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  Name Link Description Group Delay

Manga Fever Ceviri


MANga for Men

Our group specialize in the old-school cult classics, as well as manly manga, with a lot of hidde... 0

Manga Freak

Defunct Group

Manga Gears

https://vk.com/mangagears Маленькая команда с просторов рунета.

Manga Heaven

http://manga-heaven.weebly.com Inactive.Batoto has permission from Manga-Heaven to upload all comics without delay.All non-licen... See desc.

Manga Journey

http://banzaiek.info/mangajourney/ Small group from Poland Upload new chapters only by group members

Manga Kissa

http://mangakissa.forumcommunity.net/ 0

Manga Land Scans

http://mangalandscans.altervista.org/ 0

Manga Library Project


Manga Lounge

Manga Maniac

http://mangamaniac.forumcommunity.net/ Italian' Scanlations! <3 0

Manga Movement

For lazy people... 0

Manga Neko Translator

http://www.seber-neko.net/ Penerjemah Manga Ke dalam Bahasa Indonesia 0

Manga Night

Martwa polska grupa 0

Manga no Kara!

http://www.manganokara.blogspot.com somos un grupo dedicado a la traducion y coloreo de CDOA 24

Manga no Kyu

http://manganokyu.cd.st/ Team de scantrad française. 0

Manga No Otaku

http://manga-no-otaku.blogspot.ca/ French Scanlation Group.

Manga no Sekai

http://www.manganosekaitr.blogspot.com ÖNEMLİ DUYURUKısa süreliğine manganosekai.net yerine manganosekaitr.blogspot.com olarak devam edi... 0

Manga no Sekai TR

http://www.manganosekaiceviri.blogspot.com 0

Manga no Taskete


Manga Noobs

http://manganoobs.wordpress.com We(currently only a single member) do anything that helps the manga community. Always looking for... 0

Manga Pinoy

https://www.facebook.com/MangaPinoyTranslations A group dedicated to translating Manga Series into the Filipino Language.

Manga Pirate

Dead group.

Manga Pirate Team

http://www.facebook.com/MangaPiratesTeam فريق عربي لترجمة المانجا
manga translations into Arabic

Manga Project


Manga Rebels

http://www.mangarebels.com/ Inactive Group

Manga Release Scans

Inactive Group

Manga Scouts

http://www.mangascouts.org/ 0

Manga Scouts

http://mangascouts.org/ 0

Manga Section

Inactive Group

Manga Skyline

http://manga.skyline.over-blog.com/ French group.

Manga Suyu

Inactive 0

Manga Syndrome

http://www.mangasyndrome.blogspot.com Hiatus Only staff may upload

Manga Temple

http://www.mangatemple.com/ Inactive

Manga Tiger

https://www.facebook.com/pages/Manga-Tiger-Albania/824201630974943?fref=ts We're an albanian team. 0

Manga Torii

scanlation group devoted to transale variety genre of manga to Arabic 0

Manga Underground


Manga Updates

http://manga-updates.blogspot.com/ Inactive Group

Manga Wonderland Team

http://mangawonderland.forumcommunity.net/ We are a italian new group born due to our passion to anime and manga. We are translating The New... 0

Manga World Fansub

https://www.facebook.com/Manga-World-Fansub-104314317997/ 0

Manga Yatta

http://mangayatta.blogspot.com.tr/ Please delete this group page. Sorry. We already have group page. İ am really sorry. 0

Manga Yobai

https://www.patreon.com/mangayobai?ty=h As you crawl into your bed, bring a manga with you with the night light on as you fall asleep.

Manga Zone Scans

http://z6.invisionfree.com/Manga_Zone_Scans/ Inactive

Manga! Inc.






Manga-Cat Scanlations







http://manga-fiends.cjb.net/ Inactive GroupPredecessor: Itaintrite & Co. ( http://www.batoto.net/group/_/i/itaintrite-co-r3049 )

Random Groups of the Hour

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