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Name: Croxx-Over
Description: Other name of Cyan Steam: https://bato.to/group/_/c/cyan-steam-r6815
Delay: 0

Comics by Group

Alice Sherlock: The Rubious Nebula Alice Sherlock: The Rubious Nebula
Nekobungi Sumire/Nekobungi Sumire
Cheerful Amnesia Cheerful Amnesia
Oku Tamamushi/Oku Tamamushi
Futari Monologue Futari Monologue
Tsunamino Yuu/Tsunamino Yuu
Grand Blue Grand Blue
Inoue Kenji/Yoshioka Kimitake
Hinamatsuri Hinamatsuri
Ohtake Masao/Ohtake Masao
Met My Sister On A Dating Site Met My Sister On A Dating Site
Mochi Au Lait/Mochi Au Lait
Mochi Au Lait's Short One-Shots Collection Mochi Au Lait's Short One-Shots Collection
Mochi Au Lait/Mochi Au Lait
More Than Friends? More Than Friends?
Mochi Au Lait/Mochi Au Lait
Neeko wa Tsurai yo Neeko wa Tsurai yo
Rabuyan Rabuyan
TAMARU Hiroshi/TAMARU Hiroshi
Rokudou no Onna-tachi Rokudou no Onna-tachi
Nakamura Yuji/Nakamura Yuji
Supplementary Lessons Supplementary Lessons
Mochi Au Lait/Mochi Au Lait
The Violence Action The Violence Action
Sawada Shin/Asai Renji
Together With Bell Together With Bell
Itou Korosuke/Itou Korosuke
Twin Sisters Twin Sisters
Mochi Au Lait/Mochi Au Lait
Undead Police Zondetta Undead Police Zondetta
Minami Aomori/Minami Aomori
Yuri Natsu -Kagaya Inn- Yuri Natsu -Kagaya Inn-
Mochi Au Lait/Mochi Au Lait


Helvetica Scans has offered to become a foster home for several scanlators. There's nothing on their website but their discord pointed me to mangadex, where new chapters where first released I believe.

Your work here was really appreciated and well done. Thanks! I'll be following wherever you end up next.

Thanks for all the Mochi Au Lait.


Thought I may suggest something that will make you easier to find when batoto goes down



It seems you are uploading to https://dynasty-scans.comfrom now on?

Could you start a facebook page just to announce new releases?

So with Batoto closing up, where's Croxx Over/Cyan Steam going to end up?


Maybe open an IRC, at least?

Thank you for the completed chapter of grand blue!

I hope you have a back-up in case Batoto goes down.

Thank you for the complete version chapter 40 of Grand Blue!

thank you for Grand Blue, you are great man 

PLEASEEE Just take grand blue


Thanks for the effort 

Thanks for the chapter of Grand Blue! I hope you continue like this.

I have to say, there's not many other groups who have credit pages that I enjoy so much.

Cheerful Amnesia, ch 11, pg 09, "who do you want take with you there?" should be "who do you want to take with you there?"

Rabuyan, than you for taking it.

Thanks for Rabuyan keep up the work !

Thanks for the new chapter of Rabuyan after all this time, but are you going to do the missing chapters 15 and 16? The last group ended at chapter 14, so we are still missing a couple of chapters here.

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