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In Topic: Batoto will be closing permanently

19 January 2018 - 10:50 AM

It's the second time I comment here.
Well, I could say this is goodbye to you, batoto, and me. Please take some rest, and take care. Actually before seeing the announcement, I've already made up my mind to stay away from both whole smartphone and internet things for some long time and when I see the announcement, I think I will do it at the same time this site completely goes down. Like, yeah... when I realized my life have been trapped in this artificial world, I shut myself from social life, did not do any improvement and just staaaaaaring into my smartphone and notebook screen. It sure is convenient, it made my life easier. Internet and this stupid machine (my smartphone) have mooostly anything I want. Through it, I can freely read manga without even bought it, I can easily order food by it, I can purchase anything without going an inch from my room, etc. Lol, somehow it's like I'm decieving myself that I'm having fun and I'm okay but actually not. My life have become dull, I'm just bored of anything already but didn't have enough courage to leave this easy and convenient but fake life. Yeah, I know that the first step always hard and frightening, I worried so much about the troubles might have come when I'm leaving my comfort zone but I don't want this become routine, I don't want to waste any time more than this, so, I have to put it to the end. I need to live my life fullestly, enjoy, and be grateful of it. So, I just wanna say this to you: Let's take some little detour and set a new journey. I hope from stopping at doing something, we can see something new and widen our world. Goodbye :)


In Topic: Batoto will be closing permanently

11 January 2018 - 09:17 PM

Man this makes me so sad. It’s not just a place to read manga, it’s a place to DISCOVER manga, and a place to follow all those small weird groups and series with irregular releases. It’s a place where you can find something with three releases from 2011, follow it, and then 4 years later find that someone have started scanlating it again and it was just as awesome that you first thought. How I will be able to follow all those from now on, I have no idea. :(

In Topic: Batoto freezes 1-5 seconds before the ads load on every non-comic page

08 November 2017 - 12:55 PM

It was pretty okay today at work but on the cellphone over the work WiFi it’s the same. I haven’t clocked it but it’s like 5 seconds before you can browse, before the ads appear.