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Qwerty Scans

Name: Qwerty Scans
Website: https://qwertyscanlation.wordpress.com
Description: QWERTY Scans (the first 6 letters on the keyboard) was founded by Korsia and Rei on April 24, 2017. Our main focus is to balance out the speed and quality of each chapter release. We are an active scanlation group that simply wants to give back to the manga/webtoon community!
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Comics by Group

Arrogance and Romance Arrogance and Romance
KIM Seol-Hui/JUNG Gwa Jang
Chasing Star Moon Chasing Star Moon
Miao Ke/Fang Zi Xi
Dawn of the Frozen Wastelands Dawn of the Frozen Wastelands
Kim Jeong-hwi/Kim Jeong-hwi
Dinner for a Hungry Person Dinner for a Hungry Person
Nori to Tamago/Nori to Tamago
God and Girl God and Girl
Chong Chong Jia Jia/Wuya Sanbu
Jump Zombie Jump Zombie
Han Yan/Han Yan
Juveniles Juveniles
Su Wol/Su Wol
Lan Chi Lan Chi
Lovely Again Today Lovely Again Today
Lee Hye/Lee Hye
Milk Tea Milk Tea
Lucky Lin/Lady Monster/Lucky Lin/Lady Monster
Shaman Girl Shaman Girl
The Great Wife The Great Wife
The Minus Touch The Minus Touch
Two Souls Two Souls
Zang Hai Hua Zang Hai Hua
Nanpai Sanshu/Babu
Zero Game Zero Game
JEUL Bah-Sen/JEUL Bah-Sen


Hello, I'm contacting you from an Italian scanlation team, that translates manga. Our name is: Niina's World. We'd like to ask to be allowed to use your translations and your scans. The manga we'd like to retranslate is Juveniles. Whatever your response may be, thank you in advance and sorry to have bothered you.
Hi! Qwerty Scans we are Calmly Look Fansub. We want to ask your permisson to retranslate "Two Playing House" and "Dinner for a Hungry Person" into spanish. All the credits will be for you and we would be very happy to have your permission ❤️ Thank you so much and I'll be waiting for your answer.

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