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http://rakujp.tumblr.com/ 0

-Rita Fansub

http://www.ritafansub.blogspot.com.tr/ 0

/r/manga scans

https://www.reddit.com/r/manga A group of members from /r/manga on reddit. 0

R.H.L. Scans

https://rhlscans.wordpress.com/ 0

R15 Team

http://www.r15team.net Fansub, scanlation, como quieran llamarnos. Somos un grupo que se dedica a traducir diversos mang...

Radiant Translations

http://www.radianttranslations.com/ Only members and associates are allowed to upload.


http://radiant-featherball.tumblr.com/ 0


http://radiator.skanlacje.pl/wordpress/ Nasza Grupa, pomimo wielu przeciwności, powstała już na przełomie sierpnia i września. Był to tru...


Translating Taiyou no Ie.

Contact: [email protected]

Radio Noise Scans

http://radionoisescans.blogspot.com/ A scanlation group dedicated to manga/doujin releases for the Toaru Majutsu no Index/Toaru Kagaku... 0

Radio4ctiv3 Scanlations

Somos un grupo donde comenzamos a traducir mangas.Se reclutan miembros, contactar a "Nico-kun... 0


http://raep-time.livejournal.com/ Inactive Group

RaG subtitles

http://ragsubs.blogspot.com/ Dead group.

RageQuit Manga

http://www.illukitty.com/ragequit/index.html DO NOT try to scam people into using paysites to see these releases. Please contact us before dis...

Ragged Translations

http://notsoraggedtranslations.blogspot.com/p/about.html Scanlators for hire. 0


http://vk.com/raggle_taggle Translate what we want! 0



Rain Boots & Co.

http://rainbootsscans.tumblr.com/ An upstart one-(wo)man scanalation team who likes sugary shoujo manga. I update as I like. :) 0

Rain Drops

http://vk.com/raindropsteam 0

Rain Over Paradise

http://rp-fans.livejournal.com/ Does not allow hosting of their releases. Permission should be asked.Their policies can be checke... Do Not Upload!

Rainbow Beef

http://rainbowbeef.blogspot.com/ Inactive Group

Rainbow Puke Scans

http://rpscans.sugarkiss.org/ Previously known as Moi-xRyu Scanlations. We are a non-profit BL manga scanlation group. 24 hours

Rainbow Scans

http://rainbowscan.blogspot.com/ ❀ Brazilian scanlation. We translate from English to BRAZILIAN PORTUGUESE.❀ SHOUJO AND JOSEI WEBT... None

Rainbow Sugar Cookies

http://vk.com/rainbowsugarcookies Команда по переводу манги Hamatora на русский язык. Конец. 0


http://rain-craft.tumblr.com 0


https://raindropgroup.wordpress.com/ | https://www.facebook.com/raindrop.trans/ Vietnamese Translation Group.


http://s4.zetaboards.com/raindrops/index/ A scanlation group working to expand your horizon! Currently inactive. 0

Raining Mangas

http://rainingmangas.awardspace.com/ Inactive Group

Rainy Sunday


Rakuen Translations

https://rakuentranslations.wordpress.com/ A scanlation group dedicated to Translate mangas in english and spanish.Projects:- Tejina Senpai.... 0



Ramen Queens Scanlations

http://ramenqueens.tumblr.com/ New group mainly scanlating webtoons and manhwa of any genre. We welcome joints *winkwonk* (becau... 2 hours but no delay if staff is uploading



Random Ass Scans

http://randomassscans.blogspot.com/ Hello! We are new and we are random. Like really. Fuck. I fucked this up. Now what am I suppo... 0

Random Bl Scanlation

http://randomscanlation.tumblr.com/ Just a one women team that translates BL manga, mostly omegaverse. 0

Random drawn comic


Random Fan

http://auwx.livejournal.com Mostly seinen, finishing abandoned projects

Random Fujoshis

https://randomfujoshis-scans.tumblr.com/ Just random fujos sharing the love. 0

Random Manga Trans

http://www.randommanga.cjb.net/ Inactive Group

Random Scanlations

http://www.randomscanlations.wordpress.com Old site: http://www.randomscans.com/http://randomscans.tk/http://randomscanlations.blogspot.com/...



Randy Turbo Johnson

Rapeman Scans

https://rapemanscans.wordpress.com Not the hero we need, but the one we deserve.
Uploads restricted to those by Tropod

Rapid Manga


Rapid Switch

http://rapidswitch.me Infinite Stratos Scanlations

Rapid Switch Extra

https://rapidswitchextra.wordpress.com/ 0

Raptor Scans

https://raptorscans.wordpress.com/ We scanlate stuff. Usually cute stuff.
Currently recruiting Translators and Cleaners!

Raqiya Scans

http://www.raqiya.netsons.org/ 0

RAS Scans


Raspberry Scans

http://raspberry-scans.livejournal.com/ Inactive Group

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