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In Topic: LPW (Last Post Wins) v5

28 February 2018 - 10:33 PM

will we get notified if we somehow win this game?

In Topic: General introductions

28 February 2018 - 10:30 PM

Well, after all this time, I'll finally will introduce myself (though, perhaps no one gonna read it)


My username is ProximaC, came from the closest star to the earth: Proxima Centauri (literary: a star that close to Centaur sign)

The one that hook me here, are not the image quality ('cause my internet sucks, it's better to have low quality images to load faster)

but rather the comment and the user base which was--for me--nice.

Too bad that i cannot reread old comment in regards of old manga, since it's been closed.

I still remember i spent my free time just to read old comment and comparing it to the time release just to know where they have read it when they wrote that comments.

The last comment section I read before it's shut down was Usagi Drop. It's interesting to read different opinion regarding the subject (much flame, such wow)


Well, if by miracle there's someone reading this, i believe the person are--without a doubt--love this place and do comment in places here. Only people who has deep connection with this place will still come and see.

If the case are true, then i want to say thanks for making this place such an interesting place.

Farewell as well. I still gonna come to this site eventually, but i cannot make promises. 

Until we meet again in other site. Sorry if there's words that doesn't make any sense or confusing since English is not my native.


best regards,