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"I can't log in", Validation, etc. FAQ

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  • First things first, pending validation or being unable to validate on your own has no effect on your ability to log in.
  • The validation link you get in an e-mail is a one-time thing - further clicks on it will return an error no matter whether it worked or not. If it worked, your account will move from the "Validating" user group to the "Members" one (can be checked by accessing your profile page or finding it on the members list).
  • If you don't get any e-mail (it's not in the spam folder, etc.), the validation link doesn't do anything for you, or you get a message that you need to be manually validated by an admin, post about it in the Do you need admin approval for verification? thread.
  • Accounts that stay unvalidated for a week get automatically deleted as an anti-spam measure. Unvalidated accounts also have a limited access to site's features.

Logging in

  • If you can't log in after registering, make sure you haven't mistyped your username and/or password.
  • If you're not sure what your password was or you think it's correct but it doesn't seem to work nonetheless, use password recovery. The password can later be changed back in your profile settings.
  • Make sure you're logging in using your username. Changing your display name doesn't change your username that is created on registration (i.e. if you register as Joshua Pinkerton the Great and later change it to JP, you still have to type Joshua Pinkerton the Great to log in). Usernames can only be changed by an admin.

Getting logged out for no reason

  • Check your browser's settings to make sure you're accepting cookies.
  • Try clearing your cache and deleting bato.to cookies
  • See if disabling any plugins that could possibly interfere and/or using a different browser works.
  • Check "Remember me" when logging in (or alternatively try without it)
  • Some users report having problems with a particular theme and that using a different one solves the problem for them. You can change the current theme by clicking on Change Theme in the bottom-left corner of the page.