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  Name Link Description Group Delay

Mabushi Majo

http://mabushimajo.com/ 'Gözalıcı Cadılar'ımızla birlikte mucizeler yaratıyoruz!


http://maigo.us/ #maigo @ irc.irchighway.net

Monster Musume

http://monmusu.prettyanonymo.us/ Futari Wa Pretty Anon's Monster Musume division. Originally separate entities but now merged. Only FYL, AnonBlack, Tarage, Raukcaran, and KidCongo can upload.

MxV Scanlation

http://mxvscanlations.tumblr.com/ Sherlock manga and doujinshi scanlation group consisting of Milena, whereismyjohn and B.

Manga Cosmo

http://mangacosmo.forumfree.it Manga cosmo e' un forum che si occupa di tradurre scan di manga inediti in Italia.Venite a tr... 1 day


http://mangabandits.com No Delay for some collaboration depending on the series. 24 Hours

MangaIchi Scanlation Division

http://mangaichiscans.mokkori.fr/ MangaIchi Scanlation Division (MSD) is a small and swift scanlation group, which is mainly now Di... 3 day delay. Uploads by admin only.


http://mangaholic.org/blog/ AKA Beyond Retarded ScanlationHi, we’re just a bunch of weirdos who wants to contribute in the sc...

Mavi Manga

https://mavimanga.wordpress.com/ YENİ ADRES!;http://mavimanga.com/bato.to politikaları nedeniyle birçok serimiz buraya yüklene... 1 week


http://mibscanlations.blogspot.com We're looking for a jp->en translator for Desert Punk.


http://mangarule.altervista.org/blog/ 24 hours


http://misc-typesets.tumblr.com/ Working on Fate/Strange Fake and Foxtail. 0

Manami Amateur Translations

http://noroifactory.weebly.com/ Beginner "group" ran by a single high school student. 0

Manga Domain

http://www.mangadomain.gq A small scanlation group. Actually I am the only member. 48 hours

Microman Club

http://micromanclub.tumblr.com We do scanlations and translations of manga and other materials related to the Microman series. Don't Upload

Manga Diary

http://mangadiary.forumfree.it/ Manga Diary is an italian group that translate various kind of manga


http://www.mangahdceviri.blogspot.com.tr/ Ejderin Oğlu Çeviri Grubu


http://www.facebook.com/MangaWorksFanSub MangaWorks Nueva propuesta que permite llevar a todos, los mangas, manhwas, historias, novelas gr...

Muda Scantrad


Marimo Cafè

http://marimocafe.altervista.org/ Il Marimo Cafè è un sito di scanlation di manga inediti in Italia... Molti dei nostri progetti so...

MK42Dragon Scanlations

https://sites.google.com/site/mk42dragonscanlations/ For Facebook Page: https://www.facebook.com/MK42DragonScanlationsThis ^ is the readers' page,... 0


http://mtoscans.com/ Hmmmmm, nothing, just doing what we love to
IRC: #[email protected]

Manhwa Spanish Scanlantion

http://manhwasscans.rf.gd Traducción y edición de Manhwas None

Mystic Iris

http://mysticirisscans.wordpress.com/ Forum: http://mysticiris.4rumer.com/A fun little scanlation group that brings you the best from s... 5 hours

Mythos Scans

http://mythoscans.wixsite.com/mythoscans Founded to continue scanlating Orpheus no Mado. Only members can upload


http://mojotranslations.wordpress.com 0

MMS Mechanical Scans

Preparing to scanlate Busou Shinki manga and doujinshi.In the meantime, doing translations of Kor... 0


https://mangazuki.co Only Kid-sama can upload Mangazuki chapters to Bato.to

Madhatter Scans


Misty Rain Scans

http://mistyrainscans.blogspot.com/ Misty Rain Scans is a sapling that just grew from a seed. In a new rebirth, Misty Rain Scans will... Three Days! Uploader ---> Izumi88, Neko8, Patti ^_^


http://mnaki.com/ İsmiyle aklınızı alan manga çeviri grubu

Mienai Tsuki


Miso Soup


Meraki Scans

http://www.merakiscans.com We are a small but fast-paced group, always looking for more translators and extremely skilled ed... 2 Days, only celestialSidonia can upload

Mahou - X

http://mahouxscans.com We're a group that scanlates Yankee-kun & Megane-chan by Yoshikawa Miki.



http://miammiam-team.org Equipe française de scantrad, nous sommes les restaurateurs du lectorat français :D Don't upload series licensed in France.

Modern Life of Immortal Demons

Cause we will be immortals =3= 0

Mezzoflation Scans

http://mezzoflation.blogspot.com/ We are new group consisting of just 2 people (robocup and cyaniderain). Our current project is tr...


http://www.manga-sketchbook.org/ #[email protected] Some releases may be scans from official publications.

[email protected]

http://mastersca.nz/ We are a non-profit organization specializing in the localization of Japanese literature. 0

Mixini Studios

https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/10017992/mixini.html “A legally questionable translation operation managed by a world-​weary cynic presently taking re...

MixAM Scans

https://mixamscans.wordpress.com/ Pequeño Scan de mangas/manwhas/manhuas abandonados. 0

Maniac Checkmate

http://unmeinoyume.blogfree.net/ Il Maniac Checkmate ha chiuso. I progetti sono stati trasferiti su un nuovo dominio (unmei no yum... Don't upload licensed

Megchan’s Scanlations




MAL Scanlations

http://malscans.blogspot.com/ Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/MalScanlations

Mis Mangas Favoritos Completos

http://mmdfc.blogspot.com Grupo de traducción de mangas al español

Manga Heaven

http://manga-heaven.weebly.com Inactive.Batoto has permission from Manga-Heaven to upload all comics without delay.All non-licen... See desc.


http://mangakasfantasy.blogspot.com Grupo de traducción español. Only MangakasFantasy allowed to upload

Mach 20 Scans

http://mach20.org irc://irc.rizon.net/mach20


you can read all of our previous chapters at mach20.org
Don't Upload

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