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Çekirdek Çeviri

http://www.cekirdekceviri.com Türkiye'nin en köklü çeviri gruplarından birisi.

Çevirgeç EAL Fansub

http://cevirgeceal.wix.com/cevirgec 0

C-Side Cafe

http://www.seaofnumbers.com/index.php We are a new group originating from former anime/manga subbing and streaming site Instantz/Inpfor... 0

C1V1 Scans

http://c1v1scans.blogspot.com Mangas everywhere

DISCORD: https://discord.gg/FsW8jEZ


http://c2team.wordpress.com/ Before the group was formed, many names had been thought of and brought out to discuss. Finally,... 0

Cabal Lu



http://cabbit.sigh.org/ Inactive Group

Cabul Lu, Riz

https://www.facebook.com/cabuluriz/ 0

Caca de vaca

http://watashinoyume.foroactivo.com/ Recién nos estrenamos en el mundo del scantrad. Aún asi , llevamos recopilando mangas de buena ca... 0

Cactus Moon


Caek Co

https://www.patreon.com/caek?ty=h "loev, lief, caek"A scanlation group run by one person. If you like my work, consider sup... No licensed

Café con IRST

http://cafeconirst.com Formerly known as "Café con Lenin" and "IRSTLand"~ 0

Café con Lenin

http://cafeconirst.com We're better known as "Café con IRST"~ 0

Café Scanlation

http://cafescans.info/ We are coffee and tea lovers who bring you stuff to read. Come join or visit us!http://cafesc... Contributer: BakaShin, Katsu

Cafe Otaku SS

http://scansubs.cafeotaku.co.ve/ Scansubs, deleitando sueños con un excelente café, un buen pastel y una historia sin igual. De fa...



Calamity Fansub


Caldwell Translations

I'm just translating random stuff that I find and looks cute. 0

Calmly Look Fansub

https://www.facebook.com/CalmlyLookFansub.lml/?fref=ts Grupo dedicado a la traducción de Mangas/Manhwas/Manhuas/Webtoon/etc sin fines de lucro, ¿querés... 0


http://camimonogatari.blogspot.jp/ 0

Calv No Fansub

http://calvnofansub.blogspot.es Pueeeees un grupo de 1 persona traduciendo porque se aburre, fin 0


http://onlytrust5.blogspot.co.uk/# Camellia is a Vietnamese group that specializes in scanlating all types of boys love manga. We wo... 1


https://jaeboj.wordpress.com/ Camellia is a Vietnamese Translation Group that specializes in scanlating all types of boys love... 0

Cameo Tears


Camp Kijuju


Canard Scantrad

http://www.canardscantrad.blogspot.com.br/ Brazilian Scan 0

Candy Scans

http://www.candy-scans.pl/ Polish scanlation group (͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) 0

Canis Major Scanlation

http://cm-scans.tumblr.com/ A group that dedicating ourselves to release more yaoi manga. 0


http://cannighoul.tumblr.com/ Filling in gaps: Tokyo Ghoul. 0


https://www.facebook.com/cansadoDeEsperarNoFansub/ :D 0


Cappuccino Scans

http://cappuccino-scans.blogspot.com.ar Grupo scanslation!! :D 0


http://bato.to/forums/user/128742-capsusingshift/ 0



Caramel Parfait

http://caramel-parfait.blogspot.pt A scanlation done by just one person on spare time. 0

Cardfight!! Scans


Careless Su Jing

https://carelesssujing.tumblr.com/ Disclaimer: A very non-serious solo translatorPlease ask me before translating from me! Don... Only Su Jing (苏静) may upload. Don't upload to other sites.


http://carfisher.tumblr.com/ I (one of us for now) allow our scans to be put up on sharing sites, provided that the credits re...


http://www.carmisama.blogfree.net Creato per far conoscere i manga inediti in italia. 0




http://casanovaediting.blogspot.com/ back from the dead

Cash Money Chiyo

http://cashmoneychiyo.tumblr.com/ We translate Gekkan Shoujo Nozaki-Kun to English.Comprises the following scanlators:- RhapsodyInB... 0

Cassiopée Scantrad

https://cassiopeescantrad.wordpress.com/ French team of scantrad.

Team de scantrad française, tout genre confondu.

Casual Mangas

http://casualmangas.blogspot.com/ This is a group for people who casually want to release a chapter on their own or help someone el... 0


https://bit.ly/casvalsubs a fan translator group which presently translates chinese manhwas to english. support the authors... 0


http://catscanlations.tumblr.com/ Two friends who will probably not translate a whole lot of manga. 0

Cat Chan Scans

Inactive Group

CAt on Mars

http://ccatsonmars.blogspot.com.tr/ 0

Cat Professor Scans

http://mangahelpers.com/s/cat-professor-scans 0

CAT Scans

http://thecatscans.com/ Are you mad about manga? Then you've come to the right place! Let our feline experts diag... 12 hours

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