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-menos-FREE TIME

https://www.facebook.com/menosFreeTime -menos- FreeTime. Creado el 28 de Abril del 2010, es un pequeño grupo sin ánimo de lucro dedicado... Puedes compartir cuando, como y donde gustes, sólo no quites los créditos por favor. You can use our work to re-translated to any language just please keep our credits page and don't put your own watermark on our scans, also if you could drop us a comment at our facebook page telling us about your group, well, it would be nice *^*


Please pick WCW up, thanks. 0


Scanlation group working on Korean BL webtoons 0

M Scanlations



http://mmsscans.wordpress.com/ Inactive Group


Inactive Group

IRC: #[email protected]

M.S - Manga Senkai

http://www.facebook.com/MangaSenkaiGroup A Vietnamese Translation Group. Our criteria is non profit. So if you are interested in manga and... 0


http://m3ow.moe ≡(� �)≡


http://www.m4allscans.com.br/ 0


http://mastersca.nz/ We are a non-profit organization specializing in the localization of Japanese literature. 0


Inactive Group



http://www.maboroshi.110mb.com/ Inactive since 2007


http://maboroshi-no.tumblr.com/ I translate anthology comics I like, mostly from the Persona, Tales of, Fire emblem and Dangan Ro... Only me (maboroshi-no) can upload




http://www.mabuns.web.id/ MangaBuntu Scans
Twitter : @mangabuntu
Facebook : facebook.com/MangaBuntu

Mabushi Majo

http://mabushimajo.com/ 'Gözalıcı Cadılar'ımızla birlikte mucizeler yaratıyoruz!

Mabushii Scanlations

http://mabushiiscans.livejournal.com/ 48 hours

Macabre Devils

http://macabredevils.g6.cz/ Czech translation group.

Česká překladatelská skupina.



Mach 20 Scans

http://mach20.org irc://irc.rizon.net/mach20


you can read all of our previous chapters at mach20.org
Don't Upload

MACVazquez no Fansub

https://www.facebook.com/MACVazqueznoFansub/ A small international group of Angel Beats fans who decided to dedicate a similarly small part of...

Mad Hatter Scans

http://madhatterscans.haneuri.net/ A small scanlation group dedicated to bringing you HQ releases.

Don't upload DJ or licensed series. Everything else is fair game.

MAD Scans

https://madscanlation.wordpress.com/ Visita nuestro facebook
Trayendote trabajos de "calidad"

Madam el LePoo Scanlations

https://madamelepoop-scans.tumblr.com/ 0

Madame Fujoshi

https://madamefujoshi.tumblr.com/ 0

Madao Scans

Made In Heaven Scans

Grupo para traduzir a 6 parte do mangá(colorido pela jojo colored adventure)para fãns brasileiros Um volume por semana,ou menos tempo,dependendo da situação.

Made In Heaven Team

http://mih-team.ru/ Russian scanlation group 0

Madhatter Scans


Madman Scans

http://madmanscanlation.blogspot.com/ we are a new group . please join us . 0

Madness Subs Scans

https://madscans.wordpress.com/ Scans derivado de Madness Subs 0



Maelstrom Unto Vivian's Antyhign

http://ngihytna.wordpress.com/ Inactive.

Magaling Scans


Maganda Çeviri

http://magandaceviri.blogspot.com.tr/ Daha çok Shounen/Webtoon üzerinde duran grup. 0

Magatama Phantom Scans

http://magatamaphantomscans.wordpress.com/ Sorry for slow upload. We need japanese translator 0

MAGI Italian Forum Team

http://magi-thelabyrinthofmagic.forumcommunity.net/ Finalmente un forum dedicato completamente a MAGI THE LABYRINTH OF MAGIC, la grandiosa opera usci...


http://magi-scan.blogspot.com.br/ 0

Magic Eyes

http://magic-eyes-scantrad.blogspot.fr/ La Magic Eyes est une scantrad Française qui a pour principal objectif de traduire divers web com... 0


Groupe francophone de traduction pour reprendre tejina-Senpai. 0

Magica Scans

https://magicascans.wordpress.com/ A small not-exactly-a-group that was made for my selfish desires. I scanlate manga that interest... 0

Magical Squiggle Translations





http://magicscan.over-blog.com/ French scanlation group

Old site: http://magicscan.e-monsite.com/

Magnum Scans

Magnum Scan consists of members from the Magnum guild coalition in the Guns Girl School DayZ mob...

Magomago Scanlation Team

http://magomagoteam.tumblr.com A group of dedicated Higuchi Tachibana fans gathered together to help bring you Ann no Magomago T... Don't re-upload

Mahjong Feels



http://mahjongkrazy.blogspot.com/ A Branch of FKMTkrazy that handles all works involving Mahjong that are not written by Fukumoto.


http://mahoikutranslationproject.tumblr.com Scanlating the Mahou Shoujo Isukei Keikaku manga tie-ins. 0

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