facebook o a nuestro mail.
Akahane Translations Do not upload
Akashi Scans Only Akashi Scans staff can upload & 3 hour delay
Akechi Scans Only petermueller88 can upload chapters/releases
Akuma Corporation 1 week
Al-Thamen Scans Only staff can upload.
Alice Dreams 48 hours
Alice-Michiyo Scans Do not upload.
Alone Fansub Indefinido
Alone4Works Scan None
Alpaca Kingdom ~ARPK~ Only staff may upload.
alyschu Only members of our team (Alyschu&Co) are allowed to upload our chapters.
AmaiChudoku No hagas re-upload.
Amaranth Scans 48 hours
Amato Empire Do not upload elsewhere.
Amethyst eyes forum Do not post in other site/forum without permission.
amplified 1-2 days
Angelic Scanlations 24 Hours
Animaster Mangas 1 Week
Anime Nostalgia Irregular
Anime Recomendaciones y Criticas 24 horas
Anime&Manga 7 days from the release on the forum
Anime-RG Uploads of the D-Fragments! only by Batoto Staff, NightSide or alchemist11
animelody Do not upload!
AnimeVail 1
AnimeW 48
Anime_Manga_Italia scan team 4-5
AniPanic Optional
AniToria Fansub Sadece Pazar Günleri
AniTR Fansub 2 days and 1 night :P
AnonProjects 1 hour
AnonymousUnited None
Antebellum Scanlations 72 hours
Antisense Scanslation 24 hours
Ao Haru Ride Fansub 20
Aome No Scantrad 7 days
Aozora no Tenshi 1
Aquaria Scanlator Only Aquaria's staff members are allowed to upload. / Upload de capitulos dos projetos do Aquaria Scanlator permitido apenas a membros da staff.
Aquarion Scans 4-5 days
Aquarium Tourmaline None
ArchivSucheJob 48 horas
Ardneh 24
Arentastic Translations Unknown
Ares Zeigen Translations None
ARIA 1 to 2 days
Arigatomina Solo projects may be freely distributed. For joint projects, seek permission from the other group first.
Arkana biweekly
Armageddon Scans Only Aoshiroi may upload.
arousing imouto scanlations Only staff may upload.
Arpiman No Manwha
Arrow and Arts L Scans 24 hours: anyone can upload after that.
ASASCEDStudios 12 hours
asdf scans Only staff can upload.
Ashitaka x Taiyou Ask for permission
Asuka Bunko 24 hours
Asura Scans 96
Atelier du Noir Staff uploads only.
atest 212
Attractive Fascinante Not Allowed
AutisticScans 24 hours
Avant-garde Scans optional
awelle-subs 48 Stunden
Ayaoi Se permite distribuir sus trabajos siempre y cuándo dejen los créditos correspondientes al manga o bien anunciando en algún lado la procedencia del mismo junto a el link de la web.
『Nonxdeeck』 none
¡PrinceScans! 7 days, not including uploads made by staff members / No subir antes de 7 d� as, a no ser que se trate de un miembro del scan
¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Why even delay ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
B!F - Blame! Italian Forum Free to use
Bagged Milk Scans Only on Batoto (permission here: http://baggedmilkscans.tumblr.com/post/74073979468/hi-do-you-allow-rehosting-of-your-scanlations-because )
Bahasin Manga 12 hours
Bajo el Puente Scans Batoto Only.
Baka Fan Scans None
Bakana Scans 48 Hours
Bakeneko Scanlations 24 hours
Bakeneko's Lair Do NOT upload, host or redistribute their projects anywhere. You may link to their project page, though.
Balancing Poison Scan 1
Balikatan Group Scans None. Don't upload to Mangafox or other similar sites. Batoto is okay.
Bamboo Feathers Allowed though Remove series as soon as it got licenced
Banana-Squad! Staff will upload as soon as a new one is released / El personal del escuadrón subirá los capítulos cuando ya estén listos
BangAQUA If possible a delay of 2 days
Barcarolle Do NOT redistribute their scans/scanlations on any sites.
Bartley Scanlations 12 hours
Based Pedro Translations 3 hours
Basement Dwellers 24 hours Unless staff makes the upload.
Be With You Scans NO Licensed Series!!!
Bear Necessities Scans None
BeelScan 24 horas
Bento Scans Only members of staff
Biblo Eros 24 hours
bienenstich Do Not Upload
BigDaddy Scanlations Only staff may upload.
Bizarre Moeness Desconocido
Bizarre Scans Only members of Bizarre Scan can upload
Black Fox Scans We always upload to our releases to our website first (whenever the release is finished) and then on Batoto.
Black Lantern Scanlations 1 day
Black Neko Wizard 2 day
Black Wing 48 hours
BlackLight Mangascans 72 hours (Do not upload licensed: Trinity Seven, Boku wa Tomodachi ga Sukunai, Crimezone and Shinmai Maou no Testament)
Blaker's No Fansub Diversión y compromiso.
Blissful Sin Don't upload
BloodL Monthly
Blue Flor Only Blue Flor admin may upload.
Blue Moon Scans Only can be uploaded by BMoon
Blue Spring Scanlations Do NOT redistribute their scans/scanlations on any sites.
Blue-Phoenix 24 hours
Bluebird Scans Uploader: 「Ty ♥」
BlueScan Upload only if the translator is ok with it !
boc 1 Weeks
Bond Birthmarks Batoto's Head maid will upload them
Bored AF Translator Who the fuck delays? Dicks...
Bosen Scanlation Like, i dunno, Like
Bosque Blanco ~Fansub yuri~ 1 o 2 semanas mas o menos
Boys on Boys Love Don't upload
Breaker Scan ---
BrigadaDX Fansub 1 hour
Bruxa Speed Scan 1/2 days
Buenos Mangas 24 hours
Bug Reboot "Depends"
Bulsajo 24
Bunny Love, Incorporated Don't Upload
bunny⚣'s scans Only Nachi.bns, ChanBaek92 can upload.
BunnyGirl 24
Bushido Angel Adventures Do not upload Neko Samurai
BuzzerDunk Only staff can upload
BYAAAH Please check for licenced publications
Caek Co No licensed
Café Scanlation Contributer: BakaShin, Katsu
Camellia 1
Careless Su Jing Only Su Jing (苏静) may upload. Don't upload to other sites.
CAT Scans 12 hours
Cave Scanlations Can be only uploaded by their staff (incl. joints) // No uploads of retranslations allowed (except for the groups who asked for permission and are listed on the CS website)
cedr777 3 days
CGTranslations 7 days
Champion Scans 48 hours | Only SirChampion can upload.
Chao Mian Scanlations Only Qiu is allowed to upload.
Cheesy Scans If I upload it late, that means I'm too lazy to upload it here.
Chibi Manga 3 Days
Chibisuke-Scans 24 hours
Chūgakkō Fansub 1 dia
Cidsa's Scanlations defunct
Citrus Project 24 Hours after I post new chapter on my blog
CLAMP Fansub Only staff may upload.
CLAMP Hitsuzen Fansub Sólo miembros del grupo pueden actualizar bajo el nombre de éste Fansub.
Clamp no Lumiere Don't Upload
Claudia Scans Do not upload!
Clockwork Lies Only Clockwork Lies staff can upload
Clokker's Fansub cada 2 semanas
Cloud 9 Scans 24 hours
Clover Scans 2 days
Colombia Otaku Scans 24
Comic Walker Do not upload!
Comiplex 3 days
Community Vietnamese Translation Groups 24
Condensation Don't Upload
Corrupted Fetishes 72 hours
Covenant of Darkness 48 hours
CoyoMoose 72 hours
Crashed Tea Party 4 hours
CrecentMoon 10 dias
Crimson Flower Do not upload
Cross Dressing Channel Cross Dressing will upload them.
Cross Scans Only members of Cross Scans can upload
Crow Scans 24 horas
CrowCostumation Unless Bird brains from bato.to let us upload, we are always delayed
crywanking Go for it.
Ctrl Alt Elite Scanlations 24
Curry Translations Only spicycurrysauce
D.O.T. Original Banana King Co. Zero
daddy why did you eat my fries None
Daily-Dallying 1 day
Daisuki Scans Manga4indo 24
Dandellion Eternal No Fansub No robar ediciones hechas por nosotros
Dark Angels Group 1 chapter
Dark Dragon Scans 3
Dark Paradise K Don't Upload
darknessz-scan 12
Darknessz-Scan 12 hour
Darknessz-scans 24 hours
darkryuu-scans 1
Dasou Editions 1
Datenshi Blue 72 hours [No Licensed]
Dazaiscans 1-2weeks
DBR-Scans 48 hours
DDProgress Only staff may upload under this account. Upload only to Batoto and group's own Tumblr. Do not upload anywhere else.
Death & Rebirth Essence 24 hours
Deathplace team 24
Deka Scans Chapters are not to be distributed without written permission.
DeltaM 1
Demon-Lucifuge 48 horas
Demone Celeste Team 24 hours
Demonic Scanlations 24 hours
dennô scans Don't upload
Densetsu Scanlator 24
destreytox manga 5 minutes
Desu Subs Cada tanto
Devil's Way Scans 1 hour
Dicescans Kmissmoo and Kendama can upload anytime. Other people, after 24 hours.
Digitize Scans Só a equipe pode fazer upload.
Dikebots Don't upload
Discord Scanlations None
Divine Sanctuary 72 hours
Dodge Town Reads None
DogSpin 1 chapter (not delay for site that we upload by ourselves or approve)
Doki Fansubs 2 hours
Doko Demo Doa Manga Scanlations Not to be uploaded by anyone anywhere except for joint projects, and even that can only be done by their admin's permission.
Dondake yes
Dracaena Only members can upload PLEASE
Dragon Voice Project Do Not Upload
Dragon&Fly Scanlation Do not upload!
DragonForce Fansub Only DragonForce Fansub staff can upload
Dreaming Scanlations Only staff may upload.
Dubstep Drops None
DuMa No quiten la página de creditos.
Dumbnut None; why delay mediocrity?!
Dynasty Scans Do Not Upload
E-Fans Fansub 24 hours
Easy Ease Translation 12 hours
Echochi Scans Remove when licensed
Eclipse 72 hours
Eidenyaku Do NOT upload
EienScans 24 hours
Eimin Fansub 24 hours
Elision-Scans 24 hours
Elusive Flames 3 days; no licenced
Elusive Scans 3 days; no licenced
EmpYreaL 4 hours
Enchantment Scans 72 hours
Endymion Latino no Scans 1 day
Endymion Latino no Scans 1 day
Entropy Allowed but NO LICENSED COMICS
Enzan-sekiManga 24 hours
Erebus Scans 24 hours
Esthétique 3 Days. No licenced.
etc Do not upload!
Evil Candy No licensed
Evil Flowers 2 days
eXDi Translations None
EZ Translations 24 Hours
Ezergan Team None
F4 Scanlator 24 hours
Fabulatics "Do not upload on other sites. Uploads are made by Founder."
FairyScan's 7 day
Fallen Angels 3 hours. Upload by staff only!
False Cherry Group 24 hours
Fate 3 days
Filifolia Team twice a week
Finger Scans 2 hours
Fire Sanctuary 1-2 months
Flayma Team 24 hours
Fly by Yuri 2 days
Flying Pussyfoot Scans staff will upload
Foos Remove if licensed.
Forbidden Garden Not allowed
Forte Atrox Only Amelie and Zippy can upload chapters
Fox-Clan 24 hours
Freewheeling Scanlations None
Freezing Translator 48 hours
Friendship Scans 48h
fuckyoureaders Do not upload!
Fujoshi Bitches 24 hours
Funky Bomb No schedule yet
Futago Shimai Do 7 dni, tylko Futago Shimai może dodawać rozdziały/Only Futago Shimai allowed to upload.
Futari wa Pretty Anon Only FYL, AnonBlack, Tarage, Raukcaran, and KidCongo can upload.
Futatsu no tsuki -the two moons- 46 hours
Futudex Fansub None
Gaarawinds None.
Gajepress 2 day
Galactica Scanlations 24 hours - only Teishou is permitted to upload.
Game of Scanlation 48 hours.
Game Over or Continue Ask them before you upload!
Gamu-Nyan 1 hours
GardenScans 24
GC Manga indo 72 hours
GEPZ ID No Delay
GetBackers Manga Scan 7 days
GHORiZ-FANSUB 24 hours
Ghost Clown Fansub 2
Ghosty Scanlations 24 hours
Ginga Scans Only Ginga Scans Staff may Upload
Girls' Generation Scanlations GGScans Staff Uploaders or 24hrs after release
Glass Hearts Depends on when the mods approve the chapters
Gloomy Gloo Scanlations Do NOT ever share any of our projects without permission.
Go Manga 24 Hour Delay for all series
Goldwish Pond None
Gomasuri 24 hours
Gundam Türkiye 48 hours
gunnm-fansub 5
Guyver Advocacy Do not upload
H&P Manga no Kokoro 24
Hainemakoru Scans 1
Hallsth-Eien 2 days
Ham-Ham Scans 3 days
Harreh Scans 48 hours
Hatayuze No fansub 72 horas
hateuloveu scans 1 week
Hatigarm Scans 1 day
Hawks Please use Band of the Hawks instead.
Heaven of Temptation Only upload by Heaven of Temptation
Heavenly Scanlations 24 Hours
Heavenly Scans Bi Weekly
Hekkan Scan 1 week
Hello Scans Will be uploaded by akacha and Deadly Fang
Helvetica Scans Staff uploads only. This is to maintain the most up to date version of the releases.
helz0ne 24 hours
Heros Mais Pas Trop Fan'sub Pas de planning.
Heru-san fansub 72
Hidden Happiness Oasis Inactive
Hidoi~! Translators 72 hours
Hidra Scans Translations 1 semana
Hikana 24 hours
Hikari No Mori 2 week
Hikaru no Go Translations Do not upload.
HimaHimaSeijin Scans Some arbitrary span of time. Usually no delay.
Himawari-pro 1 day
Hitman Manga Team 1 day
Hitsuji Scans Only staff may upload.
HNK Project 2-4 days
Honeybee Scans 7 days
Horn Team 18
Horoshie Istorii 3 weeks
HotCakes No upload of releases to Batoto or any online readers.
Houkago Scans 24
Hu3Animes Fansub & Scan 5 days / 10 days
Hyaku;Paradox Only members of Hyaku;Paradox can upload
Hyori Tg Scans 180
Hyouka S.A. No Manwha
I Am the Walrus 1
I Love Anime Scan Team Variable
IceCreamStrawbarryFanSub 1 week
Ichigo Ichie Scanlations 72 hours
Ichino Scans 24 hours
IIIIIIIIII Scanlation ONLY Melo10i can upload for this group.
Ikemen Scans Do not upload
Immortal Abyss 72 hours
Immortals - underground Don't Upload, do not copy.
Indulgence 3 days
Infinity Scanlator 5
Inglorious Scanners Don't upload
Innocent Lullaby 1 week
InochiTranslate 12
INP-Mangaz 24 hours
Intercross 1 Week
InuHWowfansub No borrar creditos .
Invisible On'nanoko 12 hours
InYourFace Scans Troll Group; content subject to removal
Irhene Gakuen Community 1 Week
Irregular Scans No Delay
Iskultrip Scans No licensed series
itsuryuu sumi Don't upload
Ivyscan Only Ivyscan staff may upload
J-Garden 1 day
Jaimini's~box~ 24
Japan Square 24 hours
Japan-Fans -
japonanimeymanga 1 week
Jhoms no Fansub 2
Jive-Thru Don't Upload
JnM BadScans 3 weeks
JoJo's Bizarre Alliance Irregular
JoJo's Colored Adventure Irregular
Jojo's Colored en Español Don't Upload
Joke Scans 2-5 days if motivated ; 2-3 weeks normally.
Joker FanSub 10hrs.
JSB HonYaku Feel free to mirror, as long as you include credit pages!
JShoujo Scans Only staff members are allowed to upload.
Juanka Nano Fansub 1
Juin Jutsu Team Only staff may upload.
justforreplying Don't Upload Outside of Batoto
Justice Scans quando è pronto
K/a/nColle Scanlations Do whatever
Kaiji No Fansub Irregular
Kami No Dragon Scan 6
Kamibana Scanlation 3 days for manga, no doujin uploads.
KamiKorosu 24 hours
Kamimisama more than a day
KamoScans more than 42
Kanapesh 1 week
Kanojo ni Kisu Only Kanojo ni kisu can post
Kanran Traduzioni Spa No delays. Upload restricted to users furukawakanran and leonearmato.
Kansei Animan 24 hours
Kappa Scans 5 Days
Karma no FanSub 24
Katipunan Project Only the owner can upload, except for joint projects.
Kawa Scans 2 days
Kawaii Comic Manga No Fansub En cuanto haya actualización.
Kawaii Scans DO NOT UPLOAD
Kbd 3 days
Keen on Boys 3 Days
Keshigomu None
Keta-I no Fansub 24 hours
keydriven Only admins are allowed to upload.
kgbc Scans None
KI Scans 24 hours
KickTheKitty Don't Upload - This is not a scanlation group!
Kidu Scans Only group can upload (joints included)
Kindaichi Lovers 1 day delay for selected releases
Kindle Maniatico Not a scanlation group
Kira-Kira 2 days
KiraKiraBoshi Fansub 1 hour
Kirei Cake Uploads only by staff, unless 24 hours have already passed (because this probably means we were too lazy to upload)
Kirishima Fansub 48
Kitsune no Seiiki 12 hours
KnifehandsMcScans DO NOT reupload my translations ANYWHERE, full stop. These go on my tumblr page and on batoto and that's it.
KoalaYuri no Fansub Cada que pueda
Koi Subs Only staff may upload.
Koimora Scan No Manwha
Kokuyo No Scantrad 1 week
KOMANGA Only KOMANGA staff can upload.
Konnichiwa Scans 24 hours
KoreanWebtoons Only shitaki may upload
KoruneScanlation 24
Kowasu Translations Do Not Upload Without Permission - Do Not Upload Pixiv/DANGAN RONPA Comics
KRA Scans 1 hour
Kuhime Fansub 24 hours
Kurokagi 24 hours
Kurou Ryuuji no Fansub 24 hours
Kururun Team 2 days
Kuu-Scans 24 hours(Must retain credit files)
KxS-scantrad Actuellement en train de rattraper le retard FR sur le projet. Un chapitre bi-hebdomadaire
Kyuutsui no Scantrad Group Don't Upload
L0LiP0P Translations 1 day
La Aventura Latina de JoJo Irregular
La Confrérie Only staff members can upload.
Lacie Scans 24 Hours
Lady Amira Only the Lady Amira staff can upload
Lady Otomen Project one week
Last Vestige Scans 6 Hours
LEC Scanlation 24 hours
Left Behind Scans Don't Upload
Legeremens Fansub 2 days
Lei Scans 24 hours
Lemon Pie Lovers 48 hours
Lemon Scans Don't Upload
Let It Go Scans 48 hours except bato.to; Only Let It Go admin may upload unless defunct
Lettuce no Art! Only YoMismo can upload
Lezhin Do not upload.
Light Novels, Manga and more... Only Ariel
Lily Live! School Lesbians 1
Lince Fansub 1
lingtosite Don't Upload
Llunaplena no Fansub Ask for permission, otherwise, don't upload
Lolitannia No licensed; if joint, follow other group's policy. Only Ustnap, Tensei, and Kuro vi Lolitannia may upload Lolitannia's scanlations. No Waiting Time.
LollistarX Scanlation 24 hours
LOLScans Don't Upload
Lone Manga 12-24 hours
Lone Warrior Scanlations Varies from 1-4 days
Love Livers Fansub Only the Staff members are allowed to upload.
Love2Dboys 2 months
Lovely Manga Only staff may upload
Lovers Dream 7 Days
Loyal Kiss 3 days
Luca Na Web 1 minute
LuffyNoTomo Translations Do not upload.
Lumiose Scanlations 2 days
LunaPieces no Fansub 1 week
Lunarian Occult Archive 24 Hours
Lunoxus 24
Lurajuramura 24 Hours
maboroshi-no Only me (maboroshi-no) can upload
Mabushii Scanlations 48 hours
Mach 20 Scans Don't Upload
Mad Hatter Scans Don't upload DJ or licensed series. Everything else is fair game.
MAD Scans Trayendote trabajos de "calidad"
Made In Heaven Scans Um volume por semana,ou menos tempo,dependendo da situação.
Magomago Scanlation Team Don't re-upload
Mainichi 3
Major 2ND En Español 1
Makhluk Nista Berbahasa (MNB) A week. DO NOT REMOVE THE CREDIT PAGE. (boleh reupload setelah menunggu selama seminggu dan jangan hapus halaman/file jpg yang memuat identitas kami).
MakiMaki Scanlations No licenced.
Manga Cosmo 1 day
Manga Domain 48 hours
Manga Doom Don't Upload
Manga Heaven See desc.
Manga Journey Upload new chapters only by group members
Manga no Kara! 24
Manga Project Unknown
Manga Syndrome Only staff may upload
Manga-Kya none
Manga-Rain No Bleach!
Manga-Sketchbook Some releases may be scans from official publications.
Manga:Code 72 hours
MangaArt 7 days [no licensed]
Mangabandits 24 Hours
Mangabox Do not upload!
MangaBurn Do Not Upload.
MangaChannel None
MangaCow Don't Upload. Joints are permitted.
MangaFan 7 horas(hours)
MangaIchi Scanlation Division 3 day delay. Uploads by admin only.
MangaKaitou Ne töltsd fel sehova az engedélyünk nélkül!
MangakasFantasy Only MangakasFantasy allowed to upload
MangaKids Fansub 24 hours
MangaPubTeam 1
Mangarule 24 hours
Mangas para el tercer mundo Cuando este listo
Mangascreener ?
MangaStream Do not upload!
Mangasuken 2 hours
MangaTR Mutfak None
MangatranslationsUS 24h
MangaZone Do not upload
Mangetellers Author only
Mango Scans 5 days
Manhwa Spanish Scanlantion None
Maniac Checkmate Don't upload licensed
Manjū-Scans 7 Days
Marshmallow Scans No delay for Ichigo Marshmallow, Mato-chan, and Chiro-chan, all others, 5 days
Masked Scans 24 hours
Maso Scans 24 hours
Mattari Upload by myk_
Matteiru Scans Only staff may upload.
Mavi Manga 1 week
Me, Myself, and I approx. 1 week
Megami Fansub Nosotros subimos caps dependiendo si lo tenemos listo asi que si lo tenemos listo antes de tiempo, podran disfrutarlo
Memories of Fear Ask for permission.
Memory Lane None
Meraki Scans 2 Days, only celestialSidonia can upload
Meren-Tim Scantrad 1 à 2 semaines (1 to 2 weeks)
Merlomarck 62 horas
Merry Scans de 3 dias a 1 semana
MFW Scans None.
Mi Manga Don't Upload
MiamMiam-Team Don't upload series licensed in France.
Microman Club Don't Upload
Midnight Haven Only admins are allowed to upload
Midnight Scans Do not upload! But, joints are permitted
Midnight Sonata Scans uploaded by the Midnight Sonata Scans admin (Fuyukichin)
Midnightshojoscan 1day
Midsummer Scanlations 1 month
Minna No Fansub Only Mn-F staff can upload.
MintChocolate Trans 7 days
Mirufiiyu 24 hours
MiScans none
Misty Rain Scans Three Days! Uploader ---> Izumi88, Neko8, Patti ^_^
Miyagi Manga None
Mizu no Kagami 3 days
MJ 1 day
MLFS Do not upload.
Moe-Shit Unknow
Momo No Hana Scans seguido
Moni&Sah 100
Monster Musume Only FYL, AnonBlack, Tarage, Raukcaran, and KidCongo can upload.
Monster No Scantrad We post when we can.
Montblanc Norland Scanlations 2-3 Days
Moon in a Box use: The Moon in a Box
MoonFlower Scans 24
Mousou Scans No posting of releases on online readers
MS Paint Scans 999 days
MSF Team 48 hours
MST 48 hours
MTCS 48 hours
Mucarlie-Chan no firm times
mug8nn_scans Don't Upload.
mugeSlowScans None
Mujintou Scans 24 hour delay
MundoManga-kun LoveMe and Allanravel can upload!
My Sweet Heart 3 días.
Mynd Works Comics Only Alex Raven can upload
myobi Only myobi may upload!
MyPersonal-scan- 24 hours
Mystic Crescent 5
Mystic Iris 5 hours
Mythos Scans Only members can upload
Nagareboshi Manga 3 Days
Nakama 72h - No licensed!
Namassuka Depends on our fapping session.
NanoDesu Translations Uploads by Staff Only
NarutoSasuke Scanlation 1 o 2 días.
Natsu Scans Upload by Shrubbery within 24-48 hours after group release.
Natsurei 1 day
Nature Angel Scanlation No lo suban a otros sitios de lectura online.
NaYu.NotYou Don't upload on other hosting site.
NazeManga 3 Days
NBST Don't Upload
nehnehneji Refer to collaborator's policies
Nein Testament Disbanded.
Neko's Love None
NekoNeko no fansub 6 day
Nemesis Scans 24 hours
Nenufar Project Por favor, no elimines los créditos.
Neo Translation hiatus
NewbieScans 2 days
News Scans 1-2 weeks
Newtype of World 12 hours
NFP 15 min
Nibo ?
Nice Pitching! Only staff may upload.
NicoMaki Trifecta Inactive
Niflheim Scans Staff Uploads Only
Night Constellations 72 hours of release on forum
Nihilsciens Uploads are quite sporadic
Nihon no Manga None - Upload only member group
NihongoRenshuuDan If the man doesn't put it up himself, ASK FIRST.
nikonikonyan 24 hours
nikonikonyan 24 hours
Nimu Manga Do not upload!
Ninja Scans Don´t upload, please / Por favor, no subir trabajos sin ser miembro del fansub
Nippon Fansub 24
Nisepanlations Delayed until a translator is found.
Niveus Noctis Translations 2 Days
Noctis Op.92 Only noctis can upload, with exception of joints
NoName-Scan This is a real Group! Any Releases that have no credit pages? Credit it under "No group".
Noragami FR 1-2 semaines
nosajj Do not upload.
NovaScans 1 semana
NP Translation One Week
NS Scans 24 hours
Null No OP or Saki (other: no delay)
Nuvola Group Only Nuvola staff can upload
Nylon Lungs 3 days
Nyxilicious Scans 24 hours
Ochibichan-scanlation No Licenced
Odamarasengan 24 hours
Odd Squad Scanlations No licensed, case by case for webtoons (see desc.)
Oh, Lonesome Me! Who knows?
Ojou Gakuen Scans None
Oka☆Ken Scans None
Okami 5 дней максимум
Okami Scans Años luz.
Okashii Obake Group 1 hour
Omari's Sister Don't Upload
One Piece Trad Upload by a member of the team
One project 7 days
One Scanlations 24 hours
One Snowshoe 24 hours
One Time Scans 24 hours
Oni Honk Honk Scans 1-2 days
Oppai-Scans 24
opposed Sole uploaders: Scorpian & s0lid
OPStyle Fansubs None
Oriolidae & Sparviero Scanlations 24 hours, no licensed
OSTNT Only Mrvirus can upload
Otakuvids 24 hours
OTL Scans 2 days
Overdrive Fansub Semanalmente
Overworld Scans 72 hours
Oyaji Scanlations Do NOT upload, host or redistribute our projects anywhere. You may link to our project page, though.
Panzer Team 12
Panzerneko Scanlations 72 hours
Paperdolls Project 2 days
Passione Scans 10
Payapaya Scans 24 hours
Peach Butts Do not upload!
PeckhamScans 24 hours
Pedo Scanlations 48
Penguin-Scantrad 1 day
Perfect Illusions 7 days, no licensed.
Phoenix Serenade 24 hours
Pinoy Speed Scans 4-10 days
Planet Land Comics only Planet Land Comics can upload
Pleasant Memories 48 hours
Plot Twist No Fansub 48 hours
Plum City 7 days [no licensed]
Poison Joint 1 day delay for Potion Mania.
PokeNobu Scanlations Only petermueller88 can upload the chapters
Polite People 2 day
Poohz Don't Upload
Popi Scans Group doesn't allow uploads.
Popi Scans Group doesn't allow uploads.
Potato Realm Inactive starting from October.
Potatonator Scans 24 hours
PowerManga 24 hours
Primitive Scans 12 hours (but we upload to some hosters ahead of time)
Project High Fox Only Project High Fox Staff members are allowed to upload.
ProKiJet Don't Upload
PSI Scans None
Psycho Pandas NO redistribution of their releases
PuzzleFansub 1 gün (1 day)
qAlt49yU what's group delay
QGnF No Manhwa
Qing Scans 48 Hours
Quantum Scans 24 hours
Radiant Translations Only members and associates are allowed to upload.
Rain Over Paradise Do Not Upload!
Rainbow Puke Scans 24 hours
Rainbow Scans None
Ramen Queens Scanlations 2 hours but no delay if staff is uploading
Rapeman Scans Uploads restricted to those by Tropod
Rat Hat Scans Don't upload. Unless you're me.
Raven Scanlations 3 dias
Ravens Scans Only admins can upload
ray=out 30 Days / Uploads only by alchemist11
Rayns&Lele scans Only Reluck may upload.
Razuri Scans No Re-hosting. Not Allow
Read Manga Today Do not upload!
Rebellious Love 2 Days
Rebirth no Fansub "24 hours"
Red Dog Scans 48 hours except bato.to
redPhoenixScan 24h
Rem Scanlation 24 hours
Rem-Scan 1
Renai Scans None
Renaissance Girl! Don't upload to other sites or redistribute. Only axioue may upload.
Renzokusei Scans No delay. Only staff can upload, except for joints, or otherwise noted.
Rewrite Scanlation 1 week
ReyZyrout 24 hours
rimyuel 24 hours
Rising Star Scans none to infinity
Ritoha no Fansub 1
RolyBear Press Don't Upload
romance dawn 48 hours
Rosalina Scanlations 7 days
Royal Murders Fansub 72 Hrs.
RoyalRoadLegend Original Releases
Rozik Ecchi 6
RSAScanlation 12 hours
Rulate Project 24 hours
RyanzDesigns 24
ryColaa 24 hrs
Ryuu Shiro Project maybe 1-4 week from english scan out...
S2Scans Only staff are able to upload.
Sachi no Fansub 24
SAD SCANS 2 weeks
Saiko Scans 30 days
saintseiyafan.com Forums Community The delay is never certain, it may take up to few hours to be uploaded, few days or even a week.
Sake no Fansub 1
Sakicow 24 hours
Sakugara 24 hour delay on Delivery Cinderella.
Sakura No Fansub 1 mes
Salty Kisses Shojo Scan Ehi
SalujaScans 1 Weeks
Samurai Moron Crew 24 hours
Santos Fansub Projects 24 hours
Sapporo no Fansub 1 day
Sarang Syrup Allows uploads but ask for permission first
Saranghachi Scans No delay for Batoto
Saturn Scans Só a equipe pode fazer upload.
Sauri Extras 48
Sayonara Melody 24 hours
Scan Eternal Life 5 hours
Scan-Clan Contact group before redistributing of scans or usage of scans in any form.
Scans of the Dead No licenced.
Scantily Clad 24 hours (don't post licensed though)
Secret-Scanlations Don´t Reupload. Release on Batoto only!
Sei-no Scans Members only
Seinagi 24 hours
Senpai Notice Me Scans 24 hours
Senpai Scans 1 day
Sense-Scans 1 week
sensualaoi Do not upload
Sexyboi 24 hours
SG Scan None
ShadowAnimations 24 hours
Sherbet Lemon 3 Days
Shibuya Psychic Research fansub "1 month"
Shikuretto Scans For now, we'll have a 4-5 day delay.
ShinRa Edition None
Shinsori Translations None
Shirayuki Scans 48 hours unless uploaded by staff.
Shiro Nabi 12 hour delay Only Amelie and Zippy can upload chapters
Shirogatari Conforme postarmos no site principal, iremos atualizando aqui.
Shirokuro no Fansub Irregulares. Si compartis, danos credito. Si usamos tu Scan, avisanos y te damos los creditos correspondientes.
Shogun Scanlations 12h
Shojo Manhwa Raws Staff Only.
Shoujo Addiction 3 days
Shoujo Manga Maniac NO hosting of releases on ALL online readers
Shoujo no Kioku 3 x 24 hours or 3 days
Shoujo Sense Don't Upload. For joint projects, please follow the other group's rules.
Shut Up and Read ♥ none
Silent Manga Audition Do not upload.
Silent Sky Only staff upload.
Silver Soul FS 24 hours
sj4iy 24 hours
SkewedS Translations None
Skye's Musings Don't upload
Sloth Indefinido
SnapManga 48 hours
SnowTime Translations 24 Hours
Snowyangell 24 hours
Soft & Wet 1 week
Someone's Scans No delay
Sometimes I Do 24 hours
Sooky 3 days [No licensed or Feng Yu Jiu Tian]
Sordahon 2-3 days or faster when i got time.
Souka Scans none
Soul's Kazoku Team 168 hours (7 Days) or more, only staff can upload the chapters
Sound of Jewels 7 days
Souten Manga Few Days
Space 2 dias no maximo
Spica Scans Free to redistribute releases of all solo projects. For joint projects, please follow the other group's rules.
Spiritfingers8 Scanlations 24 hours
SpotToon Do not upload!
Stand World None
Starboard scans 24 hours
Stargazing Scanlations Don't Upload
Starless Night Fansub 30 dias
Starlight Scans 72 hours
Starry Heaven 24 hours Only SH Scans allowed to upload. Ask their permission first if you want to upload by yourself.
Station 13 Do not upload
Steady Betlog Scans 96 hours
Stiletto Heels 24 hours
Stolen Fansub Uncertain
Stone Ocean en Español y a Color 24 hours
Storm in Heaven Allowed but no licensed comics
Stormlight Don't worry we upload as soon as possible.
Strawberrywhite 12
Studio Anime Fairy Tail Only Studio Anime Fairy Tail Staff members are allowed to upload.
Substitute Scans 12 hours, unless a joint.
Sugoi-fansub 2
Sukebe No Fansub 1 Subimos cuando tenemos tiempo libre jajaja visitamos en nuestro blog
Sumie Don't upload licensed series
Summer Rain "3 hours"
Sunshine no Niryuu 15 days
Super Scanlator 24 hours
superior 24 hours
SuperOtaku64 "1 mes"
Sura's Place Upload by Sura only
Sweep Up Translations n/a
Sweet Indulgent 24 Hours, only Hibari-Tsuna and Pandora may upload
Sweet Lunacy 7 Days
Sweet Temptation Scans 24 hours
SweetLove 48 hours
Sword Art Online no Fansub No quites los créditos, ni robes nuestro trabajo.
t3rribletrio None of their releases are allowed to be uploaded on any online viewing sites.
taga-ilog-scans 48 hours
TAM - Tutto Anime Manga 47~48 hours
Tanabata Fansub Don't upload, no subir
Tasty Kiwi Scans 5 days
Tateami Scans No licenced
Taylor-Nim 24
Türkçe Manga 24 hours
TCMANGA Do not upload
Team Black Rozdziały dodają tylko i wyłącznie admini grupy. (Team Black Staff Only)
Team Black 1 day
Team NoraÔkami 1 semaine
Team TFS 24 hours
Tears and Rainbow 3 days
TeenManga no Fansub 24 hours
Tefox no fansub 1 hour
Tenderfoot Scanlation 24 hours
Tensai Scans None.
Teqq Select "Apathy" in Group instead!!
The Byty Cauldron Scanlations Don't Upload
The DANMEI Project only staff can upload
The Dark Order Scanlation Do not upload!
The Golden Tendons Only staff can upload.
The Infinity Scanlation 3 Days or when Skylar or Turas upload
The Light Sword Cypher Mainframe Inactive Group
The No One Special Translations 1 day
The Queen 2 Hearts 24 Hours. Only Black (Hibari-Tsuna), Gray and White (Izumi88) can Upload here.
The Sylphs Don't Upload - any sites with ad support*
The Two Musketeers 24 hours
TheBastardTeam 72 hours
THELEDIESCAN massimo 7 giorni (Max 7 Days)
TheNiceGuy none
thepeelingpotato Only staff may upload
TheSpinyBackTeam 7 days
Thousand smile scans not stable
Time Crusaders Don't Upload
Time Projection Chamber Upload only by Azket and deflinger_krauzer
Timeless scans 5
Titania Do not upload any more chapters of Akatsuki no Yona!
Tite No Fansub 2 hours
TLR Community Indonesia 1 week
TokyoRuby 💢 1 Day
Tomodachi Scans None
Tono2713 don´t upload
Toothpaste Scanlations 48 hours
Torpedo Tits Not allowed to be uploaded
Touhou Mugetz Indefinido
Toy Fersubs 7 dias
Traduce tu Manga 24 Hours
TraductionsIn123 <12
Transient Mirage 3-day waiting period. Only ♥♥Runa♥♥/Lady Nyx are allowed to upload unless it's been more than a week.
TrapNest No Licensed
Tribuo Scans Go ahead. Sharing is caring.
Trinity BAKumA 12 hours
TripleSevenScans 24 hours
Troll Nation Scans Do Not Upload
TSP None
Tsugutaku Scanlation Group 3 days
Tsuki ~ The world of Madness None
Tsukiyomi Team 24 hours! Please don't upload our mangas without our permission.
Tsundere Translations No online readers allowed!
Turtle Paradise Scanlations 24 hours , No licensed in English either!!
Twin Dragons Scans Only staff can upload.
Twinklelie 7 days
Twisted Fate27 None
Twisted Hel Scans We'll upload asap so no need to worry, but checking our site would be the best
U-Prod Scanlations Delay Depends on Uploader; only U-Prod staff can upload chapters
UIF TEAM: Uchiha Itachi Italia Forum 30 minutes
umamusume.tumblr.com 48 hours
Umi no Neko No Licenced series .No Delay
UMR Scans 48 hours
UnderWorld Scanslation Cuando esté listo
Unity Fansub Yok
UOUscans Maybe a couple of days
Urashichiken 24 hours
Ureshii Hachi Sharing anything you may like but credit it to our :3
Utopia 3 days (english releases and joints), no delay for spanish scanlations.
V16 A millenium
Vaniscans None
Vanishing Graveyard 48 hours
Veni Vidi Dormivi 2 days
Victory Fansub Do not upload!
VisTrans No More
VK FORUM Do NOT redistribute our scans/scanlations on any sites. Only VK FORUM staff can upload.
Vocalations Do not upload!
Voiceless Scanlation Max of 30 per Day
Vonny Scans 1 week
V_ITA Scans 24 hours
Wakaranai No Fansub Only wakakaranai staff can upload
Wasabi Group Ask for permission.
Washokudan Honestly, keep the credits page in. What the fuck is wrong with you.
Watami Scanlation 7 days
Weblations ONLY weblations admin can upload!
Webtoon Live 24
Webtoon Now 12 hours
Weekend Betsuender Don't Upload
White Flower Translations Don't Upload
White Lily Scans Ask for permission.
White Scanlation Only White Scanlation can upload in batoto
whyanime 3 days
whyfalalala 48 hours
Wicked House Translation 12
widdiful Unscheduled
Wildwords Editions None
Wind Fansub 7 days
Wish Tear Fansub Only Staff members are allowed to upload
Within Silence Scans Only uploaded by Yeou
Wizard Scans 7 Days
Wolf Alone 7
WolfScan irregolare
WolfyScans 1 Hour
Wonderland After Hours Only the Wonderland After Hours account and Amelie may upload
woods group 3-4
X.O Scans Please don't upload to Batoto or other manga hosting websites.
Xant and Minions Scans 24 hours
XLG Nothing licensed in English.
Xtaipsetor 12 hours
YadaFast Releases none.
Yakushitemitta 24 hours
Yaoi Desire Revolution 2 days
Yaoi on a Whim! 3 days
Yaoi Otaku Translation 5 days
Yaoi Toshokan Do not upload and share de the download link. Online readers are ok.
YaoiSM801 Don't Retranslate without permission
YinYang-Scans Don´t Reupload. Release on Batoto only!
Yo Manga 24 hrs
yowapeda fans scans updates on mondays and thursdays
yukyehime sub 12 hours
yuNS Translations 7 days
Yuri-ism Do Not Upload
Yurikai.com Don't Upload
Yuuki Megane Scans Only staff may upload
Yuuki Scans 3 days
Yuunyanshi Translations --
ZaaanF ZaaanF
Zephyr Gelecekte netleşecek
Zet Destination No Manwha
Zettai Muri None
ZoboCamel Whatever
Zombie-Stein 24 hours
Zonaanime no Fansub Zonaanime no Fansub
ZSS torikaraage or 24 hrs delay to accomodate quick fixes
Zujids Pandora
[ ] iN dEsCrIpTiOn
[APD] Rulez Team Don't Re-upload Our Scans
[K] 48h
[K] Group 24
[minus] Unknown
[TAL] Scanlations 24 hours
~Shoujonk Team~ 24 hours! Please don't upload our mangas without our permission.