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Best girl for him and why...

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I think it would be Tsugami because she began to like him later on after meeting him, she thinks he is with Chitoge and is thinking more of his happiness than hers. New reason she trusts Raku with the one that is most important person to her: Chitoge.

Onodera because she liked him since middle school and has also been helping him keep the fake lover thing a secret even though that means it would be difficult to get close to him as a lover.

Maybe Onodera's little sis to because she began to like him after meeting him to but is also supportive of her sister. The others like him as the past person not the current.

The keys and locket part is a little off, I mean you can't love a person based on a past event 10 years ago as a 5-6 year old I mean every thing is so confusing at that age that you forget every thing and you just start to develop a personality.

P.S. Him as a child is different as a teen/adult.

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The locket backstory is ridiculous. I get that Japan is all about "destined lovers" but they can hardly remember anything about their respective "promises" and even less about who those promises were with—but ten years later they're all convinced that this locket will determine who they fall in love with forever. 

At least Marika remembers Raku. Everyone else just has this vague "maybe he was that one kid who was nice to me ten years ago" thing going on. Not buying it.

As little as her character is developed, I'd honestly have to say that Haru is the "best for him". She's years ahead of any of the other girls (aside from Ruri) in terms of maturity, and her only character flaw is that she puts her relationship with her sister above her own happiness (which honestly isn't even a flaw).

She has developed tastes. She's assertive. She's loyal. She's fearless about approaching a situation and then doing what she believes is right, even if it means questioning her own judgement and perspective at times.

Even if her final decision is to forsake her desires, she's still being proactive and confrontational about her situation in a way that none of the other girls in the series have come close to.

Haru is the "best" girl we've seen, though honestly that only goes to show how poorly developed the rest of the cast is at this point.



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Princess girl he would be living the life