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#1793723 [OOCD] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 16 May 2017 - 11:38 AM

Fae = Winged Elf

Vampires = Goblin-sized Vampire

Ghoul = Goblin-sized Zombie

Elemental Lord = Ben Grimm from the Fantastic Four.


Holy Crap! Goblin-sized?!


This is amazing.

#1793198 [OOCD] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 12 May 2017 - 04:10 PM



Ooo, I got a lot of options there. Nice. :3

#1793197 [RPG] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 12 May 2017 - 04:06 PM


With a flash of light Frisk felt his face hit the ground. He was surprised to find that he was somehow face first in some deep and lush grass, and not the dirty tavern floor he had expected. It seemed his friend had done something very strange. He scrambled to his feet and took a look around, eyes wide in awe. He was outside! Out in an orchard with all sorts of trees. They were amazing. All shapes and sizes of trees. Some, towering up above in the far distance, would have reached to the top of the cave and then some. Other trees were small enough, with tiny colourful versions of regular fruits, that he could put the entire tree in his mouth if he were so inclined. Frisk, of course, was inclined towards doing such a thing. He ate a fist full of apple trees.

Picking a tree trunk from his teeth Frisk continued to explore this wondrous new place. He saw splashes of colour all over the place, almost as if some mad painter had taken it upon themselves to paint the entire world and hadn't been able to decide where to start, or what sort of theme they wished to go for. There was a bright and beautiful little pond that should have been the nicest place Frisk had ever seen, except it was all black and white with ominous splashes of red on the ground. He chose not to go there.


A vibrant green hill nearby had a long yellow-gold streak tapering to the tip and over into the unknown world, looking almost like a path of some kind. Or a road. A yellow road? Strange. Frisk chose not to follow it and instead got down to the important business of happily imitating a fluffy, poofy, wispy, frog-like creature as it hopped around a field of gigantic sparkling diamond dandelions. He bounded around, leaping up to try and catch a mouthful of those sparkly orb-like plant heads but fell inevitably short. Eventually he got tired of it and ate the candyfloss frog instead. It tasted of dust, trapped in a midday sunbeam, and betrayal.

Full of new tastes, and tired from his exertions, Frisk set about looking for a nice place to take a nap. He eventually stumbled upon a hole in the ground, literally, and decided it was as good a spot as any. He hopped on down and scraped a little gold and pink top-soil over himself as a blanket. One quick experiment later and he discovered that the soil tasted the same here. That was a shame. But other than that Frisk was happy with this new world. He lay on his back, closed his eyes, and simply listened to the whispering winds that drifted out of the ground around him. They were cool and refreshing. "Sleep, traveller." They seemed to say. "It's okay, we'll keep you safe." They promised, and they had no reason to lie. Frisk kept his eyes closed and tried to sleep.



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#1791986 [RPG] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 30 April 2017 - 01:35 PM


Frisk sat on a stool in the bar, surrounded by curious and demanding people of all types. Goblins, hob-goblins, a couple of things Frisk hadn't seen before that he suspected were alive, but may have just been crude, hay-filled, cushions of some kind. They wanted to know how he knew the unnamed friendly older goblin who had recently become a friendly older... Frisk didn't even know what.

"We're friends!" Frisk said simply wit
h a grin. "So first I was in here." He explained, gesturing around the tavern. "And he asked me to tell him a story. So I did told him the best one. My story. He liked it so he didn't stab me. Then he took food from him," Frisk pointed at the dead goblin his new friend had killed earlier. "And he gave it to me! That made us friends! I like food. It's good. So i ate that. And we played the coin game. Drank magic drink. Wobbled about. Then went on adventure up the stairs for to get more drink." Frisk smiled wide. "It was amazing! Much very good room! I want it. Lots of stuff to touch and taste. Then there was a monster! I killed it!" He pulled the knife from his rabbit skin sack, it was still bloody. "Look! I killed the monster with this. And the knife was good present. Then my friend drank the monster blood and got really big and tall. After that we were played chase game until you ruined it." Frisks lower lip curled into a sulking pout. "I wanted to win."


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#1790577 [OOCD] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 16 April 2017 - 11:19 AM

A little post for Frisk. I'll try to get one for Shay done too.


Sorry for the delay. My life may or may not have been devoured by Persona 5. >.>

#1790576 [RPG] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 16 April 2017 - 11:17 AM


With a thunderous racket the gigantic body now belonging to Frisk's friendly new friend came crashing down in front of him. He looked around to see the huge form splayed out amidst broken bits of the fence he had earlier needed to climb over. He'd really gotten big. Frisk barked out a laugh at the sight of him clawing himself back to his feet. Ooops! Frisk wiped away his grin. He'd forgotten the game for a second there. Gotten caught up in the moment. But it was rude to break out of the game before it was done. "Ooooh, aaaaaahhh, help! He killed a bad monster! How naughty of him!" Frisk yelled sarcastically, at least he would have if he knew what sarcasm was. Instead he yelled it idiotically, and followed it up with a little squeal, as he swung around the long way, giving his friend a wide berth as he continued running down towards the tavern.


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#1788681 [OOCD] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 31 March 2017 - 12:33 PM

Posted! Took me a while to figure out how Frisk would react to this. >.<

#1788680 [RPG] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 31 March 2017 - 12:30 PM


Frisk had done it! He had defeated the monster. It had been tough work, but fun. He licked some of the blood off of his hand. It was good. It had a different twang to the Horned-Rabbits' blood. And was much nicer than Lulu's goblin blood. He stepped back in, jumping in celebration as his nice friend moved forward and began busying himself collecting up the blood. Frisk followed suit and grabbed his pouch of spoiled horned-rabbit meat off the floor. With a massive grin Frisk stood back and watched as his friend began preparing for the new game.

Step one of the game appeared to be about drinking the monsters' blood from a big old horn of some kind. At least Frisk assumed so, because that's what friendly older goblin did, and obviously this was all part of the next new and exciting game. The game of four whole drinks! Frisk was excited! He was also very surprised. He was surprised because his friendly older goblin friend, and mentor of good times and friendship, transformed into something else before his very eyes. Something big. Big, brawny and with skin as dark as night. It was definitely awesome, but also surprising and a little scary. Frisk took a couple steps back away from the bed in awe so as to take in his friends full new appearance. He was so big it was hard to see all of him up close. "Woah!" Frisk yelled loudly.

"You've served me well, Little One," The larger version of his friend said. Frisk grinned toothily up at him. "Now I'll give you your reward -- a swift death! King can never know I tricked you into killing her lover -- and she never will!"


So this was the new game! A chase! Frisk span and took off running, a wide smile upon his face... Wait. That wasn't right. If he was playing the game, he may as well do it right. He ran as fast as his little legs could take him back towards the door, screaming and hollering now in pretend fear. "Oh no!" He shouted as he ran. "He done a kill! He killed a monster! Ooooh nooooo!" It was quite an unconvincing tone of voice. He wondered briefly where the four drinks of magic drink came into this game. Probably when he escaped. Oh! That was it! He probably had to run to the tavern! Frisk was a clever one indeed to have worked out such a thing. With a finish line in his mind, Frisk continued running as fast as he could. 


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#1788246 [OOCD] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 26 March 2017 - 04:55 PM

Blarpfh. Wall of text. Yay. Posted.

#1788244 [RPG] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 26 March 2017 - 04:54 PM


Off to Red Creek. To the mines. Shay shuddered, remembering his old home in Ironhaul. That had been a mining village too. He really didn't want to go to another one. Not after what had happened.  At the very least he hoped this one was better protected. Then again, everyone always feels like they're protected well enough right up until that very final moment when they discover that they aren't.

"So is it true what they say, did you almost kill a man for a petty trinket?" A woman asked, bringing Shay out of his memories. He barked out a laugh.

"Haha, of course it's not true. Look at me," Shay gestured to his scarred face. "Do I look like I win many fights? No, no, no. I fight with money and agreements far better than with steel. Not to mention that Mr. Niks is twice the size of me, mean, and, more often than not, drunk. So he's liable to smash a mug into the side of your head if you annoy him at the wrong moment. He thought he had me beat because of this. And, quite frankly, he did." He held his open hands up with a resigned chuckle. "For the time being at least he had me beat. But I was content to wait. I've seen men like Mr. Niks time and time again. He came to me because he was desperate. He got in trouble more times than he could handle and so he need me to bail him out. People like him are repeat customers. That's why I didn't need to assault the man." Shay sat and tapped out a little rhythm with his fingers as he thought for a moment. He didn't like the idea of telling on other peoples crimes, but he supposed nothing would come of it if he mentioned something off hand in this situation. Not like they'd be rushing back and arresting people based on the casual word of a prisoner. He cleared his throat.


"Okay so, just so you can get a better picture... Mr. Niks had stolen a uhh... rather sizable amount of money from the sort of guy you don't want to steal a small amount of money from, no more names than that, but that's why he needed my help. I know the man he stole from, you see? So I offered my help in return for that, what did you call it... that 'petty trinket'. A pretty accurate description. It was just an old silver bracelet, not all that expensive, but it was pretty enough. I figured that some unfortunate poor gentleman, as is often my client-base, may come to me looking for such a thing as a gift. Maybe I'd find some other use for it. Either way I made him a fair deal, I return what he stole with an apology on his behalf and smooth things over with the person he'd stolen from. In return I got that bracelet. Both parties were pleased, or so I thought, until he refused to pay me." Shay tossed his hands into the air with an exasperated sigh. "But, as I said, people like him are repeat customers. He'll be back. Except next time he won't get a fair deal from me. Next time he'll be desperate once again, desperate enough that whatever meager deal I offer him he'll be forced to take. Next time it would be a written contract, because obviously he is not a man of his word, and if he broke it I would get the law involved. You can bet that bracelet would have been part of it too. You see? I didn't need to hurt him physically. Because down the like I would get what was mine and more. He broke the deal. Not me. And he would have regretted it sooner or later, my money was on sooner. But then I encountered him in that alley. I assume he got drunk and started a fight with the wrong person. Regardless, I saw my chance to take what was owed, and I took it. Obviously that didn't turn out so well." Shay settled back comfortably with a casual smirk. He knew exactly how long he'd dragged that out for. She had said she wanted a story when she poked him awake with that stick. Since Shay enjoyed telling stories he hadn't stuck to just the pure details. "As for this fine gentleman," Shay gestured at the large, scarred man who was shackled nearby. "His story isn't mine to tell." He said cryptically, despite the fact he didn't even know so much as the mans name.


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#1787963 [OOCD] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 24 March 2017 - 01:21 PM

Poor Frisk. He only wanted to play a game and eat new things. :C

#1787895 [OOCD] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 23 March 2017 - 01:38 PM

And here's mine!


Been a while since I've made a CS. :3


#1787184 [RPG] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 18 March 2017 - 04:52 PM


Frisk's drunk and contented grin had quickly turned into a snarl as he lay on the floor. This weird monster had decided not to give him it's heart. And it then pushed his face with it's foot. This was outrageous. Frisk clambered back to his feet as the monster skittered back atop the bed. A low growl rumbled in his throat. This drink, as magnificent as it was, had really put a damper on Frisk's hunting skills. That would never have happened before he drank the magical drink. He was too... wibbly. Too foggy. He needed sharp.

Frisk dropped his horned-rabbit skin pouch to the floor. It landed with a dull thud and a whiff of spoiled meat upon the floor. The skin unfurled itself slightly and The Rock peered out of the top appraisingly. Frisk cracked his neck and bared his teeth, anger was sharpening him up. Focusing his vision. Directing him to one purpose. To kill. He took an almost steady step forward, but it still felt wrong. He was still off. He needed to be sharper. He needed sharp. He looked down at the dagger in his hand. Sharp like the dagger. He placed the blade against the meat on his arm and dragged it slowly. The pain brought reality into sharp focus. In the depths of the anger and pain Frisk felt, he found his sharpness. He took a steady step forward and found himself pleased, he was focused enough that it was like he hadn't drank anything at all. His low rumbling growl continued as he stalked forward towards the monster, his grimace becoming a grin with each sturdy step. "Gimmie." He said, "Now." The blade flashed as he lunged at the monster atop the bed.


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#1786839 [OOCD] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 15 March 2017 - 11:35 PM

Note to self: Befriend Brix for when the gambling debts come back to bite us.

#1786509 [RPG] Rise of the Goblin Nation

Posted by Unbelievably Majestic on 13 March 2017 - 04:29 PM


"Wow." Frisk said in the loudest 'quiet voice' anyone had ever managed to produce.


This room was amazing! Armour and weapons were spread around as decoration. Potentially deadly decoration. That was the best kind! And that was not to mention the many bits of animals and monsters and all sort of things Frisk had no idea about. He licked a couple of the trophies. They tasted like violence and malice. Somehow he managed not to knock any of them over or anything. Well, not many of them. But he set them back straight like nothing had happened. He definitely got everything back where it was meant to be. He was fairly sure. In fact, he was certain. After a moments look at the scene he knew for a fact it was exactly as it had been before he messed it all up. He was as certain as he was drunk. And anyway, it looked better now so whoever owned this amazing room should be grateful for his decorative talents.

Still, even with all those trophies to lick and armour to look at his own face in, Frisk spied something more exciting than any of them. There was a monster on the bed. Frisk's new friend passed him his knife, the fun looking sharp one that had killed another goblin in the tavern earlier. Frisk grinned a wide grin. "Wow." He said again, his vocabulary was clearly as vast as the ocean. He'd never held a knife before. Not a proper one. Just his tiny stabber from the Horned Rabbits. This thing was much nicer.

"Cut him open and take his heart," His new friend said, interrupting his little moment of awe. "With it, we can make at least four mugs of the special drink we both like so much. Four! Two for me, and two for you! With that many, we can play an all-new game."

Frisk's eyes widened and his jaw dropped. "Four? Lots! Mmmm." He looked at the dagger in his hand and smiled. "I eat monster too? Yes." Frisk answered his own question. He then walked in a somewhat wonky line over to the monster on the bed and stood in front of it. It was weird. It had weird skin. It looked soft. "Gimmie that." Frisk said
aiming a short finger at the monsters chest with a drunken casualness. He then tried to make a stab at where he had pointed. No fuss, no muss, he was going straight after that heart. Alcohol awaited. Alcohol and games. Alcohol and games and a new monster to eat. Frisk was hungry for all three.


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