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#1888945 Still here!

Posted by Visitor on 18 June 2019 - 08:43 PM

I have always been just visiting. It's my purpose, I would say.

#1711177 [RP] DANMACHI

Posted by Visitor on 26 January 2016 - 09:24 PM

Go'on Preach



It could be said, that warning signs exist, and with good reasoning too. For those who dare to ignore them, who are they to ignore what troubles would soon be before them? To a discarded eye, a knife! A sword! Death follows shortly. Go'on, perhaps, was riddled with that thought.

"Huh, well what do you know. Guess it was an honest warning. Wahaha!" He broke out, seemingly amused by the situation they had no sooner found themselves in. But, present peril aside, just what were they? This would be group, this misappropriated troupe. Go'on himself doubted the importance of his attendance, and doubted the firm connection between everyone in audience. No sooner did he think, did he begin to scan the area. No, not so much surveying the many skulls around him, nor the skeleton up front.. he was scouting, trying to figure out those he would soon have to trust.


"Laughable, huh?"

She was the first one to address him, and appeared to be the de facto leader of sorts. Whoever she was. Tama. She seemed aggressive--pushy. Much like a child who wants just about everything. Go'on would give her a spanking, if she so asked for it. Having dragged along her teammates, rather than convincing them to join together, Go'on severely doubted the foundation of trust built amongst the trio before him. No more evident was this truth, than in the face of Reuben, who, having been ransacked and ragdolled about, found himself fed up with everything, running off to take the headless skeleton on his own. Another character to keep an eye on, for sure. Go'on found the idea of a zombie fighting off against a skeleton to be humorous, and so did his pencil and paper, to which he began to scribble away.



I am the Crooked Man,
Who twists and turns
And bends to every man’s whim
There is no bone left in my body 
That belongs to me


Another rendition was complete. 

Lastly, he turned his attention to Samson, who had unfortunately became Tama's next victim. He hadn't thought much of him, but considered the man to be a shrew, no less. Anyone folding under that woman's hand was bound to fall to that fate. Still, Go'on recognized the threat before them, and willingly threw himself forward. Whereas the others decided to focus on the skulls, Go'on rushed in to aid Reuben, as the two would take on the mace wielding menace.

"Ah, say.. you there! What did you think of the sign, it was silly, no?"

#1708455 [IC] Genesis - A Re: Monster RP

Posted by Visitor on 23 January 2016 - 07:41 PM

Day 3 and, perhaps, your last

It should be fair to say, that if the semi-uneven terrain within the cave was hard to traverse in, then the outside world would be no different. Least, for Jiji, anyway. But all his efforts were forced unto that error, and he truly did try his best. Whatever his best was, at the time. Trouble lurked around every corner in this unsuspecting world, and Jiji could grasp a sense of that, too. It would make sense that the weakest of litter would stick in groups. Or perhaps, most dysfunctional. Would Jiji find himself pondering at the thought? Unlikely. He hadn't had the need to. Or time. The ground beneath them grew softer with each incline down this unmanned road. Moist, too. Had one of the Goblins wet themselves? No, unlikely. There was no Goblin in their group capable of such a spill, and Jiji himself knew of their, at least, neutral limitations. The simple truth was that they were in an entirely different environment, and that they needed to adapt. This was the Vasyugan Marsh.


Jiji was the first to familiarize himself with the land, through a series of mishaps involving the crossing of his feet, and his natural unbalance. For much of their journey, mud and soil caked the Goblin's frame.. and unfortunately, some strays found their way unto others. Would they mind? For the third time, unlikely. But then again, what did Jiji know? What did he know?? 

He did know one thing. Bob was most certainly a coward. Yes. A big baby. The weaker of the four. He was even more so evident to this fact, upon seeing Bob's startled form, who, upon stepping on a branch, reclined into Jiji for support. Not a wise move, mind you. The two soon tumbled, separating themselves from the once unified pack, taking a detour elsewhere down the road. This time, it truly was not Jiji's fault. Would he find relief in the thought? An unlikely suggestion, and the fourth. Four was certainly enough. Yes, four. It was the exact number of Horned Rabbits they had found themselves swarmed by so suddenly. Or was it three? Perhaps the fourth one ran off, seemingly frightened by the rolling mass of mud and Goblin kin, a combined effort of Jiji and Bob, certainly. Maybe. Perhaps. Likely so.


All the same, the two had found themselves in a grave situation. With little to go on, and a fearful companion alongside him, Jiji knew he was out matched. But, what could he do? How would he survive? What was more important, eating, or surviving? If he could eat, then he could survive... on the other hand, if he couldn't survive against his newfound foes, then he wouldn't be able to eat. What a situation. Jiji decided upon life. If he planned to escape, then the idea behind his strategy was pretty simple; he'd shake the moss and mud he collected along the way off of him, and blind the deadly little bunnies. Maybe make a break for it, too. But, what of Bob?

Ah well, we didn't really like Bob anyway.

#1707004 [OOC] DANMACHI

Posted by Visitor on 20 January 2016 - 09:23 PM

Will 'attempt' a post today
Since Tama forcefully dragged and kicked them into the tunnel and followed after them, I'll make note of your characters presence, Visitor, as if he said that after he followed them into the tunnel and after they (Samson and Reuben) have stopped flying/rolling. Don't want to retcon anything just to have them encounter him before getting kicked in lol.


Posted, I also did a force introduction mention to make things easier for the four of them later.

Oh, you're so nice to me.
I'll likely have a post up tomorrow.

#1706566 [OOC] Genesis - A Re: Monster RP

Posted by Visitor on 20 January 2016 - 01:59 AM

still no update for AWA and Mu? Oh well.

Both our groups will most likely have an update by tomorrow. Tres did say he was busy, after all. He's probably pullin' his hair out right now, stressin' over the fact that he isn't giving us our healthy dose of hourly updates, much like he's so regularly done. He must have a lot of hair.

#1705431 [IC] Genesis - A Re: Monster RP

Posted by Visitor on 17 January 2016 - 11:11 PM


Day 3, an unresolved conflict through which mud, sweat, and other bodily fluids are dispersed. Keep your mouth closed, hands and feet inside the ride at all times. Thank you.

It was fun. Fun. F-U-N. Just what was it that was so fun? Jiji couldn't tell you. He couldn't tell you, or anyone, anything! The poor Goblin struggled with words, after all. It just seemed right to consider his feelings at the time to be genuine, as Jiji was neither happy nor sad. And yet, very content. Rather than falling into the group of Goblins and being rendered vegetated by what onslaught might have come from them.. instead, Jiji found himself wrestling with a sense of security. Tok did end up disregarding his foolishness, after all. Lo, just the same, too. In the end, Bob and Kaga made for manageable sparring partners. And, while not necessarily stronger than the others, Jiji did have a lot going for him, what with his near toughened body and inadvertent ability to dodge hits through his own clumsiness. Well, the others were clumsy too, but for Jiji, this was a blessing all the same. 

That looks like fun.

How long had the three been there? Jiji could not tell. Much too integrated in smashing his face against his fellow kin, he had failed to notice the dwindling numbers in the base. Or even the growling of his competitor's stomachs--let alone, his own. Had it not been for the rather intrusive cry of another Goblin, perhaps that would have never been subject to change.

"I Zeru! Who Hungry! Who want food! Come to Zeru! Zeru help! Zeru Hunt!"

He, was Zeru. Jiji had come to learn of that. Without much indication, or even a reason as to why, Jiji knew the importance of "Zeru". It was the Goblin's name, after all. He was born with it. Without so much as sharing a glance over at Bob and Kaga, he was sure that they had names, too. He had one too, didn't he? He could almost instantly confirm it. "Jiji" he mumbled flatly, shrugging off the cowardly antics of Bob, who had come to find his backside for support. It was clear that Bob was weaker than him. Jiji was the stronger of the two. If that much made sense, then it was only natural that Jiji had some sort of divinity above him. That was the law of the land, after all. He didn't press on the matter much longer. Again, did his stomach growl and curse out, a clear testament to the feelings that he gathered from the soul of Zeru's short speech. He was hungry. He had to eat. Without food, he would have no energy. No energy, no life. Jiji needed life.

Jiji. Jiji. Jiji. Jiji. Jiji. Jiji. Jiji. Jiji. Jiji.

He decided to drag along Bob (and Kaga) with him toward Zeru, who seemed like he had the surest idea on how to obtain food. In a matter of seconds, the three exchanged names, with Jiji waiting until the very end. If anything, Jiji was sure of the importance of self. No, his name. He was Jiji, and there was no one else. Above all, he had to be sure that everyone knew of this self"Jiji. Jiji" he would grumble, before going into a short rant filled with grunts and the audible flare of his nostrils. Seemingly content, he nodded... forgetting to maintain his balance and toppling over, landing head first into the ground. He dared not to move from there, trying to balance himself on two feet certainly was tough. Why didn't it bother him when he was wrestling before? Jiji, with a sense of thought, would have been dumb-founded. Except, he was not. He was neither pensive or confused. He was simply, Jiji.

#1702122 [OOC] Genesis - A Re: Monster RP

Posted by Visitor on 12 January 2016 - 09:03 PM

Just started reading this about a week ago. I'll probably give this a try.

#1701590 [RP] DANMACHI

Posted by Visitor on 11 January 2016 - 11:14 PM

Go'on Preach




Much like a child whose parent hadn't come to the "Bring Your Familia To The Dungeon" dance, Go'on was left feeling isolated, but not so much ill-treated. It wasn't that his Deity didn't want to go.. it was, more so, that he couldn't. The very idea of a Deity, left limited and unable to go where he pleased seemed intolerable, and yet, such a Deity existed.  Go'on gave a small chortle at the thought. "Hihoho~"  But Kuebiko was a rather understanding, if not all too understanding Deity. He was sure that the Deity was feeling the shared emptiness, and thought to write of the wholesomeness he felt from the Familia gathered around him. It was appropriate. Certainly he thought so. Pencil and paper in hand, Go'on took a glance around himself, and then proceeded to express his thoughts in the written word. 



Little vermin,
Creature of the little world
You’re happy, aren’t you?


His feelings were complete. 


The very thought of traversing through the Dungeon, a domain so full of secrets and things unbeknownst to the common eye was certainly something to take in. Not so much the idea of peril, but more so, the idea that there was just so much to learn from within. Go'on had certainly thought so. Regardless, those who wished to tread through the indiscernible would be facing a threat less common than those dealt with above ground; Monsters. And, while he had heard much from Kuebiko about them, he was quite unsure of what to expect. Perhaps it was that thought alone that had saved him, or rather, misdirected the illness of its initial purpose. Standing before him were many unfamiliar faces, that very feeling of uncertainty having been shared throughout each of them.  Go'on had heard many things about the other Familia -- namely the bad things, but gossip almost never left the tongue without a sour thought. He had prepared himself, and thought it best to see for his own eyes what the other branches were like. Surely, it would ease the feeling of strangeness in his heart, as this was quite a heavy feeling to him, at the time. The very thought alone had left him quite anxious. 


And yet, he had many options. The others decidedly took to the entrances left before him. Some were rather simple in design, others, implying the idea of pure dread. It was laughable, and yet, it left Go'on curious. "The skull is merely a means of a front, isn't it? It's blatant design must be meant to test the mettle of us Adventurers! Bah, I willingly accept that challenge." 

It had seemed as if he wasn't so wrong in his decision, as the folks up ahead had formed a trio, though, it seemed unwillingly. Musing over the thought, he took a step forward, his arms outstretched invitingly, as he made his presence known to the troupe.


"Typically, a sign like this would mean danger, huh? I'd say it's laughable, wouldn't you lot' agree?

#1698654 [OOC] DANMACHI

Posted by Visitor on 08 January 2016 - 03:06 PM



And yes, I did write that poem.

#1695788 [OOC] DANMACHI

Posted by Visitor on 04 January 2016 - 08:25 AM

I'm only joining this RP to save up 800,000 Valis so I can buy a house.

#1623324 Shin Megami Tensei - Persona: Verity

Posted by Visitor on 21 July 2015 - 02:33 AM

Go get em', Tiger.


#1463502 The RP Lounge

Posted by Visitor on 23 January 2015 - 02:52 PM

There are quite a few RPs in nascent stages here.


If you don't have a problem jumping in the middle check out Crimson Century Gm'ed by Pitou/Katia and Mors.


There is always Sanctuary and Naifu welcomes with open arms and hidden daggers x)


Faybou restarted Falling Skies as a new revamped Shattered Skies.


Then there is Britza and his Ars Magica inspired Hexscape.


There is also Rise of Nations by Anima but don't bet your house on it xP


Also, soon Naifu would be bringing a new RP to board, keep your eyes peeled for that too. You'll be spoilt for choices, I guess XD

There is also One pieced inspired Armada by Joker/Unbelievably Majestic. Dunno about its current acceptance stance.

Most of these sound good, and I do think I'll be gravitating toward CC, and pretty much any of Naifu's conceptions. Maybe Shattered Skies will be just as good, too? I'll start looking.

#1365505 Sanctuary [OOC]

Posted by Visitor on 20 September 2014 - 08:46 PM

Well, I suppose this is the time where I say, "It's now or never." I think I'll be rejoining the cast, soon.

#1362732 [RP] Unforgiven - The Sinner's Ball

Posted by Visitor on 15 September 2014 - 06:40 AM


Sed The Dog

A Dog by any other name



"This crowd is maddening... They seek the show of blood."


Through the deafening roar of the crowd, and amidst the rather cheery disposition of the announcer[Zapp], sounds unrelatable gave way into near deafening ears. Of course, this sort of digression meant nothing for a man, who, at this point, had decided to cast off even his humanity, as the bristles of hair at the nape of his neck stood erect, and the creaking of his bones were spent on his entire movement, having made his way to round another corner of the arena.  Soon, he was expected to put on a display for the bloody thirsty demographic, as well.

"It's much too loud."

This sort of sport was anything but humane, though of course, Safety in itself, had always been home to things irregular, and vile. From the choice of the populace, to the layout of the facility, Safety has always been known as hell amongst earth. And it was rightfully so to declare this. After all, there was no other place than here, that Sed deserved to be. It was also rightfully so to liken this blood sport to a sense of redemption as well, though outside of Sed's case, this was nothing more than a means of function, yet so brutal in nature, too. Violence was unnecessary. The vicious cycle of death would haunt him forever more, it would seem.


Having narrowed his way through the thicket of twists and turns, Sed had hoped that in this time, he would be allowed the slate of unworn hands. He had hoped to avoid much of a fight. Murder, while such a casual thing to him, had grown to be increasingly frightening. And, though the remark of his killer instincts denied this fact, ample hands that were once ready to strike, legs that were once ready to leap and be nimble... Crumbled beneath the idea of slaughter. His knees, buckled together, until the stability of his caved in, and he found himself propped against an adjacent wall, where an unsteady palm lifted and searched for his beating heart. 

"Huff... Huff -- Ack!", Sed wailed and gave out, in a series of panicked coughs and barks, doubling over once more, until his hands met beneath him, balancing his foundation at the pavement below. The earth was warm, and reverberated with irregular frequencies, most likely due to the roar of gunfire, screams, and the clashing of weaponry, overhead, yet the buzzing at his head seemed to drown out the nature of that sense.


Why must I live through this?!!


He gave a pound at the earth in defeat, before clutching the now bruised fist, and contouring to the right. And then the left. But there was no avoiding this now, he had realized. Seating himself up, perhaps he had come to this discovery through the pain of torn knuckles, eyeing the bloody, thick joints before turning his hand over, and emptying his palm. The tear of flesh, and other wounds remained stretched amongst his mitt, a constant reminder that, if not now, there was once a time, where he considered himself a beast. And though still reluctant, he had at least gave in to the sickening thought. Disregarding present injury, Sed propped himself up, granting a wince in pain, before aligning himself at his feet. Taking a look over the welcoming crowd, Sed found himself remarking over the fact that the freedom of their comfortability made him feel increasingly small. 


And then, with a burst of character, Zapp spectated once more. He was rather excited, it had seemed.


“Alright now let’s see how Anaconda is doing! Faced with her mechanical foe she decided to do…nothing at all!” 


"Perhaps next time she should try not running directly into her enemy’s line of fire. Oh, but what’s this? Another newcomer has arrived,


 “But will this…Sed decide to help or ignore his fellow new inmate? Let’s find out.”

The spotlight had found its way upon him. Sed, who had been completely mesmerized by the volume of the crowd, had now found piercing eyes and thoughts upon him. Feeling quite out his center, he withdrew an inhale, only for the following action to be carried out rather poorly, resulting in the mass of coughs and spittle which left his mouth agape and throat raw. He was sure that he had lost about 70% of the attention from the crowd, as not only was he unappealing, they had their sights set on the action, as well.
It was Anaconda, a warrior whose skin was as tight as it was battle worn. Having had crossed paths with another one of the facilities crude war machines, this one being the XJ7, Anaconda ended up riddled with bullets, though they only seemed to do more good than harm from the looks of it. Secondary input from a rusty degenerate would have done her no good, and it had seemed that she would go on to dismantle the lethal contraption by herself. The crowd had gone wild.
"I guess it can't be helped... A woman like that is action and excitement in itself. I'm gettin' old", he confessed flatly.
Having noticed the lack of fear or dreadful tone in her disposition, Sed was ready to drop to his knees once more, having felt overwhelmed by the thought of this woman. She was smiling. But, how so? How could she, here in this forsaken place of anguish, find joy in the deliverance of pain onto others? 
"Whereas I have found fear in these dark and twisted battles, it seems that even someone like you exists, with longing for enjoyment. I admit, it's beautiful. That look upon your face, it's genuine, isn't it? That grin that you wear across those lips... You are really happy, aren't you?"

#1281014 Sanctuary [OOC]

Posted by Visitor on 13 June 2014 - 05:54 AM

Haha! Look who went and didn't die. Amazing.
I suppose... In the end, the world is not yet over, and there are still more buttons to be pressed.