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About Me

I've been more and more absent from Batoto, sorry for that... I got a job... Well, I got multiple jobs... Whatevs, I'll be online still every now and then.
About me...


As a first:
There's almost NO way to contact me outside the web. Either you got to know where I live and who I am, or you know me from a forum (Manga, Game, music or PC related) No other way.
This is kind of a given, since I do not have any regular social network that I am active on. Maybe that's rare, but it's truth nonetheless.
ALSO: I can't be online after pre-defined times in the evening. My dad's - at this moment - a better PC-expert than me. our homeserver kicks me out after 2300 GMT+1 (Depends on the day of the week though).
so, if you got no reply on a message or PM, wait for a bit. Usually you'll get answer within 24 hours~

Now, before we go any further, about me, here's some important information that you should not ignore if you're considering talking to me, or getting friendly with me. Like, really, heed my words here.


I have a history as formal debater, and even before I started learning debate in school, I already had the reasoning and the arguments in my mind and my blood. You sometimes might find yourself in debate with me. Don't worry, I don't count this as arguing. I love the debate, the clash of minds, that is... As long as it's fair.
Even better, sometimes I might just be taking a fake standpoint, to see if you can realize a new view on the facts you have.
Don't expect me to agree with you in a debate, just because you have a pretty face or a title of sorts
(yes, I hate it when someone goes "well 'I have' / 'the one I quote has' this and that grade in this and that university". it's not a valid argument. It doesn't add anything to the debate, except power-play. And power-play is, in all ways, the lowest. Politicians do it all the time, you know).
This goes double for the debates in which I take my own, real standpoint. You don't get to use innuendo's and the like. I only take cold, hard facts.
Also, I will always ask you 'why' questions, and won't take 'just because' for an answer...

Did you know that a lot of people seem to forget that a university-level study isn't about what you KNOW, but about what you DON'T KNOW? If you're a student at some university, then please check for yourself if you're able to always consider 'why', and maybe even change views for the sake of knowing.


Well then, onto the fun stuffs~
I like making Electronic music, Possibly you know me on soundcloud, if not, then visit me and have a listen!
Look on soundcloud for TXI-CAB. that is, IF you like electronic music with a lot of variation...

Before, I used to write for a Dutch magazine about PC's. My expertise is Synthesizers and Low-level hard- and software.
They went broke a while ago, and after the restart I'm less sure of my position there. But at least I can proudly say that I wrote for them XD

Nowadays I am software developer for some beginning businesses. No, don't worry, if your'e not into the retail store business, you will probably never get to use my software.
I also really like writing all kinds of things. Wanna check out what I wrote on batoto?
 > What lies Below...
 > Elemental Knowledge
 > Mirror of the Soul
 > The boy who called the Lightning
 > Random Poetry
I can handle flaming, wanna flame me because you had a bad day or so? go ahead, I dont mind :P
unless, of course, you're saying stupid stuff that will be embaressing if you read it back, then I will try an' put you in your place :P


want some technical advice? ask away, I'll be glad to help :D
Like, most math, a good deal of physics and a lot of computer knowledge went into my brain. Not using it seems to be a shame D:


I'm dense like a block of concrete.

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