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vatoto.com is up

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Poll: vatoto.com is up (261 member(s) have cast votes)

Which one sounds better?

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  2. Voted vatoto.com (76 votes [29.12%] - View)

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    Potato Sprout

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It seems the img.bato.to domain requests login data, so any forum posts with the old direct bato.to pic links will open a login dialog box now. But I can't find what's triggering it in this thread. Someone's signature?


Can anyone confirm?



It happens on this very page. (edit: page 2 of this thread)

I don't envy any remaining mods who want to clean this up...

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^custom group banners (for groups that had own forum here and wanted a banner to go with that), i.e. these: Member.png but with scan group's name on them

(notified grumpy)

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You <3

Whoever decided to delete this was an idiot.

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    Potato Sprout

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Maybe it's where I live but Vatoto sounds like Vato to my head. 


In case you do not know what vato is. It's spanglish for dude. 


So now my mind is seeing 'dude to' just saying. 


On a side note, curious who purchased the old domain. Are they Manga people, spammers, or just boring business types? 


Heh, I didn't knew it was a spanglish word. I grow up using that word, and I didn't used to live near the border.



    Potato Spud

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Who bought the old domain? Are they trustworthy or are they just trying to scam our email addresses?



    Sweet Potato

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Who bought the old domain? Are they trustworthy or are they just trying to scam our email addresses?


Appears to be part of whatever group that runs MangaPark, which has been around for a while, I'd say they're as trustworthy as any of the other aggregate reader sites.


Speaking of which, for those who are interested, I see today that MangaPark has added user uploading...


https://mangapark.me/(the buttons are a ways down the main page on the right)


So yeah, looks like it's enabled, though I personally haven't tried to upload anything to them.




    Potato Sprout

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Is there anyway to reactitave search function? It's difficult to visit every page one by one meanwhile load more button also not functioning.




    Potato Spud

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until when will vatoto be up?...

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i'm seriously behind on everything regarding manga, so i'm feeling a little bit sad to find these news tonight after remembering some series that i was following before life got too busy to keep up with everything.

even though i haven't used the site or forums for way too long, i still feel a need to express my thanks to Grumpy and the rest of the team who created batoto.

the forums and the friends i found through this shared interest, kept me going at the darkest point in my life. the follows list was awesome, and i'll make sure to download a copy on my pc as well. the creator and admins may have been some of the greatest ever. and i deeply respect how batoto's policy regarding hosting has worked, even when thay meant i had to visit other sites to read some series, as well as the openness around ad revenue and donations.

i'm really sad to not have the original site to visit just because i was too late, but also very happy that the forums have been preserved until now so i could visit at all (and find my folows).

i wish you all good luck with whatever new projects you take on in your lives!
あっ ちょっと死んじまった



    Potato Spud

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Been so busy with university I couldn't visit the site at all I was so confused when I visted batoto and I couldn't log in I was like hmm why and then I descovered why. Thank you for all your hard work ^^ you were great when I was scanlating and uploading manga here really thank you for all of your hard work :) I hope every one has fun ^^