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LOLScans Hosting Policy

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Initially, we decided to stop hosting in bato.to for 1 reason: mangafox.


But seeing as how no matter we upload in bato.to or not they are still able to get them, despite our forum restrictions for those that could access our download links. We've noticed that there were some chapters that were clearly done with screenshot and also some with our ads completely removed. Since we are technically on the gray-zone we can't do anything about it. Seeing as how it's pointless and those other readers hosting our projects without care, we would rather host it back in bato.to 


We are now officially releasing in bato.to with 3hours - 1 day delay.


Why is there "to 1 day" delay?


- Because sometimes we are busy enough to remember since only the admins of LOLScans are allowed to upload them right now, so allow us a window of 24 hours.


** We, however, are looking for someone to do the uploading for us. Check out this link for information: https://forum.lolscans.com/index.php?/topic/321-recruiting-2-contributor-mods/As long as it's someone who is responsible and will be following all of the regulations of both bato.to and lolscans, if you are interested please respond in the link provided.


Why we are looking for Contributors?


So, we admins can focus more on scan work without worrying about whether we have released here or not, especially now that we have lack of staff loomed over us. Also, it would definitely guarantee the 3 hours delay hosting policy.


Thanks for understanding~ :batoto_022:


LOLScans admins: bellaferreira, brmqtr, Janowicz, Kimeru, Marzia, Yu

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