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Ready Steady GO!


Renascence Scans

https://discord.gg/PKkFDuK we are a small scanlation group focusing on manhuas for now. join our discord channel for more in... 0

Rotten Noodles

https://n00dlekun.tumblr.com/ Just a random noodle with insomnia.

Read Manhua

https://www.youtube.com/ReadManhua Check our youtube for more info 0

Rock Bang Gang

https://vk.com/rockbanggang Hello, comrades!It's Russians group here!We used to be translators, but now we are mo... 0


Just good old me trying to finish (dropped/incomplete) manga that I like. 0

Remember Me Scans

Do you know what the Forget-Me-Not flower symbolises?It's "true love".Forget-Me-Nots... 0


https://realyeowang.wixsite.com/scan Retranslation to SPANISH.
Grupo destinado a traducir manhwas/huas al español. 💞

Royal Scan Team

http://royalscanteam.forumcommunity.net/ 0


A scanlator/fansubber focused on the Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha franchise.https://anidb.net/perl... 0


We are currently translating Kaiji into Spanish. 0


http://redlanterntl.wordpress.com/ We translate non-h and h-manga.check out our hentai manga if you want:https://e-hentai.org/upload... 0


https://rosytranslation.tumblr.com/ Fansubs chinese comics. 0


small group filling our free-time with manga translation. 24h

Reimei Scans

Polska martwa grupa 0

Reality Dreamers

https://www.thpatch.net/wiki/Portal:De Deutsche Touhou Community Scanlation GruppeAktiv auf Touhou Patch Center (thpatch.net) und www.to... 0

Ration Skanlation

Polska martwa grupa 0


http://runninginthenineti.es Single person group here to do whatever, focusing on Shuuichi Shigeno's Sailor Ace, among oth... 0


Just a small Scanlation Group out of 2 People

Red Dog Scans

http://reddogscans.blogspot.com/ 48 hours except bato.to

Random Fujoshis

https://randomfujoshis-scans.tumblr.com/ Just random fujos sharing the love. 0

Re:World D.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPcM5pZok1px5yvi4_9-NVg Scan enfocado principalmente a traducir y editar mangas/manhua de Digimon (Aunque tambien podemos... 0


https://www.facebook.com/remscanlation/?fref=ts :v 1


http://rioshiny.tumblr.com/ 0

Ravages of Time Eng

https://www.facebook.com/ravagesoftimeeng/ A group for Ravages of TimeTwo man team: -Clean, Redraw: Atarame-Translate: dvmitto with merc tra... 0

Revelion Yaoi Translation

https://www.facebook.com/RYjamascaemos/ 0

Rem Scanlation

https://www.facebook.com/remscanlation/ Somos un grupo de traducción con el propósito de traducir los mejores mangas que se puedan. De fa... 24 hours

Rooftop Love BL

https://rooftoplovebl.tumblr.com/ 0

Ryuketsu Scan

https://www.facebook.com/ryuketsuscan/ We work every manga we think it worthwhile, always with ethics to other scan and giving a good qu... 0


http://rain-craft.tumblr.com 0

Rainbow Puke Scans

http://rpscans.sugarkiss.org/ Previously known as Moi-xRyu Scanlations. We are a non-profit BL manga scanlation group. 24 hours

Ramen Queens Scanlations

http://ramenqueens.tumblr.com/ New group mainly scanlating webtoons and manhwa of any genre. We welcome joints *winkwonk* (becau... 2 hours but no delay if staff is uploading

Ryuketsu Scans

https://www.facebook.com/ryuketsuscans/ Grupo dedicado a la traducción de mangas con la mejor calidad posible. 0

Random Bl Scanlation

http://randomscanlation.tumblr.com/ Just a one women team that translates BL manga, mostly omegaverse. 0

Rozik Ecchi

http://rozikecchi.blogspot.com هذا الجروب هو للعرب و من يستطيع او يريد المساعدة فل يزرنا و يساعدنا 6


https://ronin.gdn Ronin is a scanlation team. The End. 0

RPS Scan

http://rps-scan.blogspot.com.br/ 0


http://rkrnscans.tumblr.com/ We're a group dedicated to translating RKRN!! OUR UPLOADS ARE IRREGULAR! Generall... 0

Radiant Translations

http://www.radianttranslations.com/ Only members and associates are allowed to upload.

Read My Manga Scan

http://readmymanga.forumcommunity.net/ Forum italiano che traduce i manga inglesi per pura passione! Iscriviti, cerchiamo staff! 0


http://renaiscans.tumblr.com/ ¡Somos un nuevo y pequeño scanlation team en español! 0

Rolling Thunder Scans


Riko no Fansub

https://www.facebook.com/rikosnofansub Grupo dedicado a la Traducción de Manga 0

Rotted one

http://rotted-stats.blogspot.ru 0

Red Fang Project

Defunct. 0

Ryouku Scans

http://ryoukuscans.blogspot.com.br/ Scan Brasileira de Mangás 0

Restoring Translations

http://restoringtranslations.tumblr.com/ A group of translator friends from an old internet forum! 0

Razorex [Scantrad]

Traduction de Manga en français. 0

Red Thread

http://redthreadtn.tumblr.com/ 0

Revenant Contract

A group looking to work on old and new manga and finish them to completion. 0

Random Groups of the Hour

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