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Scan Eternal Life

https://www.facebook.com/Scan-Eternal-Life-334875386889702/ Hola Otakus amantes de los mangas nos dedicaremos a traducir mangas/manhwas/manhuas para que uste... 5 hours

Scan Manga Host

http://scan.mangahost.net/ 0

Scan Marley

http://scanmarley.blogspot.it Sito dedicato all'editing dei manga inediti in Italia 0

Scan MH

http://scan.mangahost.net/ Scan de mangás de todos os gêneros!!!! 0


http://sharontssailormoon.homestead.com/scanclan.html Contact group before redistributing of scans or usage of scans in any form.


http://www.scan-dinavia.webs.com #[email protected]


A small 2 man( though mostly one man) crew 0


http://scancarado.blogspot.com.br/ Grupo Scanlator Brasileiro.

Twitter: @scancarado


http://scan-en-efe-aire.fr scantrad française 0

Scanlations Bitter Change

http://shishunkibitterchange.tumblr.com/ Probably the normiest scans around 0

Scans of the Dead

http://hotdead.blogspot.com/ Always looking for translators. Ask about other jobs if you are interested. No licenced.





Scantily Clad

http://www.sc-scans.com/ Watch us be awesome 24 hours (don't post licensed though)

Scantrad Blood Revolution

http://sbr-team.eu/ Team française de shonen et seinen qui fait des manga, manhwa et manhua(le tout sans "s")...


http://mangahelpers.com/s/scantradmk Inactive

Scarface Scans

Defunct group

Scarlet Carnival

http://scarletcarnival.blogspot.com/ We are a small, British, sexually ambiguous shoujo scanlation group dedicated to translating and...

Scarlet Darkness no Fansub

http://scarletdarkno.blogspot.com.ar/ Un fansub que hace todo lo que puede. 0

Scarlet Moon


Scarlet Night Scans

Scarlet Sunrise

http://vk.com/sunrise_scarlet Команда по переводу манги,манхвы "Алый рассвет" 0

Scarlett fansub

http://scarlettfansub.blogspot.mx/ Fansub que se dedica a traducir mangas del género smut, josei y shoujo. 0




http://schin-ken.tumblr.com/ 0

School Rumble Fantrad



https://schotjo.wordpress.com team scantrad fr ! 0

Schwerer Pz

https://schwererpanzer.blogspot.com/ Nonprofit group berbahasa Indonesia and english...
just for have fun...

Scored Manga

A group of my own... doing stuff 0

Scotcheggz Scanlationz

http://scotchscanz.blogspot.com/ Inactive Group


Inactive Group


http://scribbles.moe A group of amateur professional specialists who take a bunch of scribbles and turn them into some... 0


http://moonlightsculptortr.blogspot.com.tr/ 0


http://scum-scans.com/ MiyagiCE's group, now defunct :( known for translating great manga such as DMC and FLCL======...


Scythe GP

http://scythegp.org/ Scythe GP is a scanlator-group, that is working on the manga Violinist of Hameln and have also do...

Sea Cat Scans


Sea of Stars

https://intheseaofstars.wordpress.com/ Scanlation team working on Leiji Matsumoto's titles. 0

Sea of the Clouds

http://seaoftheclouds.byethost11.com/ Webtoon and Manga group.

Sea Otter Scans

https://seaotterscans.com/ Manga Scanlation group working on varies manga. For fans by fans. 0

Sea Salt Scans

wip 0

Seafood Buffet

http://seafoodbuffetscans.wordpress.com/ *bloop**bloop**splash* 0



Sebax-Tantei scans

http://sebax-tanteiscans.blogspot.com/ Tantei Gakuen Q! :) 0

Second Base

Find us on IRC:

Second Hand Scans


Second Saika


Second Son no Fansub

https://www.facebook.com/2ndSonNoFansub?ref=bookmarks Porque los abandonados a su suerte, no merecen morir, Second Son no Fansub nace como iniciativa d... 0

Secret Garden

http://secretgarden-sc.livejournal.com I'm a big fan of doujinshi and in the past years I've accumulated a lot of them. Some of...

Secret Ninja Empire

https://secretninjaempire.wordpress.com/ 0

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