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Murder Scanlations


Murni Scanlations

http://murni-scans.blogspot.com/ A solo scanlation dedicated to mangas for pure joy and entertainment purpose.

Musashi Quality


Muses Scans

https://musesscans.wordpress.com/ A small scanlation group bringing you releases of yaoi and shoujo manga. 0

Mushi Scan

http://mushiscan.blogspot.com/ http://mushiscan.tumblr.com/Diferente de tudo que você já viuDifferent of everything you've e... 0

Mushokuji Scans

https://mushokuji.wordpress.com/ Email: [email protected]
IRC: #[email protected]

Music Room 3


Must be Endless Scanlations

Laid back group with a main focus on Yaoi/BL manga.Seek and you shall find. Hidden by the endless... 0


http://musumetrans.wordpress.com/ Inactive Group

Musunde Scans

http://musundescans.blogspot.com/ Originally formed with the purpose to scanlate Musunde Hiraite by Minase Mayu. We like romance ma... 0

Mx0 Dream Team


MxV Scanlation

http://mxvscanlations.tumblr.com/ Sherlock manga and doujinshi scanlation group consisting of Milena, whereismyjohn and B.

My Life Fansub

https://www.facebook.com/chavezproyect/ 0

My Pace Scans

https://mypacescans.wordpress.com/ 0

My Sweet Heart

http://mysweetheart.foros-activos.com/ 3 días.


The only person in the group: MyNameIsZebs. 0

Mynd Works Comics

http://www.myndworkscomics.com/ An amateur group just trying to do what we love while doing our best to entertain readers. =3 Only Alex Raven can upload


http://www.tehlorri.com/myobi/ >.> I'm a single person who scans, translates, cleans, and typesets everything on my... Only myobi may upload!

Myosotis Project

https://myosotisproject.wordpress.com/ We're a romance manhua group! We might translate manga in the future as well. Our group n... 0


http://mypersonalscan.blogspot.com/ Inactive Group 24 hours

Mysie Pysie

http://mp-scans.blogspot.com/ Two man army. 0

Mysophobic Anon

Just a random anonymous individual scanlating Ten Count. Please buy the official release when it... 0


Guys with capacity who want help to trad DICE in french for community.


http://mysterious-scans.blogspot.com.ar/ Fansub en español

Mystery Science Scanner 3000

http://www.mss3k.wordpress.com/ Just floatin' around in space translating manga.



Mystic Crescent

http://mysticcresent.blogspot.com A group focusing on translating manhua (chinese manga) to english 5

Mystic Iris

http://mysticirisscans.wordpress.com/ Forum: http://mysticiris.4rumer.com/A fun little scanlation group that brings you the best from s... 5 hours

Mystic Mizuki

http://mysticmizuki.blogspot.com/ We are in need of staffs for all positions! Please Join!

Mystic Scanlations

https://mysticscanlations.tumblr.com/ Simply translating and sharing great manhwa ^^ 0

Mythos Scans

http://mythoscans.wixsite.com/mythoscans Founded to continue scanlating Orpheus no Mado. Only members can upload


http://newsmangaita.altervista.org/index.html Traduciamo manga in Italiano! 0

The Ministry in Charge of Gundam


The Misfits Squadron

https://www.facebook.com/misfitssquadron/ Fanmade scanlations for the World Witches series. 0

The Mod Squad


The Moon in a Box

http://moon-in-a-box.livejournal.com/ Inactive & disbanded.

The Moonlighters

http://the-moonlighters.ml/ 0

The Motion Picture

https://themotionpicturefansub.wordpress.com 0

The Mysterious Kingdom



Mainland Chinese Translation Group 0

Random Groups of the Hour

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