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Rat Hat Scans

http://rat-insatiable.tumblr.com/tagged/scanslation A solo translator dedicated to translating Keroro Gunsou, starting with Volume 22 and beyond. Plu... Don't upload. Unless you're me.

Ration Skanlation

Polska martwa grupa 0


http://ratrc.c0.pl/ Początkujący tłumacz-edytor ma trochę wolnego czasu : > Błędy, uwagi? Pw/komentarz.

Ravages of Time Eng

https://www.facebook.com/ravagesoftimeeng/ A group for Ravages of TimeTwo man team: -Clean, Redraw: Atarame-Translate: dvmitto with merc tra... 0

Raven Scanlations

http://kronos.mcanime.net/fansubs/raven_scanlations/5972/proyectos Dedicado a sacar mangas que me gustan y que estan olvidados en español.Publicaciones regulares ha... 3 dias

Ravens Scans

https://www.facebook.com/ravensscans Español: http://ravens-scans.com & https://www.facebook.com/ravensscans--------------------En... Only admins can upload

Raw Crossing

http://rxscans.wordpress.com Till Death Will We Stop... Probably


http://www.rawl.com Rawl


http://info.rayout.org/ Rayout (stylised as ray=out) is a non-profit independent Japanese and Chinese animation + comics... 30 Days / Uploads only by alchemist11

Rayns&Lele scans

http://raynsandlele.wordpress.com/ Only Reluck may upload.


http://www.rayzero.net/ entren a nuestra pagina ahy encontraran las decargas directas ^^


http://www.batoto.net/forums/user/58926-raz158/ 0


http://razermanga.blogspot.com/ Read Manga Indonesia Translation 0

Razor Waffles


Razorex [Scantrad]

Traduction de Manga en français. 0

Razuri Scans

http://razuriscans.livejournal.com Razuri scans is a group that focuses on scanlating mangas and doujinshis. They scanlate shounen-a... No Re-hosting. Not Allow


http://mangahelpers.com/s/rbc Inactive

RDS no Fansub

http://elrincondelshojo.blogspot.com/ Hooola, somos el fansub de El Rincon del Shojo. En esta página comenzaremos a subir los proyectos... 0


http://re-frag-manga.tumblr.com/ A personal project dedicated to re-releasing better scanned/translated chapters of D-FRAG!

Re: Scans


Re:World D.

https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCPcM5pZok1px5yvi4_9-NVg Scan enfocado principalmente a traducir y editar mangas/manhua de Digimon (Aunque tambien podemos... 0

Reachers and Espers

http://trotskey.blogspot.com/ Solo group translating Tokyo ESP to English

Reaching-You Scanlations

http://mangahelpers.com/s/reaching-you-scans A small group spread across the globe. Did various translations for manga including Ame Nochi Har...

Read It Over

http://readitover.wordpress.com/ Beginner, ahoy!

Read Manga Today

http://readmanga.today/ Do not upload! Do not upload!

Read Manhua

https://www.youtube.com/ReadManhua Check our youtube for more info 0

Read My Manga Scan

http://readmymanga.forumcommunity.net/ Forum italiano che traduce i manga inglesi per pura passione! Iscriviti, cerchiamo staff! 0

Readable Scan


Ready Steady GO!



http://www.RealidadScans.tk Grupo dedicado al reciclaje de proyectos abandonados por otros Scanlations y Fansubs.

Reality Dreamers

https://www.thpatch.net/wiki/Portal:De Deutsche Touhou Community Scanlation GruppeAktiv auf Touhou Patch Center (thpatch.net) und www.to... 0


https://realyeowang.wixsite.com/scan Retranslation to SPANISH.
Grupo destinado a traducir manhwas/huas al español. 💞

Reapers Scans

http://reapers-scans.blogspot.com/ Join the maddness and insanity that is Reapers Scans!

Reapers Team

http://reapers.ucoz.com 0

Rebecca's TeaHouse

http://rebeccateahouse.blogspot.it/ Manga scans, opinions and others about Japan. A service made from fans for fans nonprofit. 0

Rebellion Against God RAG

https://www.facebook.com/groups/rebellionag 0

Rebellion Scans

http://www.rebellionscans.com/ Rebellion Scans - Dedicados a traducir y publicar mangas al español...Si sabes traducir, limpiar,... 0

Rebellious Love

http://rebelliouslove.freehostia.com/ 2 Days


http://mangaart.us/ A spin-off group of MangaArt, currently inactive.

Rebirth no Fansub

http://rebirthnofansub.mforos.com/ Fansub dedicado a sacar los caps en español rapidamente recordando calidad "24 hours"

Rebirth Scanlations

http://www.rebirthscans.blogspot.com Scanlating awesome mangas that other scan groups don't realize. or basically mangas we like t...




http://heeen.de/blame/ Inactive

Red Barns

http://redbarns.wordpress.com/ Group dedicated to I'll Generation Basket Scanlations. Each chapter is done by Redex team up...

Red Butterfly

Defunct Group 0

Red Dog Scans

http://reddogscans.blogspot.com/ 48 hours except bato.to

Red Fang Project

Defunct. 0

Red Hawk NEO

http://www.redhawkscans.com A sub-group of Red Hawk Scanlations


Red Hawk Scans

http://www.redhawkscans.com/ irc://irc.irchighway.net/red-hawk


Red Imperial Wedding

In no way affiliated with Red Hawk Scans, Imperial Scans or Game of Thrones. 0

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