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Character Names

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I'm always having hard time to remember Chinese/Korean characters name, especially when random name appear without followed up by plot shortly after. So here's thread pf SDIP's character name (may contain spoiler):


Gu Xing Hai | Ke Meng/Luo Na - Purple/blue haired girl. Main protagonist, daughter of outcast singer, Gu Shi Man.Supernova East China's contestant. 

Jing/Jin Yu Xian  /Gin Yu Shuan - Yellow haired girl. Gu Xing Hai's best friend, Lucifer's lil sister. From rich family. Supernova East China's contestant.


Gu Shi Man - Ex-singer/idol. Xing Hai's mother. Dead.

Gu Yi Chuan - Xing Hai's father. Work in Dong Huan??

Qin Han - Red haired famous idol/singer who involved in accident said caused by Gu Shi Man. Supernova North China's judge.

Ke Da - Light purple hair old man with crutches. Claim to be Gu Shi Man's friend. Ex? Reporter. Have clothing store. Now Xing Hai's adopted father. 

Ke Yu Zhe - Light purple young man. Da's son. Help his father and Xing Hai. Make up artist in Supernova.

Yin/Ying He - Dance trainer. Gu Shi Man's rumored affair partner. Knew about Xing Hai/Luo Na. Used/still under Dong Huang? 


Ye Ying - Light purple short haired girl. From poor/broken home family. Has hyperventilation. Supernova East China's contestant.

Lan Qi Qi - Black haired girl with weird glasses. Supernova East China's contestant.

Ling Shuo - White short haired girl. Ex-child singer. Knew Long Hao Tian. Supernova East China's contestant.

Zhang Xin Chang - Light brown haired girl with ponytail. Supernova East China's contestant. (lol she doesnt have any rivalry plot suddenly join the big 6)


Xia Xiao You - Yellow twin tail girl. 5saint's weaboo. Lose to Qi Qi & Luo Na.

Ji Yan - Long black haired girl who learn xiansheng (?). Lose to Ling Shuo & Luo Na.

Du Yang Xi Wen - Curly brown haired girl with ribbon. Hostile to Yu Xian. Lose to Ye Ying & Luo Na.

Li Peng - Braided girl with glasses. I think she resign herself?

Liu Dai - Reddish brown haired girl. Used to be fat. Knew Luo Na's wig and contact lens. Lose to Luo Na.

Tan Mei Jiao - Red haired girl. Ye Ying's bully, Luo Na's song thief. Lose to Ye Ying.

Tao Yao - Curly gray haired (seaweed) girl. Hostile to 5aints/Yu Xian. Lose to Yu Xian.



Su Mo - Green haired idol. 10th Supernova East China's judge. The last competition winner. Yu Yan Xin was her rival.

Long Hao Tian | Leo - Spiky yellow haired famous singer & composer. 10th Supernova East China's judge. Fan of Gu Shi Man. Bai Xiao's rival. Huan Ye Long Qi was his band.

Bai Xiao/Shao - Brown haired famous actor. 10th Supernova East China's judge. Long Hao Tian's rival.

Andy - Mustache guy. Variety show MC. 10th Supernova East China's judge.

Tang Xiao Yao - Long black haired woman. Ballad singer. 10th Supernova East China's judge. 


Xie Yi Qing - 10th Supernova (East China?) director.

Lin Jia - Assistant director.

Gai Xiao Dong - Supernova (East China?) host. Andy's colleague. 

Mary - Hair stylist.

Lu Feng - Vocal teacher.


Lu Rui - Light blue haired girl. Shipper of Leo & Bao Xiao. Supernova Central China's contestant.

Duan Mu Yao - Pale Pink Girl. Supernova North China's contestant. Backed by Qin Han??



Jin Yu Che | Lucifer - Yu Xian's older brother. Member of 5aints (a boyband?) group idol.

Yin Xuan | Gabriel - 5aints' leader.

Wen Rui - Xing Hai & Yu Xian's childhood friend. Used to be fat. Has crush on Yu Xian. Rich, son of --


Company> Ying Huan. Entertainment Agency. Talent: Gu Shi Man?, Qin Han?, Long Hao Tian, Ling Shuo?

Company> Dong Huang. Entertainment Agency. Talent: Bai Xiao, Gu Shi Man?*


* I was under impression that Gu Shi Man used to be in Ying Huan because Xing Hai's reaction, but later it's said that 'Ying He also under Dong Huang..' (chapter 48). Still not sure who's Gu Shi Man's ex boss is...

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