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I Am the Walrus


I eat all

Inactive 0

I Eat Manga

Inactive Group

I Hate the Cold

It's just me here.

I Love Anime Scan Team

http://loveanime.forumfree.it/ Italian's forum anime and manga with streaming and lots of scans to read and download!Fo... Variable

I Love Isekai Scans

We do Isekai shit 0

I Love Sensei!

http://ilovesensei.wordpress.com/ A 2-person team formed for the sole purpose of finishing the scanlation of Kawahara Kazune's...

I Wish Scan



i7 Scans

https://i7scans.wordpress.com/ A scanalation group that works to give back to the manga and anime community. i7 Scans has varied... 0


http://imalo.li/ 0


http://ibki.net/ فريق يترجم المانجا إلى العربية نترجم أيضاً الروآيات اليابانية الخفيفة على مدونتنا ونكتب مقالات عن...

Icarus Bride Scanlations

http://icarusbride.blogspot.com/ 1-person scanlation "team," with occasional collaboration with other manga lovers! I...

Ice Cream Cake Scans

https://icecreamcakescans.tumblr.com/ Ice Cream Cake Scans is an authentic scanlation group devoted to translating and delivering uncon... 0

Ice Kream Scanlation

defunct 0

Ice-Master Scanlations

Inactive Group


http://icecreamstrawberryfansub.forumcommunity.net/ italian group of scanalation 1 week


http://www.ichidatte.com Ichidatte is a Scanslation group dedicated to One Piece manga in Indonesian

Ichigo Aji-Yuri Tendou

http://www.ichigoyuri.com a.k.a. akayuki 0

Ichigo Ichie Scanlations

72 hours


http://ichigo-chocolate-and-cake.blogspot.fr/ french scanlation group

Ichinko Scans

http://ichinkoscans.tumblr.com/ 0

Ichino Scans

http://ichinoscans.blogspot.com/ Ichino Scans:is a translation and publishing group with very interesting projects, created by fan... 24 hours


http://www.ichino-fansub.com/ Fansub dedicado a traducir y editar mangas xD

Ichiroku Scans

Inactive group 0

Ickshonpay Scans

Iconoclast Manga

http://iconoclastmanga.blogspot.com/ Inactive Group


http://www.idiana204.tumblr.com Scanlates Kyoukai no Rinne and other Rumiko Takahashi manga 0

Idiot area expanded!?

http://yoshi-x2.tumblr.com/ 0


https://twitter.com/idkand_idc 0

IDK Scans


Idol Hell Scans

http://idolhellscans.tumblr.com/ June: fairymascot.tumblr.com
Juli: washimax.tumblr.com

IDWS Scans

http://tempatdonlodrilis.wordpress.com/ We’re originally simple members of Indowebster (IDWS) forum. We formed this scanlation group beca...


http://iemonsy.tumblr.com/ The name is Sy, and I translate Chinese to English.

Ifi - Insane Free Illusion

http://ifi.forumfree.it/ 0

Igneel no Fansub




Ignominia Scanlation

https://www.facebook.com/IgnominiaScanlation/ Nuevo Grupo de fansub. 0


http://ihoshiku.tumblr.com/ 0

Ii Shan Ten


IIChan Translation Group

http://iitran.secchan.net/ An inactive group that focused on works by renown mangaka and maid maniac Mori Kaoru.


Inactive Group


http://www.i-scanlation.com/ ~Manwhas, manhuas and mangas in spanish for everyone ;DHail Nettox~ We are the IIIIIIIIII Scanlat... ONLY Melo10i can upload for this group.

Ika Musume Ceviri

http://ikamusumeceviri.blogspot.com/ Translating manga, manhwa and manhua in Turkish.


http://ikahomine.tumblr.com 0

Ikemen Scans

http://ikemen-scans.livejournal.com/ http://ikemen-scans.livejournal.com/1133.html Do not upload


http://www.ikki-para.com/ 0


https://ikkifansub.wordpress.com/ Traducir mangas del ingles al español en buena calidad 0


http://ikosubs.wordpress.com/ #[email protected]

IL Subs


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  • Village Idiot
    We are an irc-based scanlation group.irc://irc.rizon.net/viscans
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    A group dedicated to awesome manga, manhua and manhwa, and always looking for dedicated staff :)
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  • Japanzai
    Originated from Trollscans, a branch of XscansXNew temporary url https://japanzai.github.io/Defunct.
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    The quality scanlation group driven insane in Hel.
  • Tree (木) Scanlations
  • The Company
    IRC: irc://irc.idlechat.net/thecompany
  • 红莲汉化组
    Chinese scanlating groupEnglish meaning: Red Lotus
  • Heterophobia Fansub
    Yaoi, Yuri, Shounen Ai ve Shoujo Ai anime ve manga çeviri grubu.