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Cross Dressing Channel

Name: Cross Dressing Channel
Website: http://goezvxwfjygekqbapg-isjphyi-bg8daa.blogspot.com/
Description: A group of fans who love cross-dressing and everything about it.
From manga to real life.
We focus on C.D. genre series but we also do bishounen and yuri manga as well.
Recruitment is always open on all positions.
Join the "Cross Dressing Channel" today and embrace the epic Girlish that is girly!

NOTE: PLEASE EXCUSE ANY BAD QUALITY chapters that I(Mazenia) have released as we will do an revised verison, okay?~
Delay: Cross Dressing will upload them.

Comics by Group

Bokutachi Otoko no Ko Bokutachi Otoko no Ko
Frontier Works & KIRISHIMA Ai/Nerisuke
Brocken Blood Brocken Blood
Shiono Etorouji/Shiono Etorouji
Docchi Docchi
Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou Kunisaki Izumo no Jijou
Minami-ke Minami-ke
Miss Boys! Miss Boys!
Kataoka Shou & Sato Sakichi & Udagawa Yasushi/Kirikuchi Karashi


opps sorry about that just letting everyone know. Somethings that we update that doesn't get release quite yet 


avoid spamming here, GirlyBoy.

guess what fans were now making our own manga series, so come by our website to have sneak peek at it 

you guys need a type-setter? because I could probably do it

guess what everyone chapter 50 is out so check it out guys

sorry it's been really long time but we updated a lot of stuff some come check it all out at the cross dressing channel 

chap 49 of  KUNISAKI IZUMO NO JIJOU is out dude!


​Will be out soon it just need's to be typeset that's all

Guess what Cross Dressing fan's. The Cross Dressing channel just release and double release of "Docchi" chap 2 and the first chap of "Pseudo-girl clan q-quartet"

Only at "The Cross Dressing Channel" Your number one source for cross dressing related everything! (http://goezvxwfjygekqbapg-isjphyi-bg8daa.blogspot.com/)

Chap 48 of "KUNISAKI IZUMO NO JIJOU" Has just been release right here guys


yo , we just release another chap of, "We Become Transsexual Idol's"


dude or girl you don't have to ask. of cores you can join. Anyone can join. Thanks you very much for joining our team and re-editing first chap of "We become Transsexual idol's"

 Your on B team with me and Simon-Ho, were the one's in scan group that does that manga

 It's nice to have you on board , i put you our staff list right away.

By the  way i'm the leader of  the scan group and rookie editor and rookie Chinese translators 

Hey do you guys need some help with the cleaning, editing and typesetting? If you want I could redo the first chapter of "We Become Transsexual Idol's" in photoshop. 

Today Cross Dressing Fans we release chap one of "We Become Transsexual Idol's" 

you can read it all at


Guess what we just release chap 10 of Asuka Hybird



Chap 45-47 of KUNISAKI IZUMO NO JIJOU is here guys only at the "Cross Dressing Channel" Whoot Whoot


Here's chap 47  http://www.mediafire.com/?g0bzoj7cb2ayvvp


And don't forget to check us out on face book too! at https://www.facebook.com/messages/100006515924860

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