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http://www.princescans.blogspot.com/ Complete name: ¡PrinceScans!Please notify us if you're uploading some of our works. / Si... 7 days, not including uploads made by staff members / No subir antes de 7 d� as, a no ser que se trate de un miembro del scan


Correct group is here

P. Mistress Scans


P. Team

http://phoebe.portfolio.blogfree.net/?f=1099229 Passione per i manga e la traduzione. Caratteristica principali per questo Team. - Sono alla rice... 0


http://phoebe.portfolio.blogfree.net/?f=1099229 Passione per i manga e la traduzione. Caratteristica principale per questo Team. - Sono alla rice... 0


https://www.mediafire.com/folder/j7xna3asns0qd/ Ah^〜 My heart will be hopping^〜 0



Pabre Scans

http://pabre-scans.blogspot.com/ Spanish Scanlation


https://www.facebook.com/Paikingz Manga THAI Translated by PAIKING

Paint Terk Fansub



http://paitouch.imgur.com/ 0

Paizuri Team




Palmereap Scans

https://palmereapscans.wordpress.com/ We scan the manga that others don't 0

Palooka Çeviri

https://palookaceviri.wordpress.com/ 0


http://manga-translate.com/ Inactive Group

PAM (portaleanimemanga)

http://portaleanimemanga.forumcommunity.net/ Troverete anime e manga in italiano da noi! :3
Nota: Non più siamo attivi; forse torneremo.

Pan Scans

http://www.facebook.com/pages/Pan-Scans/608788562494577?fref=ts Grupo de traducción de mangas al español 0


https://panpa.ca 0

Panda dream


Panda Hero

http://pandaheroxx.blogspot.sg/ A bunch of people that were united by the love for BL. We pick up mangas that we love and on a wh... 0

Panda No Fansub

http://pandawa-no-fansub.blogspot.com.es/ ¡Hola, Panda! Somos un NUEVO Fansub de manga al Español~ Nice to meet you! Todav� a no ten...

Panda Scans


Panda Scans - Spanish

http://pandascans.com/ 0


http://www.panda-square.net/ A german fansub- and scanlation-group.

Please visit us!


http://pandaranda.livejournal.com/ Inactive Group

Pander Nation

Inactive Group

Pandora Box

http://pandora-box.ucoz.ru/ 0



Pandora’s actor

http://pandoraactor.tumblr.com/ 0


http://boards.4chan.org/p/ 0

Panorama Scans

Scanlates Shin Gumiho. 0

Panty Raiders


Panzer Team

http://panzerteam.otaku.animemanga.forumcommunity.net Anime e Manga GDR. Benvenuti nel Panzer Team un nuovo forum per passare il tempo in compagnia som... 12

Panzerneko Scanlations

http://panzerneko.blogspot.com Thai scanlations group 72 hours

Pao~n Scans

A small group for a few projects such as "Jinmen" "Nanairo Kakumei" and "Riso... 0

Paperdolls Project

http://paperdollsproject.rocks Scanlating (mostly) Shoujo Manga for the masses in high quality

2 days

Papermoon Scans

https://www.papermoonwosagashite.tumblr.com A shelter home for abandoned mangas. Currently looking for every single position possible~ DO NOT REMOVE CREDITS


Paradise Akai Fansub

http://paradiseakaifansub.blogspot.com.es Paradise Akai es un fansub que se dedica a la tradución y edición de mangas de varios tipos de gé... 0

Paradise Love Scanlations

http://paradiselovescanlations.wordpress.com/ We are happy to introduce a new group dedicated to our favorite author: Yamada Shiro. In addition...

Paradise Rain Scans

https://www.facebook.com/ParadiseRainScans Somos un grupo que traduce mangas shoujos, yuris y shonens al español.Fundadoras: Rain & Para... 0

Paragon Scanlations

http://paragonscanlations.wordpress.com Currently scanlating Ballroom e Youkoso 0


Defunct 0

Paranoia Star

https://paranoiastar.wordpress.com/ Ukrainian group. Occasional odd jobs in English. 0

Paranoiac Scanlations

http://parascans.blogspot.com/ Inactive Group

Paranoid Insomniac Scanlation

https://www.facebook.com/ParanoidInsomniacScanlation/ Scan de UN SOLO hombre que se encarga de la traducción y edición de mangas y doujinshis. 0

Part Time Scanlation

Turkish Group that translates webtoons and manga/manhwas.Current Translaters:EspioN(The Flow),Cro...

Parthenon Pro

http://parthenonpro.tumblr.com/ A small group working on translating Creamy Mami. Our scans are provided by the group Iscariote a... 0

PAS Fansubs

https://pas.moe 0

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