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Who is your favorite Minami girl so far?

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Poll: Favorite Minami Resident? (62 member(s) have cast votes)

Who is your favorite (female) Minami household resident?

  1. Haruka (12 votes [19.35%])

    Percentage of vote: 19.35%

  2. Kana (32 votes [51.61%])

    Percentage of vote: 51.61%

  3. Chiaki (18 votes [29.03%])

    Percentage of vote: 29.03%

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    Potato Spud

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I can't believe this manga has exceeded 100 chapters yet there are NO TOPICS?!?!?!? I will not abide by this. I am doing this because I <3 tri4 for translating Mahou Shoujo Madoka☆Magi​​ka's commentary and supplementary content.

My favorite Minami is Kana. <3 It's something about her smiles and frowns, how she wears her most immediate expression! She CLEARLY consciously thinks the most ( I would say Chiaki thinks the most unconsciously, and Haruka's are the least delved into ) and is a fox. Her plots and games are the most intriguing. Her yearning to make Chiaki appreciate her is the emotion emitted I can most relate to in the manga. Whenever she is involved, fun is not far behind. And she has dark hair <3. I should really watch the anime one of these days, yet it is not on my crunchyroll app on my phone. -_-;

About the name specific Minami household...



    Potato Sprout

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This is a tough one because their voice actors in the anime are some of my most favorite voice actors.

(Minami Haruka = Satou Rina
Minami Kana = Inoue Marina
Minami Chiaki = Chihara Minori)

I think that I would say Haruka is the most appealing to me in terms of how Satou Rina images her.

However, I think that Kana's way of talking and expressions are pretty hilarious, and of course, she is going to be BIJIN when she gets older (although she is already bijin).

Additionally, Chiaki is really quite cute (i.e. her childlike innocence and/or immaturity at times). She will surely be bijin when she gets older (right now, she is kawayui).

Basically, idk lol!!
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    Potato Spud

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I voted for Haruka, but my favorite character is Touma, she is cute and makes me laugh the most.



    Potato Sprout

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Because she's a baka, but she's a baka we're all fond of.



    Potato Spud

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kana = can be conniving manipulative callous and impulsive  but way too funny

(out of the other characters though?   i'll answer that with; Hitomi please marry me)