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Uploader advertising nonpersonal items on chapter credits

27 December 2017 - 10:14 AM

I looked through the rules and FAQ but couldn't find anything that quite matched the situation.


I found a "translator" has been uploading translations that look pretty machine-y ("A test... Sounds repelling.") and then advertising a patreon in the chapter credit pages. I don't have issue with credit pages or promo-ing patreons in general, but the problem is that they're advertising and selling using stolen fanart from series they upload.


On the patreon, they appear to be trying to sell fanart stolen from pixiv in packs under the guise of translation notes with a bonus as well as in straight up standalone image packs. Fortunately, it looks like they don't have patrons yet, but as they are posting very sloppy chapters for a recently popular series (houseki no kuni) it really seems like they might just be trying to make a quick buck selling stolen art with the wave of new people coming to read the series after watching the end of the anime. 


User: https://vatoto.com/group/_/k/kitten-r6033

Example of credit page hosted on batoto: http://vatoto.com/reader#4a2ab3fadc7cb3d2_21


The description for two different packs on their patreon:

  • "Since there are almost no fan art pics for OSO, I'm posting random fantasy (and not) pics. Enjoy. ^^

    As usual, only my patrons can see the links to the sources."

  • "Houseki No Kuni public pictures set

    This set is mostly about Padparadscha :3 Enjoy!

    This set is public, but the new ones will be available only for my patrons.

    Also, only my patrons receive the list with the links to the sources (authors)."

Both sets contain several pictures stolen from pixiv and potentially other websites/SNS. Is there anything that can be done on Batoto's end to stop this person from selling stolen materials via Batoto? Thanks!