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To all scanlators without a web site

17 January 2018 - 01:25 AM

At the moment the only way for users to easily find group releases is mangaupdates.


For legal reasons mangaupdates removed all links to scanlator sites but there is a tampermonkey script that restores them https://github.com/loadletter/mangaupdates-urlfix


Anyone can update a site with that script by clicking "Suggest an update" ( details at bottom of page https://github.com/loadletter/mangaupdates-urlfix)


You can set up a free web site with wordpress, blogspot or even simple text with ghostbin




There are many entries from small groups, usually single person, that list batoto as their site. Please update so users can easily find your scans.

Looking for more easy to read manga

14 October 2017 - 12:59 AM

​I read a lot of Isekai because it's easy to read. Simple flowing writing style and panels.

​I'm looking for more of the same that's not Isekai and not a simple comedy

​Examples of what I've recently read that fits the criteria (and I like).





It's a rather vague thing to ask but I'm finding it very difficult to find. I'll try to get more non-isekai examples.


Any suggestion would be appreciated.

Romanji for main title

09 October 2017 - 09:18 PM

​This may create some drama :/

​Make a rule that Romanji title is preferred. Info should be taken from mangaupdates (baka-updates). Maybe add a note on the manga submission form.

​The number of manga using English name as the main title is slowly increasing. (katakana titles with literal translation to english is fine)

​Romanji of title is not always added to Alt Names. Luckily the original name containing Kanji is.

​This makes things difficult in several ways.

​- English titles often vary making it possible not to find a manga

​- Baka-updates is the source most people use so when it's not used as a reference it makes things much harder

- There is no consistency

​- English names often aren't a translation of the Japanese. Too many times they add some random part to the name or change it completely.

​- Almost all other sites use romanji so looking up a name you know could result in an english name you could not recognise or it won't be found because Alt Titles does not have romanji name.

​My fallback is to go to baka-updates and get the original Japanese name(kanji) and use that to search on batoto.

​To me it seems like batoto is the only site where this is o.k., to use english names as main title.

Isekai list

24 September 2017 - 03:10 PM


​Since there is no isekai(content) tag, I tried to make a list from "my follows" (all manga).

There may be a few missing and some that don't belong. Not many shoujo. All manga in the list are probably published after 2012 so older manga is not listed at the moment.
This list is not strict isekai but more reincarnation/summoning/transporting/game/isekai. Similar to mangaupdates "transported to another world".

​If any others have some that I missed or find a new series, please post, I'll add them. It will help me keep track.



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