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I Love Sensei!

Name: I Love Sensei!
Website: http://ilovesensei.wordpress.com/
Description: A 2-person team formed for the sole purpose of finishing the scanlation of Kawahara Kazune's "Sensei!" series.

Note: Volumes 7-9, and ch41 were scanlated by Kumaxpan but are now sponsored by I Love Sensei! group.
Delay: None

Comics by Group

Sensei! Sensei!


Hello, I'm contacting you from an Italian scanlation team, that translates manga. Our name is: Niina's World. We'd like to ask to be allowed to use your translations and your scans. The manga we'd like to retranslate is SENSEI!. Whatever your response may be, thank you in advance and sorry to have bothered you.
Thanks a lot for picking this project ! It is better quality than many stuff around : ) You guys have good taste '-'
Thank you for working on this. I look forward to future releases.

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