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Contributor Request

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Why would one get Contributor status?

Hi, I'm 'Overlord', one of the co-owners for Discord Scanlations. I'm applying to be a contributor because we're going to be uploading around 70 chapters to catch up with our current translations, also we want to use bato.to as our second uploading source.



So far we have uploaded around 15 chapters so I know how the system works pretty well.



Here's a link to our discord group http://discord.gg/nHCvjDJ You'll see that a link to our bato profile is posted there by Overlord (me) and you can see I have the role admin if you click on my name. This is a link to the chapters we've posted https://vatoto.com/comic/_/comics/chunqing-yatou-huolala-r15460 Link to our page we post after our chapters that states we only upload on Discord and Bato https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/385744704056328193/385753272838914049/READ_HERE_ONLY.png



I have read and understood your rules and I am aware of the technicalities involved in the uploading process. 



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Hi I have reviewed your application and find nothing wrong . I have granted you your status.

Just in case you upload for other series to make sure it's consistent with other groups' sort.

Please Follow all of our guidelines and rules [including Comment Sections', link in my signature] 


If we find any faulty action or feel that you cant maintain your status, you will be revoked. 


Thank you for Contributing to our site. Please continue to do so/

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ןןGuide to Uploading/deltin/sortin ןן


Follow the comment sections' rules or else, you will be hanging at the edge of an cliff ^^
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