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  Name Link Description Group Delay


http://reddit.com/u/omegavesko 0


http://www.omfggscans.com/ Defunct"we are a group that is dedicated in bringing you the best quality of scanlations poss...

OMG Scans

http://www.omgscans.com/ Directly from the university's intervals and the weekend's hangovers to your manga archiv...


http://omg.dreamwidth.org/ 0



http://readmanga.me/list/translator/omiko_rene Russian scanlation group 0

Omoshiroi Scan

http://omoshiroiscan.blogspot.pt/ Scan Portugues dedicada a trazer mangas de boa qualidades aos leitores. 0

OMQ Scans

https://omqscans.wordpress.com 0


http://orangetranslator.blogspot.com/ Open to webtoon requests.

Onadoru Euphoria

http://www.sakuracities.com/yaoigames/ A one-man team who posts text translations and scanlations of manga on his site. He has also tran...

Once Upon a Scanlation

http://www.syntaxglass.com 0

Once Upon a Time

https://onceuponatimeteam.tumblr.com/ Il était une fois une team scantrad nommée Once Upon a Time (OUT)... 0

One Girl Scans <3

Traduções de incr veis mangás que foram abandonados!

One Hit Wonder Scans

http://onehitwonder.ucoz.com/ A scanlation site just for the beyblade by takao Aoki. Motto - Let It Rip!

One Man Army Scans

http://omascans.wordpress.com/ O-MAN time for OMAS.

One Man Scans

Just me on my own...

One of a Kind Productions


One Piece AP

https://www.facebook.com/OnePieceAP En los ratos de ocio traducimos algunas cosas :D 0

One Piece Fansub


One Piece Heb


One Piece Trad

http://www.one-piece-trad.fr/ The only group providing french readers HQ scanlations of ONE PIECE since 2005! Currently rec... Upload by a member of the team

One Pilgrim

http://onepilgrim.net/ Fondée par un ancien de la Webco'Team (désormais fermée) pour traduire à l'origine le man... 0

One project

https://oneproject2018.tumblr.com fan de webcomic. traduis My Boo en français. 7 days

One Scanlations

http://onescans.wordpress.com/ Inactive

One Scanlations

http://onescans.blogspot.com/ Nuevo grupo :) 24 hours

One Shot One Scan

http://oneshotonescan.wordpress.com Scanlation duo focusing on one shot or short series. 0

One Snowshoe

http://onesnowshoe.tumblr.com/ Small group distributing interesting and hopefully challenging content.Stop in our IRC channel at... 24 hours

One Time Scans

http://otscans.com/ Because we kept saying one more time!Join our IRC channel for downloads #[email protected] 24 hours



One-Man-Army Scans

Don't bother offering help, I'm to busy either getting shit done or digging my own grave... 0

One-shot Group

A group of people that translating things for fun only. Our first project is "Blend-S" by... 0

One-Woman Show

Onechanbragas no Fansub

http://onechanbragasnofansub.blogspot.com ... 0


http://www.mediafire.com/?6luzylx6l3yd0 #[email protected]


We will be releasing HQ chapters of Tokyo Ghoul:re 0


We will be releasing HQ chapters of Tokyo Ghoul:re 0


http://www.onegai.ch 0


http://simpliemana.com/OneLoVe/ Inactive Group


http://yukulele.tumblr.com/ 0


http://www.oneora.net/ ONeoRa is a group created by the merger of helz0ne/Bulsajo and BAP Scans.


Onepiecefag & Nep Ece




Oneshot's scan

Grupo dedicado a trabajar oneshots. 0

Ongaku No Fansub

http://ogakuradio.blogspot.com/ 0

Ongaku Radio

http://ogakuradio.blogspot.com/ 0



Oni Honk Honk Scans

https://www.facebook.com/onihhs/ Un pequeño "grupo" conformado por una sola persona que se dedica a subir "Henceforwar... 1-2 days


Onibaku manga team

http://onibaku.ru Russian manga translators group who really like eromanga and boobs. 0

Onigiri Gakuen

http://onigirigakuen.blogspot.com/ Forum: http://s15.invisionfree.com/OnigiriGakuen

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