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White Cloud Pavilion

Name: White Cloud Pavilion
Website: https://whitecloudpavilion.com
Description: White Cloud Pavilion is a small business group dedicated to converting Chinese Manhua's into English for your viewing pleasure.
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Comics by Group

Autophagy Regulation Autophagy Regulation
Chang Guo Peng/Chen Cheng
Blades of the Guardians Blades of the Guardians
Xu Xian Zhe/Xu Xian Zhe
I, The Female Robot I, The Female Robot
WANG Guo Qiang, WANG Le Yang/WANG Guo Qiang, WANG Le Yang
Journey to the West Journey to the West
Zheng Jian He/Deng Zhihui
Shen Yin Wang Zuo Shen Yin Wang Zuo
Tang Jia San Shao/Sariel
Unity of Heaven Unity of Heaven
Chang Guo Peng/Zi Nuo Ye
Wild Life Wild Life
Xian Ni Xian Ni
Er Gen/cal


can you give a link to the Autophagy Regulation raw file? i try to check on u17 but i dont know how to find it at all

I wish your injured translator the best recovery possible.  My own 82 year old father just came home from the hospital today after a broken hip ball joint replacement.


I'll have to give you my "Like" here since I don't go on facebook at all.  I started an account at FB at my sister's behest, but found it too chaotic and disorganized to deal with.  I suppose that one of these days I should just delete the damn account, but so far, I've simply been too damn lazy to get around to it.


Anyway, I am really enjoying both of the series that your group has been releasing here at Batoto, so keep up the good work!

Support our group by liking our Facebook page!


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