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Vendetta Scans

Name: Vendetta Scans
Website: http://vendettascans.com
Description: Working On Anything Interesting (Closed Down)

Delay: None

Comics by Group

3 Level Combination 3 Level Combination
HA Il-kwon/HA Il-kwon
Aimer Aimer
Gu Dong In/Gu Dong In
Aphorism Aphorism
KUJO Karuna/KUJO Karuna
Apocalypse no Toride Apocalypse no Toride
Be Heun Be Heun
Jung Jae-han/Hwang Young-chan
Cloud Atlas Cloud Atlas
Clover (TETSUHIRO Hirakawa) Clover (TETSUHIRO Hirakawa)
Tetsuhiro Hirakawa/Tetsuhiro Hirakawa
Crows ZERO II - Suzuran x Housen Crows ZERO II - Suzuran x Housen
Takahashi Hiroshi/Tetsuhiro Hirakawa
Good Luck, Demon King! Good Luck, Demon King!
Team GuJiu/Team GuJiu
Killer Stall Killer Stall
Kingdom Kingdom
HARA Yasuhisa/HARA Yasuhisa
Magician Magician
Kim Sarae/Kim Sarae
One Outs One Outs
Soul Cartel Soul Cartel
Kim Eun-hyo/Kim Yeong-ji
Sugarless Sugarless
Trump (Best Challenge version) Trump (Best Challenge version)
LEE Chae-Eun/LEE Chae-Eun


You guys are the best!

Thanks so much for doing Lessa.  Definitely one of my favourite series out there.

awesome job with One Outs ! keep it up, looking forward to it!

Awesome group!

Thanks a lot for picking up One Outs!

I decided that it was time to throughly thank you for the work you put into this.     Thanks and keep up the good work! Your releases make my day :D

I've just realised I've quietly fell into the routine of waiting for a lessa update every week and Trump update every now and then. And silently enjoying the translation.
So I thought it's time I speak up again: thank you, Vendetta scans, for picking up these awesome projects and giving us new chapters every week :)

You're all awesome! Keep up the great work! And thank you! <3
Ops, I did it!
Hmmm Why can't I visit your blog?
Thanks for the superb quality and speed of your releases!
Vendetta can calm even the greatest Leechers of the world.
thanks for the comment
i'd liike too thank your group for all the hard work you've been doing

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